Tips to make work from home productiveRemote work is a culture that involves numerous challenges. Both the organization as well as the employees are trying their level best to go with this routine. Even though it benefits in many ways to both parties, something that always bothers is the productivity of the employees that is draining out these days. But, this is not a big deal anymore. You can easily set yourself up to be productive if you care about some of the tips mentioned below.

Dive in and explore the simple ways to keep your working hours more productive on the way. Let’s tackle it with some simple tips!


  • Start the day off right 

The very first step to making your work from home effective is to prepare yourself for a productive workday. Get out of your pajamas and switch to the working attire. Avoid waking up to the morning meeting and starting your day in a lazy mode because this isn’t going to work in anyways. Set a morning and evening routine to make you ready for the day. Always wake up a bit early and get ready as if you are getting ready to move to the office. Dressing up to do something is like a biological alarm that alerts you to stay active and get the job done. So make yourself presentable to keep the workflow as usual.  


  • Choosing a proper workspace for your home

The best part of working from home is the comfort zone it offers. Meetings can be held from the comfort of your bed. Nobody is going to know. Eventually, it affects your productivity. You may get a temptation to sleep in between. Hence it is important to provide yourself with a space with no distractions and an environment that encourages you to work. It should remain separate from your personal space and be quiet. A dedicated workspace will always lead to a productive day. Always remember the key to efficiency is the focus. So set up a workspace in a quiet corner with enough natural lighting. Place a table and chair that keep you in the right posture without any discomfort. Keep all your needed materials such as a diary, pen, laptop everything you need to work. Remember to keep a bottle of water on your table to keep you hydrated.


  • Incorporate quality technology

Even while watching youtube videos or scrolling through Instagram, the loading symbol is what makes us the most frustrated. Then how it would be if the same occurs while we are in an official meeting or sharing some important documents? Loosing internet connection in between and popping up the poor network connection notifications often is quite irritating and a productivity killer as well. Don’t let yourselves miss out on any significant discussions or meetings due to the poor network. So it is mandatory to have a strong network connection at your home. Proper internet connectivity is the savior of every remote worker. Another important factor is the device you use. It should be an updated one with enough speed and storage to keep your work smooth. Always invest your money in a device with all the advanced features and which do not break off in-between.


  • Maintain a consistent work schedule

A perfect work-life balance is an unavoidable factor while you are working from home. Your personal life is as important as your professional life. Keeping your focus completely on the work may let you lose track of time. Being dedicated and having sharp concentration is always the best. But be aware of the time that has passed. Sitting in front of the computer for a longer period of time is not good for you both physically and mentally. To avoid this, keep a consistent work schedule. Cut off your working time strictly to 8 hours. Don’t stress yourself by working overtime more often. Consider your mental health as your first priority.


  • Eat right and sleep well

When compared to working from the office one of the major benefits of working from home is the opportunity we get to have our food and sleep on time. A morning rush while getting ready to go to the office will often lead to skipping our breakfast and we even forget to carry our meals as well. Sometimes we may not get time to have even lunch due to the tight working schedule we have.  Going home after a long day will keep you stressed out and this points to the lack of sleep. One of the greatest perks of working from home is you can follow a healthy diet and get enough sleep. Eating food at the right time keeps your body healthy. This makes you less vulnerable to diseases and reduces the chance of taking leave due to physical illness. This is an advantage to both the employee and the organization.


  • Organize your tasks in a to-do list or planner

Keep an organized timetable that helps you remember the tasks and get them done without missing out on any. A planner is simply an accountability tool that aids you to have an eye on all the upcoming events such as meetings, deadlines, etc. Since you are not at the office, your mind may deviate easily to some sort of distractions around you. Hence there is a greater chance to forget some tasks assigned for the day. Even though working from home is the most convenient method for every one of us, there are certain cons to this. Taking too much time than required for some tasks is one among them. To get rid of this situation, the best option is to set up a to-do list. You can often check them and mark the tasks as completed when they are done. Also, keep a timeline for each assignment and try to finish them within the fixed timeline itself. This helps you to finish the work within the deadline and to sort out the unfinished tasks easily at the end of the day. 


  • Maintain a regular exercise regimen

Doing exercise on a regular basis will not only keep your body healthy but also your mind active. Staying at home and being idle will seriously affect your mental health. You can excel in your professional life only if you have a healthy mental and emotional state. To keep your mind and brain sharp enough to boost your overall performance, exercise is necessary. Engaging your mind and body will refresh you and enhance your physical wellbeing. Always remember to take out a few minutes to work out or to do any physical activities that give you a sense of enjoyment. Something you should always keep in mind is – A productive employee is the owner of a healthy mind and a healthy body.


  • Don’t forget to take a few breaks

Studies reveal that the human brain does not work continuously for a longer period of time. It can be any activity but doing it for quite a long time will not help you. You may lose focus and it results in a not-so-good output. Instead taking a break in between the tasks will keep you refreshed and let your brain work more efficiently. Take a break at regular intervals and engage in any activity that you enjoy doing. You can also walk around for a while and come back to your seat. But something to be noted is, you are at home. Nobody is there to monitor you. There is a high chance to take long breaks, So be aware of the time you take for intervals. It should be a break, not a vacation.


  • Set ground rules for family members

Since you are at home you may constantly get distracted by the family members. Since the practice of working from home was not so popular before, the family members may not have much knowledge about the same. They may come to you every now and then and this action drifts your focus from the work to other activities, This will gradually take a considerable part of your productive hours in a long run. The only solution to fix this is to make them aware of your working hours and the set of rules you have to follow while you are at work. Ask them to behave as if you are at the office, not at home. 


  • Cut down social media usage

During these days while all of us were isolated at home, social media became a great part of our life. It gives us entertainment as well as various informative news at our fingertips. But at the same time, it snatches our time and scatters our attention as well. This has a greater impact on our productivity. Suppose, we are working on something and suddenly a notification popped up on our mobile screen. Obviously, our next action is opening it to read the message. You can imagine the rest! We will lose track of time and get into social media. So while working from home, you should always have control over this. You have to set clear boundaries for mobile phone usage. Don’t let social media platforms kill your productivity.


Wrapping Up,

Working from home is a new culture for us. So organizations are in search of new methods to keep this practice more effective and efficient. At the same time, they are worried about the productivity of the employees and how it is going to affect the company’s revenue generation. Even the employees are struggling to be on track with the new culture. To make you more productive and fruitful, all you have to do is to have a look at certain factors that take advantage of the situation. Never think that you are at home and nobody is there to watch you. This itself dissipates your energy and spirit towards work.  Follow these tips and be more productive in your professional life!