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Supply chain management is involved in several areas ranging from manufacturing goods to logistics to digital, as well as automatic synthesis.

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We can help you out in this as we are the expert supply chain app development company. The team of expert app developers at Sigosoft does thorough research at the marketplace to know the latest trend and industry demands. This helps us to support our clients to compete in this challenging industry.
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We use the most relevant and advanced technologies that can predict the changing needs in the marketplace. With our supply chain management, you can control and avoid inventory and production loss.

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Our Unique Features of Supply Chain Apps

Features of Customer App

 Registration and Login Registration and Login The sign-in page is the initial process to get into the application, and we have made the processes of registration and authorization simple. The users can fill in their name, an email, a mobile number, and a password or allow entry through social media profiles.
Languages Languages Our app supports two languages i.e Arabic and english. As per the requirements of our clients, we can change the default languages in the app.
Search Search Through the search bar, the users can search the products they are looking for. Even the recent searches and the recommended products will be shown in the suggestion while searching.
 Order History Order History The users can view their order history and re-order the same item which they have ordered before. They will also be getting suggestions through their search.
Purchase Purchase The users can provide their details and delivery location and buy products through this app. They can save their location for the next purchase.
 Reviews and Ratings Reviews and Ratings People consider reviews and ratings as a recommendation. The rating system provides the overall progress of the supply chain management. This creates the bond between the user and the mobile application with an enhanced user experience.

Features of Van Sales App

Registration and Login Registration and Login The drivers who have been hired for delivering the food orders can fill in their details and login to the app.
Push Notification Push Notification Whenever there is any change in orders or any important information from the restaurant must be given to the drivers, they will be notified through message pop-ups.
Order Details Order Details Drivers can get the order details from the restaurants from where they are taking the orders. All the pending orders, completed orders, and rejected orders will be shown in the app. All the orders can be sorted from either ascending to descending orders or by descending to ascending orders.
Complete Order Complete Order Once when the driver delivers the order to the respective customers, they can complete the order.
Accept/Reject orders Accept/Reject orders The drivers will be notified with the order placed through push notifications. They can either accept or reject the orders based on their comfortability. The rejected order details will be redirected to the next person.
Invoicing Invoicing The drivers can manage incoming payments and can download the reports whenever needed.
Collect Payments Collect Payments The drivers can collect the payment from the customers and can save the payment data in the app for future purposes.
Reports Reports The drivers can see their daily and monthly reports. Their added commissions, and incentives will be shown in their payment section.

Features of Supervisor App

Inventory Management Inventory Management This can be used for tracking and managing the availability of raw materials, goods in stock or spare parts. This feature can also help with asset management, barcode integration and future inventory and price forecasting.
Warehouse Management Warehouse Management Warehouse management features can help with storage optimisation, labelling, labour management and more.
Order Management Order Management This is used for automating purchase order processes. For example, generating and tracking purchase orders, scheduling of supplier deliveries, and creating pricing and product configurations.
Forecasting Forecasting This is for anticipating customer demand and planning procurement and production processes accordingly. Efficient forecasting can help remove the need to buy unnecessary raw materials or store excess finished goods on warehouse shelves, hence reducing costs.
Labour Management Labour Management This is used for coordinating transportation channels, improving delivery performance and boosting customer satisfaction. The admin can have a communication with the laborers through inboxes.
Return Management Return Management This feature is added to the app for inspection and handling of damaged or faulty goods, and processing of refunds or insurance claims.