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  • A platform to connect with your community
  • Designed specifically for various communities to come together through a mobile app
  • Let users handle community activities effectively
  • Intuitive UI/UX design for better user experience
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A community app is created for a very specific audience helping in a community to come together like college alumni, sports geeks, support groups, political parties, professional communities, and many others. Through these apps, users can share a piece of relevant information about their particular community with the best UI/UX designs. A well-developed community app will help the audience to handle community activities easily and effectively.

Sigosoft is one of the leading companies in Community mobile app development with a number of successful projects under its belt. As is evident in our portfolio, Sigosoft has assisted several prominent businesses as well as small start-ups in gaining a technological competitive edge with mobile apps that are highly secured and suited to their organizational needs.

Important Features of Community App

Customer App

Customer App

  • A platform to interact with the community members
  • Users can either send private or group messages
  • View the events at the nearby locations
  • Secure payment gateway
Easy Signup Easy Signup The users can fill in their name, an email, a mobile number, and a password and sign-up for the app
In App Chat In App Chat The users can chat with other members using private messaging and group messaging.
Quick Payment Gateway Quick Payment Gateway Secure and reliable payment can be done quickly. This allows the user to send and receive cash making the transaction quick and simple. (Membership Payment)
Profile Management Profile Management The users can add their profile image and other details in the “My profile” section of the app.
Nearby Events Viewing Nearby Events Viewing The users can view and get notified when any events are happening nearby their location by giving location access in the app.
Newsfeed Newsfeed The users can view the news updates in the newsfeed.
Users Search Users Search The users can search the members of the app in the search bar.
Gallery Gallery The users can download or save their favorite newsfeeds, images, and videos to their gallery.
Directory Directory The users can view the directory that shows business listings by categories to the audiences or app users.
Polling Polling The users can create live polls for conferences, meetings, and events.
Ask Queries Ask Queries The customers can ask queries to the experts through private and group messaging systems.
Admin App

Admin App

  • Admin has control over the entire functioning of the app
  • Plan and schedule the events
  • Add new users to the community
  • Manage the panel & panelists
Slider Management Slider Management The users can fill in their name, an email, a mobile number, and a password and sign-up for the app.
User Management User Management The admin can add a new member, edit user details, and block the users if needed.
Payment Management & Member Subscription Payment Management & Member Subscription The admin can manage the payments done by the users and the monthly subscriptions.
Events Management Events Management The admin can manage the schedules of the events planned.
News Management News Management The admin can view and edit the important news published in the home feed.
Polling Management Polling Management The admin can manage the live polls for conferences, meetings, and events created by the users.
Panel Management Panel Management The admin can manage the panel and panelists.
Push Notifications Push Notifications The admin can update the users with the upcoming events through a message pop-up.
Panel App

Panel App

  • Designed for the experts in the community to share their experience and feedbacks
  • Respond to the queries posted by the community members
  • Enables the panelists to monitor the community events
  • Message board for members to send private or group messages to panelists
Dashboard Dashboard The panelist can easily access the functioning of the entire app through the dashboard.
Respond to Queries Respond to Queries The users can submit the questions to the experts and they can give back a reply.
Message Board Message Board The members of the community can individually and as a group can message the experts through the message board.
Events Events The panelist can monitor the events scheduled by the community members.