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OLX Like Classified App Development

A classified mobile app is a platform from which you can advertise your services or products. Having a classified app can take your business to the next level without much effort. These apps are not like e-commerce apps which are a B2C platform. The classified app is a B2B, B2C, and C2C platform where you can sell, buy or rent several things online. This includes books, educational items, furniture, electronic items, and a lot more.

One such example is OLX. It is one of the top classified apps where you can buy, as well as sell things. The role of the classified application is, therefore, to link between buyers and sellers. Businesses can use this app to purchase and sell all product categories and services around them. The aim of our classified app development services is to create on-demand solutions to market, display, and deliver the desired commodities to customers at the comfort of their homes.

Unique Features of our Classified App

Customer App

Customer App

  • Easy profile creation
  • Filter and search for your desired products
  • View multiple images of a product
  • Wishlist the favorites from the long list
Easy Login and Registration Easy Login and Registration This platform allows users to log in to the classified app platform using their email address or social media credentials.
Location Location The classified app builders will install this tool to allow customers to view the seller’s location.
Search by Categories Search by Categories Users can search for listed products by their category, such as 'newest first' or 'frequently bought' items.
Wishlist Wishlist Allows users to add products to buy now and in the future, respectively.
Rating and Review Rating and Review The classified app development team can incorporate this feature to allow users to rate and review products bought on factors, such as quality or safety.
Post a Query Post a Query This feature will enable customers to write and send questions about product features, prices, and location, among others.
Multiple Product Images Multiple Product Images Customers can view multiple photos of products on the classified application for better-informed decision-making.
Push Notifications Push Notifications This is an automated feature, which informs customers about their product search results.
Related Products Related Products The category app builders will integrate this feature to allow users to see frequently searched items.
Social Share Social Share Allows users to share products on sale widely through their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Whatsapp.
Advance Sort & Filter Advance Sort & Filter The classified app builders will incorporate this feature to facilitate quick products on sale.
Order Status Order Status The classified app users can view the status of orders placed for delivery of goods, such as electronics, furniture, and groceries.
Order History Order History This feature allows classified app users to view the historical account of all orders placed in the past and their details.
Multi-language Support Multi-language Support To cater to the needs of foreign language speakers, the classified app developers will incorporate this element for inclusive support.
Loyalty Points Loyalty Points The users can get loyalty points according to their purchases.
Upload Images Upload Images The users can upload images of the products they would like to sell.
In-App Chat In-App Chat The customers can communicate with the sellers through the in-app messaging feature.
Access to Local Deals Access to Local Deals The users will be notified of the deals from their nearest location.
Free Listing Free Listing The users can view the free listing of product categories.
Follow & Followers Listing Follow & Followers Listing The users can view the listing of their followers and also whom they follow.
Wallet Wallet The users can add cash to their wallets and can use them in the future.
Admin Web App

Admin Web App

  • A dashboard to access the functioning of the entire app
  • Admin can manage the categories, subcategories, and product attributes
  • Push notifications can be sent to app users
  • Admin can review the authenticity of the posted product images
Dashboard Dashboard The admin can easily access the functioning of the entire app through the dashboard.
User Management User Management This feature allows the admin to oversee the use of user accounts and to ensure the safety of user activities.
Slider Management Slider Management The admin can manage the entire screen of the app using a slider.
Category and Subcategory Category and Subcategory The admin can manage the categories, sub-categories or product attributes such as price, brand, ratings, etc flawlessly to sell multiple products of any range or quantity.
Product / Ad Management Product / Ad Management To ensure all products are listed accurately and promptly, the classified mobile apps development team will train the admins on the management of the platform.
Notifications Notifications The admin can send a push notification to the app users regarding the updates in the app.
Reports Reports This allows the admin to generate the reports.
Settings Settings The admin can manage the social media account details synched to the app and contact details of customers that they can change at any time.
Gallery Management Gallery Management This feature allows the admin to review the quality and authenticity of images posted.
Reviews and Feedback Management Reviews and Feedback Management The classified app developers will incorporate this feature to allow the admin to approve or disapprove reviews and to view ratings posted.




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