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  • Boost Your Ecommerce Business with Lucky Draw Feature
  • Product Navigation & Real-time Campaign Analysis
  • International Payment Gateway Integration With Multiple Currency Support
  • Long Term Technical Support & Maintenance for Your Ecommerce App
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Want to Develop a Clone for Idealz App?

Idealz Dubai stands out as a leading platform, offering a rewarding shopping experience. Collaborate with us to develop an exceptional app similar to Idealz, tailored to your innovative ideas.

With extensive experience in creating Idealz-inspired website and mobile app solutions, we ensure your project is both profitable and successful. Engage with us to understand the intricacies of developing an eCommerce app like Idealz and the associated costs.

Our development team comprises highly skilled designers, developers, testers, and other professionals who are adept at understanding target audiences and current market trends. We meticulously gather requirements and craft the app to meet these specifications, ensuring your project stays relevant and successful. Partner with us for updated and impactful results from our expert developers.



Our Unique Features for Idealz Like App Development

Customer App

Customer App

  • Multiple currency integration to achieve global access.
  • Push notification and loyalty programs like i-points are based on customer activity.
  • Simplicity and micro-interaction in app management.
  • Newsletter Integration.
  • Online/Offline ticket for the campaign.
User Profile User Profile The user profile includes variety of features designed to enhance the user experience and streamline the shopping process.
User login User login The sign-in page is on the website, and users can start purchasing things by creating their account secured with a password.
Product Catalog Product Catalog All the products are displayed here. The number of available products, details, and add-to-cart options are here.
Campaign Catalog Campaign Catalog The details of each campaign, like prize details, draw date, the total number of products available, and timer for ending the campaign, are also displayed here.
Sold out Campaign Sold out Campaign Once the campaign is sold out, the draw dates and winners are listed here.
Campaign Winners Campaign Winners Winners of all the campaigns are listed here, along with the draw details.
Loyalty Points Loyalty Points The user can add the products to the cart, and they can redeem the loyalty points for future purchases.
Donate Product Donate Product There will be an option to enable ticket donation for each product. If the user is willing to donate the ticket, he will get double access.
Checkout Process Checkout Process Once the product is added to the cart, the total purchase price and VAT are displayed.
Multiple Payment Gateway Multiple Payment Gateway We can provide the Apps with multiple payment Gateways.
Online/live Chat Online/live Chat If the user wants to raise any queries or wishes to clarify anything with the team, then live chat is available.
Review Section Review Section The rating system provides the overall experience users had with their purchases.
Wishlist Button Wishlist Button If the user likes the product and wants to buy it later, then the wishlist option is there.
Multiple Currency Multiple Currency We are implementing multiple currency options so that International users can check prizes in their currencies.
Multiple Language Multiple Language Implementing local language gives more clarity on product details, campaign, and overall site performance.
Membership Levels Membership Levels The Idealz clone can make revenue by offering three or four levels: blue, silver, gold, and platinum. Users are prompted to upgrade their level based on the purchase and i-point earnings.
Social Media Integration Social Media Integration To share the campaign winners on Social media. All the details of the winner along with photo, date, and prizing amount.
Admin App

Admin App

  • Administrators can manage accounts.
  • Can Manage a live dashboard.
  • Reports in real-time.
  • The admin can easily manage the website and app.
Real Time Dashboard Real Time Dashboard The live dashboard allows the admin to access the entire program's operation readily.
Product Creation and Management Product Creation and Management The administrator can add products to the category listings and change them as needed.
Order Management Order Management The administrator can accept, reject, or complete customer orders.
Campaigns And Tickets Campaigns And Tickets Our admin creates campaigns with relevant prizes for consumers, who will be delighted to place orders through the app. Ticket numbers will be generated automatically.
Winner Selection And Management Winner Selection And Management Winners can be chosen manually, and the data will be kept in the admin dashboard.
Banners and Advertisements Banners and Advertisements The admin promotes a significant upgrade to the app through advertising and banners.
Customer Management Customer Management The Manage Customer Admin panel includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature that allows customers to log in, change their address, and examine their order history.
Management of categories and subcategories Management of categories and subcategories To sell many products of any range or quantity, the admin may flawlessly control the categories, subcategories, or product parameters such as price, brand, ratings, etc.
Control Notifications Control Notifications The admin can send a push notification to app users informing them of app updates.
Control Feedback, Ratings, and Reviews Control Feedback, Ratings, and Reviews The admin can email app users asking them to offer comments and reviews on their most recent app purchases.
Examine the Report Examine the Report The admin can check the sales and campaign reports daily and monthly, which helps boost the growth store.
Settings Settings The admin may control the social media account details synced to the app as well as the contact information of clients, which they can alter at any time.
Third-Party Integrations Third-Party Integrations Third-party integrations are used to save a lot of time. Third-party integrations allow you to add the best features to your app.
Management of Attributes Management of Attributes This enables you to provide additional product information to customers, such as color, size, and image.
Content Management Content Management The admin can manage and change the app's pages and dynamic content.
Warehouse Warehouse This is used to improve logistics and inventory management. The administrator has authority over the transportation and storage of products within a warehouse and the processing of transactions such as shipping, receiving, stocking, and picking.
Shipping Shipping This is where you can calculate shipping rates, arrange a pickup, generate a shipment, print labels, track shipments, and reverse pickup.