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Technology is innovatively transforming the food delivery business. When ordering food through their smartphones, customers seek a personalized experience. Sigosoft is one of the top food app development companies in India and the USA, offering food app development services to clients.

Our talented developers have enough experience to create interactive, easy-to-manage apps with the latest technologies. Streamline the process of selling your food online with our mobile apps. Allow your customers to order food online with just a few clicks on their mobile devices.

Connect well with your customers with our dedicated apps and reach out with features such as promotional notifications. Track the delivery of your orders and manage your food delivery service with the power of our mobility solution. Harness the power of online ordering to increase revenue for your business.

Top Features of Food Delivery App Development

Customer App

Customer App

  • Easily create a profile
  • Search for favorite cuisines
  • Special discounts and coupon codes
  • Fast delivery
Registration & Login Registration & Login The user can fill in their name, an email, a mobile number, and a password or allow entry through social media profiles.
Order Tracking Order Tracking The users can track the progress of their orders through the app.
Search and find food easily Search and find food easily The users can search for the smart list of all the restaurants and cuisines organized by location, type of food, food preferences, different nationalities ’ cuisine, etc.
Multiple Payment Methods Multiple Payment Methods The user can pay with credit or debit cards, internet banking, wallets and even Cash on Delivery (COD) is available.
Order Scheduling Order Scheduling Using this scheduling option, the users are able to order the food in advance by setting the delivery time.
Fast Delivery Fast Delivery The users can contact the delivery guy and get information about where they are and how long it will take for them to deliver.
Special Discounts Special Discounts The app shows attractive offers to the users, who will be delighted to order food from the app using special deals and discounts.
Nearby Restaurants Nearby Restaurants The users can view the nearby restaurants by giving their location.
Restaurant Menu Restaurant Menu The users can view the list of menus in the app.
Push Notifications Push Notifications The app uses notifications to directly connect with the users and keep them engaged.
User-friendly Interface User-friendly Interface The app consists of a user-friendly interface to make it easy for the customers to access.
Cart Cart The users can add their favorite restaurants and food to the cart.
Advertisements Advertisements The restaurants can get more users through the occasional advertisements.
Refer a friend Refer a friend The users can get bonus points by referring a friend.
Call Call The users can have a call with the restaurants through the in-built call option.
Add multiple addresses Add multiple addresses The users can add multiple addresses for delivery.
Pre-order Pre-order The users can do pre-orders for specific foods and schedule a time of delivery.
Multilingual Multilingual The app supports multiple languages from which the users can access using their preferred ones.
Reviews and Ratings Reviews and Ratings The rating system provides the overall progress of your restaurants like the quality of food, on-time delivery, and so on.
Admin App

Admin App

  • Let administrators manage the accounts
  • Have a live dashboard
  • Real-time reports
  • Easy content management by the admin
Dashboard Dashboard The admin can easily access the functioning of the entire app through the live dashboard.
Customer Management Customer Management The admin can manage the activities of the users made in the app.
Restaurant Management Restaurant Management The admin can manage the work done in the restaurants and can view the upcoming tasks.
Driver Management Driver Management The admins can monitor the orders handled by the drivers.
Payment & Commission Management Payment & Commission Management The payments made by the user through the online models and gateway are stored by the admin.
Menu & Timing Management Menu & Timing Management Admin can gather the food menu listings from its partner restaurants and display them on the app to be suitable for ordering.
Delivery Zone Management Delivery Zone Management For a large number of food deliveries, it is important to provide service at a specific time zone.
Report Report The admin can view the daily and monthly reports of the drivers.
Order Cancellation Order Cancellation The admin can cancel the order if requested by the customer.
Content Management Content Management The admin can manage the content of the app given by the restaurant admins.
Location Management Location Management The admin can manage the location of the users.
Ad Management Ad Management The admin can manage the advertisement created by the restaurants.
Feedback Management Feedback Management A satisfied user leaves a high rating, whereas a miffed user can give negative feedback, both are valuable for business.
Delivery App

Delivery App

  • Easy login
  • Delivery boys can accept or reject orders
  • Popup notifications
  • Complete the order with no hassle
Registration and login Registration and login The drivers who have been hired for delivering the food orders can fill in their details and log in to the app.
Push Notification Push Notification Whenever there is any change in orders or any important information from the restaurant must be given to the drivers, they will be notified through message pop-ups.
Order Details Order Details Drivers can get the order details from the restaurants from where they are taking the orders.
Complete Order Complete Order Once when the driver delivers the order to the respective customers, they can complete the order.
Accept/ Reject Order Accept/ Reject Order The drivers can either accept or reject the orders based on their comfortability.
Real-Time Tracking Real-Time Tracking The drivers can get real-time data such as customer info and order.
Availability Settings Availability Settings The drivers can modify their availability according to their convenience.
Payment History Payment History The drivers can check the payments done before a few days.
Multilingual Multilingual The app supports multiple language features.
Report Report The drivers can submit their daily reports through the app.
Manage Multiple Request Manage Multiple Request The drivers can choose their delivery according to their convenience.
View Delivery Route Directly View Delivery Route Directly The drivers can view their delivery route using the in-built map.
Restaurant App

Restaurant App

  • Easy registration
  • In-app chats
  • Assign orders to workers
  • Manage & view the order details
Registration and login Registration and login New restaurant app users can register and log in by giving their official restaurant details like email/username and password.
Assigning the Orders Assigning the Orders If a new order is being shown on the list, the restaurant owners can assign it to the drivers nearby the location from which the order is being placed.
Order Details Order Details The order details placed by the customers will be shown in the new orders list. The restaurant owners can check and assign the orders to the respective workers in the restaurant.
Payment Payment The restaurant admins can manage the payment options(COD, credit/debit cards, UPI) and can communicate with the customers if there are any interactions regarding the payment.
Message/ Chat Message/ Chat If the admin needs to give any information to the workers, they can use the inbox messaging system to send a group or private messages to the workers.
Manage Order Manage Order The restaurant admins can safely log in for handling order activities and management purposes.
Real-time tracking of Driver Real-time tracking of Driver The restaurant admins can track the route of the drivers.
Manage offers & Discounts Manage offers & Discounts The restaurant admin can manage the discounts and offers given in the app.
Push Notifications Push Notifications The restaurant admins can interact with their customers and vendors with messages, emails, alerts, and notifications.
Add or Delete Cuisines Add or Delete Cuisines The admin can add or delete the cuisines to the app.
Category Management Category Management The admin can categorize the restaurants based on their scullery, pricing, and delivery of orders and offers for business optimization.
Product Management Product Management Admin has authority to categorize and manage updated listings of cuisines to run the platform to have complete control and operate smoothly.
Manage Profile Manage Profile The admin can manage the profile details, and check all the required documents on their profile to get verified by the app.
Manage Branches Manage Branches The admin can manage the branches of the restaurants.
Manage Offers Manage Offers The admin can manage the great deals, rewards, discounts, and promotions, or even food events announced by the restaurants.
View Rating and Reviews View Rating and Reviews The admin can view the ratings and reviews left by the app users.
Report Report The admin can view the reports of the restaurants.
Branch Login

Branch Login

  • Designed for branch representatives
  • Manage the restaurant profiles
  • Assign orders to available drivers
  • View the promotions run by the restaurants
Manage Profile Manage Profile The branch representative can manage the profiles of all the restaurants.
View Orders View Orders They can view the orders placed and canceled by the customers.
Assign Drivers Assign Drivers They can assign the orders to the available drivers.
View Promotions View Promotions They can view the promotions run by the restaurants.
View Products View Products They can view and activate or deactivate products for the branches.




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