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  • An app designed to improve field sales and delivery processes
  • Easily accept and deliver your orders
  • Offer a reliable and quality service to your customers
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Sigosoft, one of the leading mobile app development companies, offers the amazing van sales app. With this app, you can boost your sales and increase your ROI.Van Sales can prove to be an asset for your company, as well as the sales team. With Sigosoft, increase your digital offering using a van sales app. Our Van sales app can help you in reducing the cost and time required for order processing.

At Sigosoft, we strive hard to offer service as per your requirements. With our digital delivery system, you can enhance your van sales business to a great extent.Use Sigosoft’s Van Sales App and enhance your sales!

Features of our Vansales App

Customer Mobile App

Customer Mobile App

  • Easy registration
  • Book products with fewer steps
  • Hassle-free payment
  • Coupon codes for special discounts
Registration and Login Registration and Login The sign-in page is the initial process to get into the application, and we can make the processes of registration and authorization simple using Google, Facebook logins.
Complete Profile Complete Profile The customers can add the details such as gender, contact number, address, and so on to their profile.
Product Details Product Details The customers can view the product details.
Coupon Codes Coupon Codes The users can use the coupon codes and special discounts which they will be notified of for any occasion.
Multiple Payment Methods Multiple Payment Methods The user can pay with credit or debit cards, internet banking, and even cash on delivery (COD) is available.
Fast Delivery Fast Delivery The users can get the ordered products delivered at the scheduled timing.
Real Time Integration Real Time Integration Real-time integration ensures that the van sales representatives always have access to up-to-date customer accounts and product information, order history, invoices, and statements.
Proof of Delivery Proof of Delivery When placing an order, you can quickly and conveniently send the customers a proof of delivery.
Address Adding Based on Location Address Adding Based on Location The customers can add the address based on their location by allowing the app to access their location.
Multiple Language Support Multiple Language Support The app supports multiple languages from which the users can choose their convenient ones.
Push Notifications Push Notifications Whenever there is any change in orders or any important information, the users will be notified.
Order History Order History The customers can view the order history and details of the drivers.
Supervisor Mobile App

Supervisor Mobile App

  • An app that lets supervisors manage their accounts
  • Easy signup
  • Van in & Van out information
  • Agency in & Agency out information
Easy Sign Up Easy Sign Up The supervisor can easily sign-up using the username and password.
View and Edit Profile View and Edit Profile The supervisor can view and edit their profile and also change the password.
Van In Van In This feature enables the supervisors to enter the requests from the van drivers. The supervisors have access to information about the number of refills, new, broken and defective products in the van.
Van Out Van Out This feature displays the completed order requests received from the drivers. When a van driver initiates a request, admin can accept the same and it will be redirected to the warehouse. After the completion of this process, these completed requests are moved to Van out.
Agency In Agency In This feature enables the supervisors to view the load in requests initiated by the agencies and it has similar functionalities as that of Van In.
Agency Out Agency Out This feature resembles the same functionality of Van out. The agency request will be approved by the admin and moved to the warehouse. After marking it as completed, the request will be moved to the agency out.
Co-Filling Co-Filling Co-filling has 2 categories - 'Pending' and 'Completed'. When a customer initiates a new request for bulk orders, it will be added to the pending list until it is billed by either the retailer or admin. After billing the request, it will be moved to the completed list.
Status Status The supervisor can view the status of the received requests. It can be viewed either on a daily basis or a monthly basis.
Call Center Web App

Call Center Web App

  • Easy guide to the customers at anytime
  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Easy registration of new entries
Customer Management Customer Management This feature enables the customer service person to add, view and edit new customers.
New Entry New Entry The new entries will be registered in the call center app.
Manage Orders Manage Orders The call center person can view and manage the order details.
Driver App

Driver App

  • Handle customer requests on a single screen
  • Drivers can add new customers
  • Payment management
  • Order management
New Sale New Sale The drivers can give services to the unregistered customers.
Profile View Profile View The driver details such as van code, van name, vehicle number, name and contact number of driver, etc can be viewed.
Coupon Sale Coupon Sale The drivers can use the coupon sale with the regular and recently added customers.
New Customer Adding New Customer Adding The drivers can add the new customers to the list.
Payment History Payment History The drivers can maintain the history of the payments done.
Expense Adding Expense Adding The drivers can assign the additional expenses to the supervisor.
Reports Reports The drivers can maintain a report on a daily and monthly basis.
Order Management Order Management The drivers can accept, reject and complete the orders.
Push Notifications Push Notifications The drivers will get notified with a pop-up message if there are any changes happening in the order.
Retailer Web App

Retailer Web App

  • A complete sales support for the customers
  • Easy billing
  • Retailers can view the payment history
  • Helps to keep track of the sales processes
Customer Management Customer Management This helps to add customer data such as Name, address, e-mail, date of purchase, previous order, etc.
Billing Billing The customers can pay the retailer directly through the app and the billing feature helps to keep track of monthly payments and daily payments when sales are done through the app, as well as to produce invoices.
Print Print This helps to have a record of sales done and it can be stored for the future purpose.
Payment History Payment History This feature enables the retailer to view the payment history, pending payments and can complete the pending payments.
Report Report A report contains log activity, sales traces, and other information to help the retail owners keep track of the process they follow to increase sales.
Warehouse Web App

Warehouse Web App

  • Enables control over the movement & storage of goods within the warehouse
  • Stock management
  • Collect feedback from supervisors
  • Reports on stock information
Manage Request Manage Request This helps to collect and track the feedback given by the supervisors.
Manage Stock Manage Stock This helps in keeping track of the number of stocks left out and the stocks being sold out.
Stock History Stock History This feature helps to store the stock details in the database for future use.
Reports Reports A report contains stock information that can help to make changes in the next stock activity if needed.
Admin Web App

Admin Web App

  • A live dashboard to access the complete functions of the app
  • Location tracking
  • Complete management of the application
  • Receive feedback from the app users
Dashboard Dashboard The admin can easily access the functioning of the entire app through the dashboard.
Location Location The admin can track the location of the drivers.
Order Management Order Management The admin can accept, reject and complete the orders placed by the customers.
Staff Management Staff Management The admin can manage the tasks assigned to the drivers.
Feedback Management Feedback Management The admin can send a request to the app users asking them to leave feedback and reviews about their recent purchase in the app.
Van Stock Management Van Stock Management The admin can manage the inventory of the products.
Expense Management Expense Management The admin can manage the expenses of the drivers.
Reports Reports The admin can view the reports of the drivers.
Category Management Category Management The admin can manage the categories, sub-categories or product attributes flawlessly to sell multiple products of any range or quantity.
Billing Billing The admin can handle the billing.
Vans Management Vans Management The admin can assign the vans to the drivers.
Customers Management Customers Management Admin panel has a built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which helps your customers to log in, edit their address and view their order history.
Supervisor Requests Supervisor Requests The admin can work on the requests sent by the supervisor.
Payments Management Payments Management The admin can manage the transactions through online payments.
Warehouse Management Warehouse Management The admin can control the movement and storage of products within a warehouse and process transactions such as shipping, receiving, stocking, and picking.




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