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Dating Apps are ranked as one of the top using apps in India. Pandemic and lockdown dramatically changed the mentality of all people, even conservatives. People can meet their special ones in their lives without even stepping out of their comfort place.


Tinder App is one of the top dating app ideal for those who lack confidence, lead very busy lives and feel lonely in their life. Most people use a wide range of best free dating site apps available in today’s digital world. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, a little excitement, or casual fun, you will find it easy to meet the perfect like-minded people online.


Another reason is being dressed up to meet a special one. It doesn’t matter whatever dress you wear, since a physical meeting is not happening. Dating App for married couple is also not a new thing now. So everyone is looking for a companion to share  their thoughts and views.


Will Dating Apps Ruin India’s Cultural Values?


Dating App and Indian Culture


This survey conducted among individuals residing in metro cities in India reveals that women use dating applications 48 times a day, whereas males log in 24 times. Also, chat statistics are greater for lady daters as compared to men. 


Dating apps are changing the romance in India, the era of arranged marriage by elders are almost at the end. In a country where casual cross-gender relationships are still not socially accepted, youngsters are breaking the convention to seek love and companionship online, not necessarily with the intention of marrying.


There’s also the fact that many young people around when online dating initially ended up being a thing that matured with the web. There was no preconception regarding creating relationships online, so when they were old enough to begin dating, many of them downloaded apps on their phones.


Another interesting fact is that If a person rejects you while online dating, You aren’t even aware of that. They’ll go through your profile, swipe you, and then go to the next one. It is much better than an in-your-face rejection.


Online dating is the new normal for a person looking for a healthy and balanced relationship in their lives.


Why Tinder become India’s favorite?


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Tinder is now on top of all global dating applications. It was released in the US in 2012 and made a revolutionary change in online dating that led to so many copycats. Now Tinder is operating in 196 countries with 26 million perfect matches daily reveals that they are offering best dating service.


In 2016 the firm tackled its next massive movement in the social transformation of India and produced an incredible success for Tinder in India. Tinder bio shows that ,Tinder and India could appear like an odd match. Besides, India is a nation where almost 90% of marriages are arranged, while Tinder is everything about permitting you to take an energetic function in discovering a romantic friend. Yet as social attitudes change, particularly amongst the more vibrant generation that makes up 50% of the nation’s people, online dating is an ideal. As well as likewise, India seems to be swiping right in a big way.

Tinder App is best for hook-ups, live dating or long-term dating. India’s pandemic and lockdowns boost the widespread transition of online life, leading to the industry’s massive growth. 


Tinder took these steps to make it viral among the youth in India


  • Tinder was first launched on college campuses.
  • Tinder is an exact mobile implementation for an existing scenario in relationships
  • Focusing on positive emotions and customer needs 
  • Trustworthy as compared to peer apps


How does Tinder work?

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You should create a profile to utilize Tinder, noting your present place, gender, age, range, and gender choices. After that, you start swiping. After seeing someone’s picture and a tiny bit, you can either swipe left if you dislike them or right if you simulate them. If one more individual swipes right, both of you are matched, and you can start talking.


Rewind:  The yellow rewind allows you to reverse a possible match you avoided. Rewind just functions if you are a Tinder Plus or Gold membership participant.

Heart:  The environment-friendly nature shows you have a rate of interest in a person. You can also swipe on an account image with your finger for the same effect.

Celebrity:  The blue star is for when you “Super Like” somebody. It’s a cost function that allows you to reveal a prospective match to your passion before the swiping process.

X:  The red X misses the person you don’t have an interest in and liquefies any opportunity to match. Likewise, you can likewise do this by swiping your finger to the left on your mobile phone.

Lightning Bolt:  Increase or Super Boost is a premium attribute that puts your account at the top of the list in your area for half an hour to ensure that your account can obtain even more views, which can result in even more matches on Tinder

Free dating apps have limitations, so its better to move paid version.


How does Tinder make revenue?

Tinder App makes revenue by offering three best dating services as paid tiers: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. If you want quick results on Tinder, upgrading to premium is necessary. You can subscribe to monthly or yearly plans. 


Tinder Premium gives you 

  • Unlimited likes – In the free version, likes are limited.
  • Who liked you – You can see those who liked you. You can match with them easily through this feature 
  •  Ad-free Swipe. 
  • Boost – Boost your profile in your region so more people can reach you
  • Messaging – You can message without getting matched
  • Super Like – Your like will appear first 
  • Rewind – unlimited can do for the last Swipe.
  • Passport – location can change to any city and start swiping.


 Tinder Plus


Tinder Plus in India


Targeting a certain group you like on a dating app isn’t easy. So Tinder plus provides unlimited likes. Send likes helps to improve the match making potential.


  • Unlimited likes
  • Unlimited rewinds
  • Passport to any location
  • Ad-free Swipe


Tinder Gold


Tinder Gold In India


The benefits of Tinder Plus and the profiles of everyone who liked you, and a list of perfect daily matches. These all come with some particular labels like fashionista, creatives, etc.

  • You can view who likes you
  • Every day new top picks
  • 5 weekly super likes
  • 1 free boost per month


Tinder Platinum


Tinder Platinum In India


Tinder platinum offers gold and benefits together. Additionally, you will get priority over a normal match if you like someone. You can send a message before a game by ‘Super Like’ someone.

  • Can message before matching
  • You can prioritize likes
  • You can view the likes that sent in a week


Is it safe to use Tinder in India?


The app keeps all the data of its users and mentioned in the privacy policy that data will be shared with some other companies to get the perfect match.

Here what we have to do is conscious dating. We have to be careful while doing the following activities.

  • Do not connect your tinder account with social media.
  • Your photos. If you are using real photos, avoid revealing unnecessary information like address, location, workplace, etc.
  • Your name. Do not reveal your full name.
  • Hide your profile when no longer using the account or app
  • You have the option to report profiles. Also, Tinder asks to call emergency services if something goes wrong.


How much will it cost to create a dating app like Tinder?


The cost to develop an online dating application like Tinder can vary depending upon the features. It also depends on the services that the company can offer. Depending on time and budget limits, the costs may vary between $20,000 and $50,000. Developers demand hourly charges worldwide till the end phase. $130-$200 per hour in Europe or America. If you want to create a dating app like Tinder in India, Sigosoft is here to develop an awesome customized dating app for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some top questions about most popular dating app tinder

How do I unmatch someone on Tinder?

If you want to unmatch anyone, tap the blue shield present in your match profile.


How do Tinder matches work?

To get a perfect match, two members must use the Swipe Right feature to Like each other. 


What happens when Tinder says you missed a match?

If Tinder notified you about a missed match, you used the Swipe Left feature on someone who Liked you.


Is Tinder free?

Tinder can be freely downloaded from the app store. Basic features like the Swipe Right feature to ‘Like’ someone and the Swipe Left feature to skip someone can be used with the free version.

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