Food delivery mobile app development


Food delivery app is an inevitable mobile app in our day to day life. The use of mobile devices and laptops as everyday items has increased over the past few years. Today, users spend more time on their mobile devices than on their computers. Users spend an average of three to four hours a day using mobile devices. Therefore, all businesses must have an online mobile-friendly website and mobile application.

On the other hand, pandemics have spread, leading businesses to implement innovative contactless business models. By now, customers are accustomed to this. Starting an online business now is a good idea. A growing industry such as the food industry is always a good choice. The lockdown and restrictions create a positive environment for food delivery apps since businesses can deliver to many parts of the world despite restrictions.

This is the time when your customers may want everything to be delivered in their home or office. Additionally, a small number of companies exist to serve these needs. Hence you can take advantage of the fact that they are few in number. Therefore, there is always room for mobile app development in any business involving delivery services.


Do you know what a white label food delivery app is?

If you own a business or are contemplating owning one, you probably have many questions about White Label apps. In white labelling, you resell a product developed by another company under the name and brand of your business. There is no way for your customers to know who developed or owns these applications.


How can these white label food delivery apps benefit your business?


Cost and investment: There are two methods of using food delivery apps for your company. One is custom designed mobile apps and the other one is ready-to-use solutions. For custom-designed applications you must invest heavily upfront and then wait another four to five months until design and testing finish. On contrary, ready to use white label food delivery applications are designed and tested by tech companies that can be cost-effective and will be in place within a few days or perhaps a few weeks.


Solutions which are ready to launch: Food delivery apps with white labels are reasonably priced and ready for launch. Mobile app development companies white label their products under your brand in a matter of days. There is no need to wait months for the app  to appear or launch in the market. It is possible to launch your food delivery service instantly using white label applications for food delivery.


It is possible to spend more on marketing: Using white label food delivery apps help you save money at one end and on the other end you can utilise it for some other purposes.  If you can save money by using white-label food delivery applications then you are able to invest more in branding, marketing and other sales operations. This will form the base for your business during this time of downtime.


Not just delivery: While these food delivery applications provide delivery services, along with that you can also offer dine-in reservations and other services for food orders for your restaurant’s customers. This will give you more opportunities to set your own space in the digital world and thereby build your brand.


Our recommendations for choosing the right white-label solution for your company?

It takes effort to select the best solution – you can’t just choose any solution. You must choose the white label solution that is right for your business. The solution must conform to your company’s needs. Furthermore, whatever solution you choose should be easy to access and scalable enough to make your business run smoothly. 

When buying white label solutions, be sure to ask these questions and get answers.

  1. Your food delivery business has specific business needs. Will your white label solution meet those needs?
  2. Does it support the business well and does it generate results quickly


What can Sigosoft do for you?

Whatever type of company you manage white-label mobile apps will help you expand your business. If you are looking for a mobile app development company to help you out to develop a white label food delivery app for your food delivery business, then you can reach out to Sigosoft. We will help you deliver your products directly to the customer’s doorstep and to develop a single place to keep everything in order.  You can utilise features like status monitoring, profile management, and a business report to assist you in improving your company’s performance. This is the case for all sorts of delivery and order companies,not just the delivery of food. White label food delivery applications simplify everything using pre-existing business applications. With a white-label food delivery application the entire process of developing is made simpler. We will take the least amount of time to develop and launch the app thus ensuring that it is available to intended customers in no time and difficulty.