Odoo App

What is Odoo ERP?

A complete solution to manage all your business activities  – this is what Odoo is! Odoo – On-Demand Open Object, consists of an integrated suite of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications targeted at companies of all sizes.  Operations, Accounting, Marketing, HR, Website, Project, Sales, Stock, anything is available within a few clicks without even missing a single beat. A platform used by over 7 million users.


Why is Odoo the most chosen ERP platform?

  • An open-source ERP

Since Odoo is an open-source platform, almost everyone is attracted to this. And it has a database of 20 000+ applications that can fit into your needs.


  • ​​​​​​User-friendly software

Creating an ERP software that is simple to use is one of the reasons Odoo was created.


  • Flexible and customizable

Odoo can be fully customized to meet your needs. 


  • Everything under one roof

From customer relationship management to billing software, Odoo has it all.


  • You won’t have to deal with complicated integrations anymore

Your business processes can be fully automated with Odoo applications, saving you time and money.


  • Powerful programming language 

Odoo uses the most powerful programming language – Python.


  • Rapidly growing

More modules and features are being added every year.


Does Odoo ERP have a mobile app?

Your Odoo store can now be transformed into an Odoo Mobile App that is compatible with both Android & iOS. With its splendid features and functionalities, the Odoo mobile application offers an improved user experience and it is fully integrated with your default Odoo store. It’s optimized for every device and is capable of handling all of the business management software’s features and functionalities. It also has an adaptive content delivery system that ensures that every screen is optimized for optimal viewing.


Why a custom Odoo mobile app?

This would be the question that arises in the mind of almost everyone who reads this! But just imagine! Do you take your laptop or tablet to wherever you go? Most probably, the answer would be a NO! Then what is that one thing that you take to everywhere you go? Of course your mobile phone! Because that is the only device that can be placed inside your pocket and now, carrying your mobile phone is like a habit to everyone.  This is the power of mobile phones. It has started ruling over everything.  


As a result of this, the growth of mobile apps has exponentially increased in the market. The easy portability and user experience of mobile phones are the ultimate reason behind the wide acceptability of mobile apps. This has initiated every business owner to develop one for them irrespective of the size and kind of business.  This has even been reflected in the ERP system too. The Odoo mobile app for Android and iOS allows you to access all of the company’s applications from your mobile phone.


What does it offer?


  • No need of collecting business cards

You will be able to access any information related to your business from anywhere at any time. Remember those days when you used to get business cards while attending some business events and bringing them to your office and dumping them there? You don’t even think about it after a few days. This is not the case now. You don’t have to carry it to your office. All you have to do is get the contact information and save it directly into your Odoo mobile app. Your database is updated instantly with a new contact account.


  • Push notifications

The app features a variety of push notifications that keep you informed of all your tasks and actions. Odoo is a suite of apps that simplifies the work of any business owner. It features a variety of apps that cover various aspects of running a successful operation. Get push notifications on your mobile just like you get Whatsapp and Facebook notifications.


  • Same functionalities as on desktop

It has all the functionalities that you can avail yourself of on the desktop. You can get an even better user experience on the mobile phone and a responsive interface. Do everything remote


  • Hybrid app  both for android and iOS

Since the Odoo mobile application is developed in a way that it is adaptable to both android and iOS devices, it will get a better reach. More people will use it as it works irrespective of their devices. This is a kind of brand building too.


  • Odoo mobile is for everyone

Odoo is not only for the management of the business organization but for every level of employees including the sales and marketing team, representatives and consultants, workers on the field, and everyone associated with the organization. They can enter the data from their side into the database.


What can Sigosoft do for you?


  • Better UI/UX

We can create a better and more intuitive UI/UX for your mobile application with Odoo. The default UI of Odoo is not that eye-catchy. Here is when Sigosoft comes in handy. We have a team of UI/UX developers to help you build a beautiful UI for your application.


  • Develop white-label mobile apps 

Apart from the label of Odoo we will help you to create a tailored Odoo app for you and label it as yours. You can build your brand through the mobile app we develop for you.


  • Integrate additional features

Apart from the features provided by Odoo, we can help you add more features that will help you work more efficiently and effectively.  Adding more external features according to your preference will help you build a more customized mobile app for your business.


  • Third-party integrations

We will help you implement third-party integrations such as payment gateways, e-mail and SMS services, and more for you to get a better user experience from the Odoo mobile app you develop.


  • Keep your app lightweight

We know the default Odoo app comes with a myriad of features. We might not need all of them. Integrating all those features will increase the app size too. Discarding unwanted features is always the best option. We will help you to sort out the necessary features and build a tailored Odoo app for your business.


  • Enhanced security level

While customizing and developing the app in the way that you want it, you can also have some additional features to keep it more secure and authentic. Remember, people always choose mobile applications that are secure enough.


  • Cross-platform mobile apps

With the available Odoo API,  you can build a cross-platform mobile app. In my opinion, building a hybrid mobile app is always a better option because it will help you save money and time as well. Let me tell you how! If you are developing a native mobile application, you need to build 2 different applications for both android as well as iOS platforms. For this, you need to find 2 different development teams and this results in high development cost and takes more time to launch the app to the market. Hence a cross-platform mobile application is the best choice.


Features of a mobile application developed for Odoo 

  • Easy login

A new user can easily create their profile by entering their server address and email id.

  • Multiple categories 

Inside the Odoo app, there are various categories available. They are,

  1. Sales
  2. Operations
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Website
  5. Marketing
  6. Human resources
  7. Customizations 

Under each of these categories, there are several subcategories available for one. You can choose your desired categories, subcategories and can go ahead.


  • No credit cards required

Since it is free, you can easily access it for free without any payment.


  • Push notifications

All the important updates and messages are available for you in the form of push notifications. So that none of them will be missed.


Before you leave,

Sigosoft can develop a business management mobile application for your company that integrates all your needs. Just like the Odoo android app, you can develop a tailored one for your business at a price that fits into your budget. Check what happens in your organization from anywhere in the world! We have already developed an Odoo e-commerce mobile app for one of our clients. To know more about the project we had done, please check our portfolio.


Image Credits: www.freepik.com