This is a common question or doubt from last few years. The question itself arises since there are competition in-between. Anyway, Apple stay leading because it always keep the standard in Security level, Device manufacturing, Updates and much more…

From a developer’s perspective, considering App development, I will of Course say it’s easier to develop apps for IOS than Android. This is a comment most of the developers say. But WHY? Most developers say the same because Xcode and the simulator are such a developer friendly asset. Over 90 – 95% of users use the latest Operating System in a matter of a few weeks regardless of their devices. This is the very unique quality which makes Apple and their devices always trending. This will make both the users and developers feel good at the same time. If you are an IOS developer you will be knowing that wonderful change in the language since last few years. The language is becoming more and more easier. Some people still stuck to Objective-C, which is real fast but once you try coding in Swift you don’t go back to Objective-C.

Now about Mac, Programmers and coders always love and prefer MAC OS X. OS X has better cross-platform compatibility. It’s difficult to run OS X on a windows PC or Linux PC and you need to find and install hacked versions of OS X. Meanwhile on Mac, you can easily install Windows or Linux using a virtual environment. When it comes to game development, most Unity3D developers work on OS X.

If you are new to App development, Apple provides you with developer tools and resources for free. The Apple Developer Documentation is by far the most comprehensive resource about IOS development. It has thousands of pages that explain the different frameworks, components, classes and functions of the IOS SDKs.So, Why Apple? Is a wide question to answer in a developers point of view.