What-makes-Flutter-stand-ahead-of-native-appsA 100 questions pop up in your mind when you first hear of Flutter – the mobile app development platform which has been going crazy among the app development teams over the past few years. Just wait until you learn why Flutter is the show stealer of the mobile app development industry. 


What Is Flutter & What Makes It Different From Other App Development Platforms?


Flutter is a free and open-source UI framework by Google which was released in May 2017. In contrast to other technologies for app development, flutter has only one codebase and programming language to develop a mobile application in two different platforms, Android and iOS. Flutter, which is cross-platform, offers a myriad of possibilities for the mobile app development industry. Flutter is expected to dominate the application development market by the end of the next five years. Here’s why! It features beautiful design, seamless animation, and a smooth experience. In a nutshell, it has everything the users are looking for. And the good news is India is one of the top 5 countries benefiting from Flutter.


What Makes Flutter The Most Popular Mobile Application Framework?


Mobile applications are gaining more popularity lately. We have a wide range of tools for developing Apps. Among all of them, Flutter is getting more attention and preference. Here are the reasons for the increasing demand for Flutter apps over the native apps;


  • Reduced code development time

In any case, we always prefer a quick solution. This is the major reason why flutter frameworks are surging. It saves all your time and effort while developing the code. This makes flutter the speediest platform for mobile app development. Flutter enables a feature named “Hot reload” which lets the developers make changes in the code and view the results in real-time. Additionally, the Flutter team has created a wide range of ready-to-use and customizable widgets to the point of saving you a great deal of time.


  • Two platforms, One code

Flutter’s unique feature is its single codebase. It is always the first-line choice of developers since it allows them to develop applications on 2 different operating systems android and ios with a single set of code. Business organizations benefit in several ways from this feature. You don’t have to hire multiple developers for your project.


  • Market speed

Who doesn’t like to launch their application in the market as soon as possible! Flutter framework lets you develop your application within a comparatively short time span without compromising the quality. Since it does not have a bunch of code, you can set up the coding part without much effort.


  • Faster apps

Would you prefer an app that takes a lot of time to load and hang in between? Absolutely No! A flutter-developed app lets you scroll through it without any slowdowns which make the user experience better. Flutter apps render a smooth user experience when compared to native apps.


  • Less testing time

Since the flutter framework has only a single codebase, it is easy for the testing team to carry out the quality assurance process. The team does not have to check the apps on 2 different platforms as we do for native applications.


  • Suitable for MVPs

If time is a concern, Flutter will always be the better option for MVPs (Minimum viable product). You should choose flutter if you need to present your app to investors within a limited time frame. When compared to native apps,  it takes comparatively less time since we don’t have to create two separate platform-specific applications. The development cost will subsequently be reduced as well.


Wrapping Up


From a business perspective, developing applications using flutter offers a number of benefits such as fastest app development, reduced development cost, efficient applications, and much more. From a user’s view, flutter benefits you in such a way that it fits all our requirements and has a beautiful UI. Also, it works in a fast and quick mode without causing any interruptions. Packing up all these essential features, flutter apps have occupied the top position in the industry. If you wish to develop an application for your business in a cost-effective and efficient manner, always go for flutter apps and seek the assistance of an expert team with proven experience. Sigosoft can create custom mobile applications using Flutter frameworks that meet all your requirements and are within your estimated cost.