B2B applications


As indicated by a recent report, Mobile devices roll more than 40% of B2B online business sales for leading organizations. More B2B buyers need a clear, basic, straightforward interaction and they are a lot keen on making purchases online using mobile apps.

Important B2B app features to consider

Appointments and cloud scheduling

Appointments are a significant part of the b2b mobile application strategy. The feature is used to give users or customers the choice of fixing a timetable for occasions like meetings, dinner reservations, and so on Furthermore, appointment mobile applications for business can also be used to set updates for events.


Promotions and advertisements

If you know how to make money from applications, you will without a doubt promote for the benefit of your customers, as it is the least demanding approach to earn for an app developer. While developing a mobile application, you can include a b2b mobile application strategy that focuses on promotional activities for the benefit of different users.


As such, b2b mobile applications can advertise on the side while serving their main functions. It can help organizations in producing income through promotional activities. However, an excessive number of promotions may irritate clients. Consequently, a good UI can be used to give features and advertisements without losing the application users.


Push notifications

Pop-up messages are a b2b mobile applications feature used to inform users about the new content or publications. Using this feature can make users find your most recent content immediately from the home screen itself.


Integrating with Customer relationship management (CRM)

Integrating CRM tools with b2b mobile applications can boost the goodwill of the business application. It can help organizations build better service relationships with customers. These b2b applications can give features like contact management, sales management, and employee management.

Salesforce distributed a report that the adoption rate of CRM applications is 26% in general. Apart from that, another study by Innoppl says that 65% of sales personals with CRM applications meet their business targets assigned to them periodically.


Integrating with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a basic element of current organizations. Applications like NetSuite from Oracle are now offering this element looking like mobile applications. ERP-based b2b mobile application trends help entrepreneurs in managing various business tasks like inventory management, product delivery, manufacturing, supply chain management, etc. You can give ERP as coordination to previously existing custom mobile applications for organizations.

Strategies like push notifications can not just help you in creating more traffic over the mobile application, it can also notify faithful and new users about your products and services. At the end of the day, b2b applications can help make the way to deal with the customer process in a simple way.

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