The Covid-19 lockdown has forced a big part of the people to stay indoors. This has had an increase in mobile app usage trends. The use of mobile apps has not just increased in numbers, but also plays a major role in people’s day-to-day lives, across devices and mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.


Telemedicine apps


Prior, patients could visit the emergency center when they become ill, however with the lockdown and different constraints, including the absence of doctor accessibility, it appears to be common that there ought to be a substitute answer to satisfy the needs of the patients.


Downloads of Telemedicine applications from driving telehealth organizations have revealed an increase in demand for their services since the COVID-19 pandemic started.


While a great many people are passing on from the sickness everywhere in the world, doctors and other medical care laborers are battling to stay aware of the demand. Talking with patients on a face-to-face premise every day puts them in the most noteworthy danger also. Indeed, they are the worst-hit community in the whole world. Aside from people with Covid, doctors need to treat any remaining patients who need different sorts of emergency medicines. Through a telemedicine application, it gets simpler for doctors to look at their patients online and give them far-off care. This gives patients access to better care.


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E-learning apps


While lockdown has affected a large portion of the enterprises, the e-learning platforms have profited from the present circumstance as schools and universities have stayed shut in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Not only students are using e-learning apps, but also working professionals like teachers to present their meetings and so on.


People are learning through online courses given by Ed-tech organizations, like Byju’s, Vedantu, Unacademy, STEMROBO, and so on. According to the rules of the Ministry of Home Affairs, schools and universities have been shut for quite a long time and everybody ae relying on e-learning applications. This is additionally helping the valuation of the ed-tech platform’s increment.


The Ed-tech organizations that give online classes will get an advantage from the present circumstance as students shift to e-learning platforms from the conventional face-to-face mode of classroom learning.


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Food-Delivery apps


With the pandemic raging and eateries struggling with footfalls given social distancing fears, food delivery applications have sorted out approaches to flourish in a pandemic. Interest in food delivery has expanded during the COVID-19 lockdown since people lean toward their safety.


As Coronavirus cases are expanding step by step the nation over, people begin to prefer ordering online foods, subsequently, boosting deals for organizations like Swiggy and Zomato. What’s more, as food delivery apps saw a surge in demand from customers who have been working from home since the time the pandemic struck, global investors began to feel confident.


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Grocery apps


Since March-2019, there is an extraordinary increase in grocery application downloads, particularly for companies like Instacart, Shipt, and Walmart. The new interest calls for new features that will enhance the user experience and make shopping for groceries quicker and more consistent than any other time in recent times.


However, app updates aren’t simply an issue of support nowadays. More than just add-ons, grocery applications have become the whole store experience for some customers, and the interest for a simple, pleasant experience has never been higher.


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Gaming apps


One region that has been moderately unaffected during the pandemic is the gaming business, with client commitment developing extensively during this period.


Usage of gaming applications has risen 75% week-over-week, as per recently published information by Verizon. Around 23% are playing new games on their mobile phones. What’s more, gamers give off an impression of being more centered with 35% centering exclusively around their mobile games while playing. A sum of 858 million applications was downloaded during the social distancing week considering COVID-19.


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Mobile wallet applications


Digital payment firms like PhonePe, Paytm, Amazon Pay, and others have seen an almost 50% increase in transactions through their digital wallets from the start of lockdown. This has driven them to focus on payment instrument, which was disrupted by difficulties because of know-your-customer (KYC) standards and the development of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in the country.


During Coronavirus, PhonePe has seen a flood in new-to-digital clients just as a wallet activation and use. We have seen over 50% development in wallet use and a solid surge in new clients enacting the wallet. There are different elements driving this surge including hesitance to deal with cash, clients feeling more secure with contactless commerce, and comfort.


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