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Factors such as the rise in the trend of on-demand transportation services and low car ownership among millennials have driven the growth of online car rentals services. The adoption of car rental software has prominently anticipated the growth of fleet transportation. Such a personal car rental app for free help in curbing pollution level, traffic, and are an economical option for travel as it is a faster mode of transportation.


Being a newbie, you might be thinking about the potential market around the world for car rental app development. Our experienced app developers have curated the information for your online venture. Countries like the USA, China, Germany, Brazil, Japan are among the top ones in using such services and also hold the global revenues from it.


If you are planning to become the top car rental app, you need to analyze your competition. These car rentals provide users from renting to roadside assistance to customer support for eliminating their trip-based queries. Let’s have a look at the top5 car rental apps in 2021 and the technological revolution in the transport industry.



The cars for rental platform offer the car owner to maximize the value of their asset (the car) into the earnings engine and earn money off it rather than letting it sit in the house parking area. It provides convenience to the local car owner throughout the USA, Canada, New York Times, UK, and Germany, and many more in Europe.


Turo services also are known as part of Airbnb for cars. The online rental car program allows users to choose from a variety of options like jeep to Tesla to classic VM bus. Turo car app provides 30% less than the traditional car rental agencies, thus, it is economically apt for the millennials.



Kayak is a full-fledged travel app navigator from restaurants to hospitals to airports. If you are someone with a travel service wanting to enter the online cab world then this can be one of your opportunities to discover. This Kayak car rental app allows people to function offline.


It can help in booking flights, rental cars, and has constant support for business trip advisors who can plan the whole trip on behalf of the user. The app is among the best car rental apps and is also nominated for the “Best Mobile App Awards” based on a user-friendly interface.



It is the easiest and quickest way to hire a car rental application. Zipcar is available on a daily and hourly basis with gas, liability insurance, mileage, and dedicated parking facilities. This app allows users to signup and choose membership options and get a “Zipcard” in the mail.


The online user can rent a car near him and unlock it with the help of a Zipcard. Flexible and convenient for urban areas and university campuses. This card consists of gas and insurance records, so an individual does not have to worry about the cover. This becomes the reason to include the Zipcar app in our list of car rental apps. It is a multilingual app available in selective cities of the USA.



Another fantastic car rental application SIXT, allows users to drive or get driven to their specified destination. The app serves its online car rental service across 100 countries.


The carsharing feature of the app has no limits for cars, drop-off limits, and duration. The user can book their favorite car and manage reservations within the app account. And the search filter narrows down the search to car type, price, and popularity for better custom results.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car App is a personal assistant for the car rental counter. The user is allowed to modify a reservation, view the pickup and drop locations, information about the current rental car item, 24/7 customer support, and roadside assistance. This car renting app functions in over 7800 locations worldwide with many language support including English.


So, this was the list of popular car rental app services across the globe. Before concluding the blog, have a look at our Car rental app development and services. The cost starts at 10,000 USD. If you want to build an app for your business, contact us!