A healthy body leads to healthy living. Today, it becomes possible with health apps, a revolution in the health maintenance and fitness industry.


All of us have taken a gym membership some or the other time in a year. But we never tend to keep up with it. Often we need a boost up when exercising or maintaining a diet looking after our health is a task. But in recent years, through the health app, it has been possible.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become a trend with the advent of health apps like MyFitnessPal, Headspace, Fooducate, and many more. Apps can track and monitor something like our heart rate, calories, fat, nutrition, tasks, yoga poses, water intake details, and follow different gym fitness regimes. Some apps focus on particular fitness concerns and eliminate them by using video games and changing a user’s lifestyle pattern.


A healthy body and a good lifestyle are on everyone’s mind. Better fitness maintenance can lead to lower hospital bills, healthier life, and living. By selecting appropriate fitness apps, an individual will get the support to conquer the many difficulties faced to have a timely symptoms alert. These best health apps for Android or iOS are a mix of anything that consists of meal plans, curated food recommendations, tracking food intake, noting the eating habits, with integration to wearables like the Apple Watch app.


We develop a custom mobile app for Android and iOS and web-based health maintenance software solutions for clinics, hospitals, nutritionists, and physiotherapy centers. In addition to it, these apps, we create useful ones that deliver benefits like inventory management, patient engagement, managing health records, tracking health maintenance products, medical billing, and understanding the revenue cycle.




With a  simple barcode scanner thing, the users can recognize over 4 million food items through this app. It allows users to import their recipes on the online platform. It calculates calories, tracks nutrition, and also tracks the reading of water intake. It consists of macro trackers which calculate the macros in the meal and food journey. A user can set his goals and customize his food diary along with setting up exercises.




This app provides users with hundreds of guided meditations. It has emergency SOS sessions for panic or anxiety moments. This is used to track the meditation, score, and its resource progress. It consists of functions to add mindful minutes to Apple Health. It helps mindfulness experts to train and guide the users.


Sleep Cycle

This app has the integration of sound analysis technology or accelerometer that helps in sleep analysis. The sleep tracking info plan shows the daily progress through graphs and statistics. It has a custom set of the wake-up window and well-being. It monitors heart rate reading compares data and analyzes sleep as per the weather conditions. The users can export an excel sheet with the sleeping data to study and research it properly.




This app track food and snack intake, exercise scale, body weight, and quality of calories of the users.  It seamlessly integrates with the Apple Health app. The Expert nutritionist advises for taking foods, diet, and nutrients through this app. The scan is available to discover health information like product nutrition panels and ingredients lists. It has customized fooducate diet plans for premium subscribers for weight gain/loss patient care for a specific duration.




24/7 on-demand doctor access (virtual doctor visits) is available in this app. It allows a personalized answer from the doctors in less than 24 hours. It provides accessibility of guidelines to care routine on hundreds of topics and conditions. The health maintenance app builds a health dossier, stores all the data and metrics in one place. The team of doctors can recommend the case to others and also advise some lab tests if needed. It supports an in-app purchasing option for providing a better experience to the users.


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