During the Corona crisis, the majority of people started looking for online medical care, especially for mental well-being. Many would have ended up in situations where they could not find a mental health therapist during that time. In addition, the Pandemic has also added mental-related issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and distress among some aged people and healthcare workers. At this point, telemedicine apps strongly set their foot in the healthcare industry. We feel handicapped when we can’t take our loved ones to a specific doctor when needed fearing their behavioral problems. Have you ever faced the same situation as me? It was then I realized Telemedicine apps evolved as a lifesaving option. Especially for mental health issues it puts forth patient convenience and reduces the patient’s visiting and waiting time in the hospital.

As mental-related issues are rising, there seems to be significant demand for telemedicine apps. As a result, many telemedicine app development companies in India have kicked off their investment in mental health-focused startups since 2020.


Why is Telemedicine App a boon for mental health?


As per statistics report, WHO states that nearly 1 billion people suffer from mental health disorders. Expecting traditional in-person treatment for such a huge population drains a lot of effort, energy, and time for both patients and healthcare providers. Consequently, this has led to an increase in demand for the creation of medical consultation apps. Therefore, telemedicine start-ups made huge profits during the COVID period. And here, we will guide you through everything about telemedicine app development services and the most required features built into the app.


How do telemedicine apps solve mental health issues?

Unfortunately, many had lost their near and dear ones during COVID-19. This resulted in the necessity for many who need social and emotional support at the right time. Either they don’t wish to take treatment fearing social stigma or they are not able to access a clinic present faraway. Telemedicine apps such as Mindshala and Solace connect mental health specialists with remotely located patients and they can choose the specialist of their choice. Let us have a closer look at these apps.


About Mindshala

A top-notch telemedicine app specially curated to find the most trusted psychologists across India while safeguarding patients’ privacy. It includes clinical and counseling psychologists, family therapists, and learning therapists. Mindshala aims to provide solutions for mental health problems that bridge the gap and help people to find specific doctors from the comfort of their homes.


Services available in mindshala

Mindshala app gains popularity because of the features that are easy to use, increase engagement in treatment plans, and make monitoring symptoms easier. The features greatly assist doctors in monitoring their patients’ overall health and mental well-being. At the same time, patients must be able to use the app effectively and allow users to access online talk therapy or psychiatric care.


Workflow of Mindshala

This online doctor consultation app aims to provide an online consultation for a wide range of mental health conditions. The app has implemented telemedicine facilities through videoconference, Email, telephone and smartphone apps, and virtual reality apps. Walk through the steps on the mindshala workflow process.


Patient panel


  • Registration of patients
  • Booking appointments 
  • Processing of payments
  • Monitor patient sessions
  • Prescription clarification
  • Notifications and reminders to patients and doctors
  • Virtual In-person Messengers and chats to assist you


Doctor Panel


  • Dashboard for doctors 
  • Track statistics on user sessions
  • Psychoeducation
  • Support communities and relevant reference link
  • Emergency support for registered patients

“Expert medical guidance at your fingertips. Embrace the power of online doctor consultations.”



Let’s know about Solace App

The Solace App brings out their expertise and creativity in the area of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Child development. This incredible app paves the way to choose online sessions in your comfortable time and around your own space. With a team of psychiatrists, pediatricians, neurologists, clinical psychologists, child behavior therapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists making the therapy sessions more accessible and affordable to all.


Best Services of Solace Telemedicine App

Solace offers personalized treatment plans for De-addiction, Personality disorders, Psychosis, Bipolar disorders, and Depressive disorders with the help of an experienced and dedicated team. The Child Development Center focuses on child and adolescent, and Adult services encompassing unlimited assessments into practice required for the various developmental needs of a growing child and focuses on putting the child first. Employee assistance programs are conducted to provide world-class quality care. 


Workflow of Solace

The app aligns well with the trending telemedicine apps and facilitates doctor consultation through video calls making healthcare more accessible and convenient. The work process involves the following steps to provide the best care with licensed psychotherapists, and psychologists. Plunge in to know the workflow in detail:

  • Sign up and create a user profile
  • Book an appointment 
  • Basic inquiry form 
  • Choose clinics from a list of locations
  • Find psychologists by specializations
  • Online Call and WhatsApp options
  • Email support
  • Notifications and Reminders
  • Help and support during emergency
  • flexible payment options and fees
  • subscription options and service
  • insurance coverage
  • Customer feedback

“Take control of your online doctor consultations with just a tap. Download the app and get started!”



Preliminary analysis on mental health app development

Our telemedicine app developers formulate a step-by-step action plan before developing the telemedicine app.

  • Analyze the market trends of the target audience and demographic that your telemedicine app will reach. Look out for their needs, preferences, location, proposition, features, design, user flow copy, etc. 
  • Find Domain experts to have a level of engagement in the niche or specifications.
  • A support team helps to attain user satisfaction. 
  • Monetization models can opt-in for mental health product development. 
  • Ensure the app protects patient data by providing end-to-end encryption services. 


How to create a telemedicine app for Mental health

Applications are becoming popular among therapists and psychiatrists. Since these applications reduce their workload efficiently, there seems to be high demand for such apps. But to create a high-quality app and to reach a wider audience we should use some winning strategies. To attain this, the telemedicine app developers of mental health should cover a variety of psychological disorders and know the goal of the app. Furthermore, to meet people’s needs, the telemedicine app developer should focus on the all-around build features of the app, such as UI/UX design, functionality, workflow automation, etc. Let’s discuss the two main categories that mental health apps should consist of:

Mental disorder apps

These apps are designed in a way to provide services to users suffering from a specific kind of illness. For example, in cases of bipolar disorder, the patient may need constant support. Focus on implementing the main features of the app, such as immediate assistance provided by integrating the user’s contact, mood monitoring, keeping a journal, and psychotherapy.


Mental self-improvement apps

We have seen a significant rise in recent years, in the search for apps for meditation and to learn self-improvement techniques. Developers need to create a brainstorming platform that includes stress management, relaxation, mindfulness, destressing, effective breathing, and anxiety management. The app should be able to deliver mental health solutions such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Techniques and provide interactive tools and activities that guide users throughout the therapy sessions.


Must-have features in developing a mental health app

Here we will list the core features that the telemedicine app developer should keep in mind while building mental health apps. These are the features that a basic mental health app holds on to.

  • Separate dashboard for patient and doctor
  • Sign up for creating profiles (for patients and doctors)
  • Schedule Appointment 
  • Send Notification and reminders
  • Chat options
  • Sharing files 
  • Audio and Video calling
  • Gamification
  • AI and ML
  • Self Monitoring 
  • Progress Tracking (mood, sleep)
  • Social Networking 
  • Medication reminders
  • Emergency support 
  • The app also requires some third-party integration for efficient functioning 
  • Payment Gateway
  • Geolocation
  • Calendar
  • Social sign-ups


Nice-to-Have Features in Mental Health App Development


User compatible Design

The design should stand out from the crowd of their mental health apps which creates credibility and trust in users’ minds. The UI/UX design should be a simpler and smoother way to interact.



Enable high-level security features in the app by understanding the guidelines and regulations to secure user privacy. The app must be HIPAA compliant and meet all the standards to protect user data. The developers must also understand privacy and data-sharing concerns. A medical record or history belongs to an individual, hence it must be protected and preserved.



The app should also reflect the needs of how therapists or doctors will utilize the app to review patient files and track their progress.


Multi-Platform support

The app should be interoperable and follow a clear pattern of UI while the users switch to other platforms.


Internet of Medical things

Using AI we can collect data about users which predicts and provides assistance on the treatment plan.


Emergency support features

Remember that emergency support features help a lot more in cases of critical situations. Providing a contact number or notifying family members can save a life during an emergency.


Monetization of mental health app

Just like any other app, mental health apps can also implement monetization features.

The monetization options are given below:

Paid download: You can provide your app for the paid version of the download.

In-app purchases: Try to add paid and free purchases as users will try out a mini-game, a session, or any other meaningful interaction or content. 

Mobile ads: Without disturbing the user’s interaction with the app the ads can be placed in the sidebars or footers.

Subscription Payments: generate more money and the user can access special offers through subscriptions. It can be planned as a monthly or yearly model Freemium app model.


Telemedicine app benefits

Get a dive into the most important aspects of mental health app development, and review the best already implemented methods and solutions. Our goal is intended to develop a mental health app to benefit both doctors and patients. Our app emphasizes its benefits to people suffering from mental health. The benefits are listed below:


The future potential of telemedicine app development services

Presently our Telemedicine app developers are looking for ways to explore more in the telemedicine sector. We are constantly working towards the development phase of the telemedicine app by implementing the potential of the telemedicine app to a great extent. Some of our future development services include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Remote monitoring and Data Analytics 
  • Integration with electronic health records


Ongoing development features of this app

There are millions of apps available globally. But only a few apps meet the needs of the end user that are scalable and feature-rich. Such apps are well known to meet the audience’s needs combined with possible development features. The information that we handle throughout the health network is connected to the patient’s life. So considering the utmost care and responsibilities we are looking to rule out these limitations and develop more features into our app shortly.



A well-designed telemedicine app for mental health can increase access to care by providing convenient and affordable options for people to manage their mental health. These mental health apps may help improve both the monitoring and management of mental health conditions. Thus healthcare professionals are now looking to have their telemedicine app development services integrated with their regular in-person treatment method. So to develop a user-friendly and intuitive app consider an experienced telemedicine app development company like sigosoft and begin this fantastic app development experience.