In today’s busy world everyone is looking for products and services to be delivered at their doorstep. Fuel is no exception. People today are encouraging a culture where anything and everything could be ordered and delivered from the comfort of their home. This is where the doorstep fuel delivery app from Sigosoft comes in. With all the latest features, the app is bound to be highly successful in the near future. 


After the Covid pandemic and the lockdowns, people are shifting towards an internet accessible lifestyle. The number of people using the internet, and the services that have adopted the online mode of operation has increased tremendously in the last few years. 


Today, people want everything to be available within reach with the click of a button. The market has changed from just ‘providing a service’ to ‘how and when the service is provided’. Businesses have started incorporating this ‘convenience of the customer’ factor into their products and services. The next product to adopt this convenience mode is going to be fuel. 


Estimates On Fuel Delivery


It has been estimated that there has been a 27.6% rise in diesel sales in India in November 2022 as compared to the same month last year. This shows that the demand is increasing at a fast pace every passing month. Oil companies have focused their innovative minds to leveraging computing and technological research to find ways to deliver fuel at the customer’s convenience. 


Advantages Of Doorstep Delivery


The solutions that may emerge from this research possess great potential in enhancing the lifestyle of the customers. Moreover, it also helps to address the industry’s environmental challenges while catering to the demand and supply gap of the fuel industry. Technology is playing an important role in shaping the fuel industry’s operations while helping to unlock the resources which were previously considered unattainable, thus resulting in high efficiency and productivity while reducing the product’s impacts on the environment. 


The ‘Doorstep Fuel Delivery App’ means that fuel could be ordered online, which makes fuel available even to remote locations while reducing transportation costs and environmental impact. This also provides a timely and hassle free delivery. The fuel delivery system further ensures that there are no illegal activities and that high quality products are delivered to the consumer’s doorstep. 


How The Idea Came To Life


The fuel delivery market is a comparatively new idea. However, it is gaining global popularity at a fast rate. Fairly new, the market is still evolving and finding its way. As the fuel delivery business is embracing technology, new fuel delivery apps have come to life. In countries like the USA, London and Dubai, it has become a common practice to get fuel delivered to your doorstep. Even most of the European countries are adopting this method. 


In India, the idea of delivering fuel to homes started in 2017. It was the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry who first considered this idea. They announced this as a trial project in March 2018. The government and startups like Oil Marketing Companies(OMCs) and Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation(PESO) came forward for the trial run. Since then, the legalization of doorstep fuel delivery has opened new possibilities. The market is anticipated to record a CAGR of 6.8 during the forecast period of 2022-2032. The announcement from the government led to the rapid growth of the new model as more and more people opted for doorstep delivery. 


How The Model Works


The model provided easy communication along with a high personalization in services. It focused on who provided the customers with fuel efficiently and conveniently. With the Doorstep Fuel Delivery App, the customers saved time, as well as enjoyed convenience as they got access to fuel anytime anywhere. It also helped bulk consumers save big on their fuel bills as it provides centralized billing for multi site and multi asset customers. The technology further allowed them to track and monitor fuel management and consumption. 


The Competitors In The Market


Globally, the Fuel Delivery App market is estimated to grow upto $9.3 Billion by 2032 with a CAGR growth rate of 6.8 according to futuremarketinsights. In 2022, the market was estimated to be $4.8 Billion. By 2026, the market is projected to reach $6.2 Billion. Some of the global competitors are Booster, Yoshi, CAFU, Fuelster, and EzFill. 


In India, apps like ‘Fuel Buddy’ and ‘ Fuel Genie’ are already establishing themselves in the market as Doorstep Fuel Delivery services. As such, it may be the best time to launch oneself into the Doorstep Fuel Delivery Business. As a fairly fresh market, it may be easier to establish oneself as a brand if one starts now. One would also want to check out their competitors and get an idea about how they work from a competitive standpoint.


The Future Of Doorstep Fuel Delivery 


The growth of the industry may be governed by several factors including global supply chain and fuel trade economics. The structural limitations of the current model and shifting consumer requirement patterns may also play a role in this. While the government supports doorstep fuel delivery, the ever changing customer needs led to companies adopting new policies. Reports say that the Last Mile delivery market will grow with 20.3 CAGR through 2030. Doorstep Fuel Delivery is turning out to be more than just one of the necessities. It has become the need of the hour. The doorstep fuel delivery has the potential to make a significant change in a country’s growth over the next few years. 


Technologies Used In Developing A Fuel Delivery App



Platforms: Mobile App on Android and iOS devices. Web Application compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla.


Wireframe: The framed architecture of the mobile app layout.


App Design: User-friendly customized UX/UI design using Figma.


Development: Backend Development: PHP Laravel framework, MySQL(Database), AWS/Google cloud


Frontend Development: React Js, Vue js, Flutter


Email & SMS Integration: We suggest Twilio for SMS and SendGrid for Email and using Cloudflare for SSL and security. 


Encrypting the database is an important step in securing a fish delivery app from hacking. Encryption is a process of converting plain text into a coded format that is unreadable to anyone without the proper decryption key. This helps to protect sensitive customer data, such as personal information and payment details, from unauthorized access.


In addition to encrypting the database, it’s also important to follow best practices for API development to ensure the highest performance and security. This includes implementing secure coding practices, testing the APIs for vulnerabilities, and regularly monitoring and updating them to address any security issues that may arise.


Other security measures can include:


Two-factor authentication.


Regularly testing and monitoring the website for vulnerabilities.


Use of firewalls and intrusion detection systems.


Regularly updating the website with security patches.


Use of HTTPS protocol.


Limiting access to the website’s administrative panel.


It is crucial to work with an experienced development team that knows how to implement these security measures so that they can provide guidance on the best practices for securing the website. This makes sure that the customer data is protected and that the website has the potential to ward off any security threats. To know more Click Here. For demo app Click Here.


Reasons To Choose Sigosoft



An important part of developing a fuel delivery app is experience. A development team with proven experience in building similar websites would have a better understanding of the complexities that may present themselves. As such, they will be better equipped to handle any challenges that may arise. 


Having already developed several fuel delivery apps in the past, Sigosoft brings the experience to the table, which gives them an edge when developing a fish delivery app The developers at Sigosoft have a deep understanding of the features and functionality it would take to make the website successful. You can read more about the features of the fuel delivery apps here.


As an added advantage, Sigosot can deliver a fuel delivery app in a matter of days. This could help in getting your app and website up and running quickly. Additionally, Sigosoft offers a budget-friendly rate to complete your project. 


In the business since 2014, Sigosoft and our experienced team members have been developing Web applications as well as Mobile applications for more than 300 clients worldwide. The completed project works in our Portfolio showcases our company’s expertise in mobile app development. If you are ready to compete with fish delivery apps, then feel free to contact us or share your requirements at [email protected] or Whatsapp.