Water is a basic necessity that cannot be denied, and its demand is unlike that of any other beverage. As you are aware, having access to clean, pure water has become essential for many settings, including homes, businesses, schools, and workplaces. Additionally, as water is a resource that is freely available, the cost of production for a water delivery service is extremely inexpensive when compared to other industries! Because of its affordability and large profit margins, water delivery services are therefore in high demand like never before, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch their own water delivery companies. Additionally, a lot of business owners have realised how important it is to have a mobile app because, in this day and age, it is the most important way to spur actual business growth.

These days, consumers expect their water to be delivered with the touch of a button, just like other goods like groceries, fruits, meat, baked goods, alcoholic beverages, and other items. Online water delivery services are in high demand due to the change in customer behaviour towards ordering anything from the convenience of their home and having it delivered right to their door. You may be wondering how to develop or improve your water supply business using an online platform while making a profit in this dynamic sector. Don’t worry, though, since there are plenty of businesses offering water delivery app development services that can give you an advantage over rivals in this rapidly digitising world.

Why Is the Business of On-Demand Bottled Water Delivery Successful?

People require water at their doorstep without having to leave their homes or businesses, just like they do for any other good or service. Without the need to install any purification systems, having an on-demand bottled water delivery service company guarantees a fresh and clean water supply.

As previously stated, many are becoming more concerned about their health and would rather purchase a RO system to obtain purified water, but not everyone can afford one. In order to combat this issue, a large number of water supply providers have begun producing packed water bottles, which are convenient to transport and reduce the need for plastic in homes and workplaces. From an environmental perspective, the fact that the water is given in a large container minimizes the use of plastic. In the end, it maintains a hygienic and secure atmosphere. This is most likely the reason why the company that delivers bottled water is successful and has good future prospects.

Creating a water delivery app will help you solve all of your issues and increase your revenue like never before, regardless of whether you are considering launching your own water delivery business or are currently running one using conventional techniques. Everything from the advantages of purchasing a water delivery app to its primary and advanced features, price, and much more will be covered in this comprehensive guide! With a single button click, let’s explore this guide and quench millions of people’s thirst! 

Dubai, a city renowned for its extravagance and inventiveness, has particular needs and preferences when it comes to everyday necessities. The need for clean, premium drinking water is the most important of these. When it comes to UAE water delivery services, Rainbow Water stands out as a reliable brand in the centre of Dubai’s busy way of life. Do you work in the water supply industry? Then, if you want to reach a larger clientele, there’s nothing better than integrating technology into your company.

If you’re excited about developing an app for water delivery, this blog has all the information you require. Now let’s get going!

Why Invest in the Development of Water Delivery Apps?

Are you aware that the market for water delivery services is growing and will likely continue to grow through 2028? Business Research Insights estimates that the global market for water delivery services was worth US $19480 million in 2021 and is projected to increase at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2021 to 2028, totaling US $26250 million.

High income and global reach are likely the first two things that come to mind when you consider launching a new company. Every business owner hopes to make significant profits after making significant financial investments in their enterprise. Consequently, the best move you can make to increase your chances of success is to invest in a water delivery app, given the trend of customer preferences towards contactless deliveries and online platforms. 

Let’s look at a few additional factors that will support your decision to spend money developing an app for water supply.

Enhanced Revenue and Earnings

Water delivery via mobile apps will make your consumers feel completely comfortable when they are at home or at work, which will entice them to return and buy water from your app repeatedly. This will boost sales and revenues by increasing client retention. 

Consumer Knowledge

You can handle orders from restaurants, businesses, and corporate sectors more effectively if you use the water delivery app. You can increase user awareness and your consumer base with the aid of an online platform. Based on their positive experiences, they might also recommend your online delivery service to other clients, which could help you fill a lot more orders in the future and increase your revenue.  

High Return on Investment


Since there are no manufacturing costs associated with water, the only overhead you will have to pay for when starting an online water delivery service is filtration, fleet maintenance, storage rentals, and mobile app development. As a result, you can invest a modest sum and get enormous gains.

Essential Functionalities for Our Water Delivery App

1. Client

Register or log in: Consumers should have no trouble registering and logging in using their social media login credentials, email addresses, passwords, or mobile numbers. 

Several ways to pay: Wallets, UPI, credit/debit cards, and other online payment methods should be connected with your water delivery app so users can easily order any amount of water. 

Client Service: When ordering gallons of water, customers could run into a number of problems. Through phone, email, or live chat support, the customer support feature will assist clients in communicating and elucidating their problems. 

Order Verification: In order to save customers from having to wait longer to satisfy their thirst, instant order confirmation notifications should be sent to them. 

Order Monitoring: In order to track and receive precise delivery timings, customers should be given real-time delivery updates. This will increase customer happiness.

Push Notifications: In order to keep users updated about deals, order details, subscription plans, and other important information, the water delivery app should allow push notifications and alerts. 

Listing of Water Service Provider Prices: Your water delivery app should give service providers an easy way to list water delivery-related information such as cost, amount, and availability.

Access Location: Access to the consumers’ locations should be granted to water service providers so that they can designate the closest delivery person and provide water promptly. 

Take orders or reject them: Water or water jugs and bottles with the service providers are often in short supply. As a result, they ought to have the choice to accept or reject orders based on availability. 

Discounts and offers: If you provide discounts and promotions to users, they will return to your app. Thus, savings and offers should be updated in your water delivery app by water service suppliers. 

Monitoring performance: A dashboard should be made available to water service providers so they may monitor their revenue on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis via the water delivery app service.

2. Administrator

Dashboard with personalization: Administrators should have access to a customised dashboard so they can monitor all client inquiries, orders, delivery, and payments at any time and make sure everything is in working condition.

Control orders: When a consumer orders water or the delivery partner brings it to the customer, administrators ought to get immediate messages and alerts. For the purpose of keeping records, they ought to be able to keep tabs on how many orders are placed during the day. 

Optimising the route: To assign delivery agents and guarantee an effective delivery route for drivers, administrators should be able to handle route optimisation. GPS tracking for deliveries will also make it easier to follow the locations. This will guarantee deliveries on schedule. 

Managing profiles: The ability to view customer profiles and other information should be made available to administrators so they can maintain track of all activity related to the water delivery app. 

Analytics and reports: A dashboard with reporting and analytics tools should be made available to administrators so they may monitor and assess the earnings, sales, and other income the water delivery app generates and offer helpful suggestions for future development.

What is the High-Tech Features of Our Water Delivery Application?

Let’s examine some further cutting-edge functionality that your water supply software ought to provide.

Plans for Subscriptions: Your consumers won’t ever run out of water at their homes or places of business if they have a water subscription. You should offer a subscription model in your on-demand water delivery app so that users can choose between weekly, monthly, or quarterly memberships and make one-time payments for the chosen plan. This will guarantee hassle-free, on-time delivery on the designated days.

Coupon Management: The coupon sale module allows assigning coupon books to the employees and sale of coupons are interlinked with the employee and the customer. At the point of sales the return coupons are noted which manages the stock of the coupon books in turn.

Managing recurring orders: A recurring order option in your water delivery software will allow users to set orders according to their needs. For example, if a consumer chooses to have their order repeated once a week, their next purchase will be made on a certain day of the following week. So, not even for a split second will any of your clients be left thirsty by your water delivery service!  

Purchase in advance: Sometimes people require water in bulk on a given day, or they are not available at their homes or offices. Customers should be able to order using your delivery app in advance, choose a convenient delivery time and date, and have it delivered right to their doors.

Water bottle ordering and return procedures: You should be able to order and return water bottles with your water delivery app. Based on their needs, customers can then request various bottle sizes and volumes. Users of the app have the option to update the number of previously used bottles that are lying around their location, allowing water service providers to retrieve them and replace them with fresh ones. This will facilitate coordinated effort and help water service providers and customers keep track of the water bottles. 

Management of Inventory: You might not want a lack of inventory to be the only reason you lose customers. As a result, your water delivery app needs an inventory management function that allows water service providers to monitor and update the number of gallons of water bottles they have on hand. They can also avoid shortages by increasing the water supply. You will always be satisfied and so will your customers. 

Send Out Notifications: Customers, service providers, and administrators should all be able to receive immediate alerts and messages from your water delivery app. Water delivery companies and administrators should receive immediate information when a consumer places an order in order to prevent delivery delays. 

Management of QR Code Scanning: Your app’s QR code scanning management capability will guarantee effective asset management and water cooler delivery. Water coolers with QR codes attached allow you to quickly follow your assets throughout the delivery process, ensuring that clients receive fresh water on schedule. This approach scales easily and is economical. Since QR codes can be linked back to the water service providers, they also aid in the management of incidents such as lost or stolen water coolers. 

Geofencing: Once a consumer places an order, your water delivery app should use geo-fencing technology so that the admins can find the closest drivers and assign them deliveries. Additionally, clients will receive notifications on the delivery of their orders at their home as soon as the driver is nearby their location.

Paperless Operations: Moving towards a paperless operation is not only environmentally friendly but also streamlines processes. Water delivery management software reduces the need for manual paperwork, such as order forms and receipts. It also stores all important data digitally, making it easily accessible for future reference and audits.

The Methods We Use to Create World-Class Water Delivery Applications

It should be clear to you by now that creating a mobile app for your water delivery service will increase sales and enable you to go to new heights in this sector. But, in order to create a truly excellent water delivery app, you will require a proficient mobile app development business that can create a feature-rich application with the appropriate platform and development strategy, scalable designs, and a flawless user experience. Why wait if you want premium water delivery app solutions? A skilled pool of water delivery app developers will be made available to you by Sigosoft, who will also create you an app at the lowest possible cost and familiarise you with the process! 

Sigosoft is a reputable mobile app development firm that can assist you on your path to long-term success and advancement. Over 1000 projects that our skilled mobile designers and developers have worked on have helped companies increase their capabilities in design, development, and digital marketing. The best mobile app developers will be at your disposal from us, ready to help you dive headfirst into the water delivery app development industry. They’ll accompany you every step of the way as you create an app for water delivery!

Why Should you choose Sigosoft for Your Water Delivery Requirements?

1. First Consultation:

We will first ascertain your needs in order to develop an application for on-demand water delivery. To provide you the greatest water delivery app options going forward, we will talk about your business needs. We will speak with you via phone conversations, Skype, email, or in-person meetings.

2. Selecting the Appropriate Development Method and Platform

We will next proceed to use a hands-on production technique to make your vision a reality. We will then choose the best development strategy based on your unique needs for your water delivery app. By choosing the appropriate platform and methodology, we will assist you in developing an application that is compatible with multiple platforms. 

3. Design and Selection of Features:

With our assistance, you can create a water delivery app with a user-friendly interface, smooth user onboarding, and a safe checkout procedure that is both flexible and expandable in terms of UX/UI design. We will then walk you through the significance of each feature so that you can choose more easily based on who your target audience is. 

4. Prototype Demonstration

Once you have decided on the platform, development strategy, functionality, and design for your water delivery application, we will give you a brief demonstration. This will enable you to verify how your app will appear and feel after it is developed.

5. The Process of Agile Development

We will expose you to the Agile development process once you’ve become acquainted with all the designs, features, and modifications that will be available in your water delivery app. This will assist you in guaranteeing the high calibre of the app we are producing for you because it encourages adaptability, teamwork, and constant enhancement all the way through the development procedure. 

6. Quality Control and Modifications

Yes, your app has finally been designed and developed! Let’s advance the development of your water delivery app by carrying out extensive testing to see whether it meets the required quality standards. We will make the necessary changes and adjustments in light of your feedback.

7. App Startup

Once you’ve given your final approval, we’ll go to work and release your excellent water delivery app on Google Play Store, Apple Store, or both, depending on the platforms you like. We’ll help you with optimisation and app store submission.

8. Marketing tactics and app optimisation

The app launch does not mean that the development is finished. Even after your on-demand water delivery app is launched. To increase your app’s exposure and attractiveness in the app stores, we will optimize it. We will utilize influencers, social media, and other marketing techniques to let everyone know about your just released app.

9. Assistance and upkeep


Our task is not yet over! Even after the launch, we promise to support you throughout the water delivery app development process. Based on user comments, the app will be updated and modified to ensure stability and security.

Do You Want to Expand Your Water Delivery Business?

One needs to come up with a novel concept and solution in order to thrive in this intense competition. We’ve spoken about how to launch a bottled water delivery company as well as strategies for expanding and growing your enterprise.

Building a sophisticated and reliable bottled water delivery app as Sigowater will undoubtedly benefit your water delivery business in the long run, as technology advances daily.

So let’s work together to create the most lucrative water delivery software possible. Get in touch with us to receive customisable, exclusive water delivery app solutions from leading developers.