Telemedicine mobile apps development

Covid19 is totally an unprecedented event, and the whole world is fighting back in every way it could. The people-driven fight gained power when it was allied with advanced technology. Today we can effectively combat the deadly virus. In these days of the pandemic, telemedicine has been gaining attention and significance worldwide. It has transformed the medical industry and is proving to be an invaluable service. 


What is a Telemedicine Mobile App?


Using a technology platform and information resource, health care professionals can provide health care services to patients over the internet. Developing a mobile application for this service makes it more convenient for you to access health care at any time. Social distancing has become the norm in our modern world, and Telemedicine is the optimal solution. Through telemedicine, health care professionals provide healthcare to patients remotely via a platform and information technologies. So having a mobile app for this purpose will let you carry this service wherever you go and access it whenever you want.


What Are The Advantages Of Having Telemedicine Mobile Apps?


This technology will help you in situations that require no direct patient-doctor interaction. You can use the telemedicine apps efficiently in a way to provide non-emergency medical care and psychological treatments. In the midst of the pandemic, Telemedicine mobile apps have become a necessity for those seeking to continue their medications. Since it is a mobile app, you can easily access the services from anywhere at any time. It is highly efficient, cost-effective, and easily accessible. Both the parties have flexible timings and can work from any corner of the world.


Even when you are in quarantine, you can easily contact the doctor online. Also, quarantined doctors can utilize this technology for remote consultation. As there is no direct interaction between the doctor and patient, the risk of infection transmission from one person to another can be reduced. This system enables the medical practitioners or clinics to get more patients and earn more. Through the Telemedicine mobile app, distance is not a restriction anymore. You can make use of healthcare services from any corner of the world.


Need Of A Telemedicine App


A telemedicine mobile app enables patients and doctors to get in touch directly at a time that is convenient to both parties. Either the doctor or patient has to wait in line for the consultation. Anyone can go to the doctor or clinic of their choice in any part of the world. It is also possible for doctors to check for the availability and expiration of medicine during the prescription process.


The App makes it easy to follow up regularly with chats and video conferences. The patient can access their previous medical records instantly. This in turn means that patients do not have to carry bulky medical documents with them to their doctor’s appointments. The doctor can give detailed medical advice to his patients and even share a medical demonstration video through the information-sharing feature of the telemedicine app. 


Essential Features for A Telemedicine Mobile App


The most needed features for a telemedicine mobile application are as follows;


  • Simple and quick user login: The patient can easily log in using a mobile number or an email id.


  • Patient Profile: The patients can easily create their profiles by entering their personal details.


  • Quick Search: Search for physicians or clinics based on the requirement of the patient.


  • Realtime consultation and scheduled consultation: Listing of the available dates of the doctor and the appointments are linked to a calendar.


  • Audio and video functionalities for the detailed examination of the patient.


  • Push notifications to remind the patients about the appointments.


  • Secure In-app calls and messages.


  • Medication tracking.


  • HIPAA compliant cloud storage for securely storing patient information.


  • Secure and hassle-free payment gateway with multiple payment options.


  • Review and feedback options to rate the hospital or doctor.


Building A Telemedicine App: Tips and Challenges


The major challenges to face while developing a telemedicine mobile app is its UX and Security. The UX design should be in a way that increases the usability of the application. Keeping it simple and easy to handle will make the application successful in the market.

When it comes to security, this is a platform where there exist a lot of threats. To keep the app less vulnerable to attacks, always seek the assistance of a cybersecurity specialist.

Something to keep in mind while developing this mobile application is, using flutter or react native can save time and reduce the effort of the developer since it is a cross-platform framework. This in turn helps you to create a much more user-friendly application within a comparatively short time span.


Before you leave,


Technology is evolving day by day. It is a must to initiate advancements in the health industry too. Delivering remote healthcare to a massive audience is something really important. Now, that is possible with telemedicine apps. The introduction of telemedicine mobile apps to the market has created a drastic change in the health sector. It enhances patient care by encouraging them to track their vitals just by sitting at the comfort of their home. Those business teams who are looking forward to coming up with a mobile application for telemedicine, always seek the assistance of an experienced Mobile App development team.

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