In this era, smartphones are taking over the world. The emergence of the internet and mobile phones have changed the traditional way of doing things. As part of this, the growth of mobile applications is also going exponential. These apps have created a revolutionary change in the way we consume music too. The role of cassettes and records is taken by music apps like Gaana, Spotify, and a lot more. People prefer music apps to listen to their favorite tracks at any time. A constant growth pattern has been observed in the music and audio streaming market, and similar results are expected in the future. In response, more and more artists and enterprises are choosing to have their songs and podcasts distributed through music streaming apps.


Basic features of  a music streaming app


There are certain features that every music streaming app should have. They are,

  • Registration / Login
  • Search
  • Create a playlist
  • Social sharing
  • Offline mode
  • Customized music player

By adding some additional features to these basic ones, an audio streaming app can reach its next level.


While developing an app similar to Spotify and Gaana, one has to do certain tasks. They are as follows;

  • Consider the features of Spotify and Gaana.
  • Choose the licensing type (Sound recording & Music composition license agreement)
  • Find the best team for music application development
  • Create an intuitive UI/UX design
  • Create the app MVP (Minimum Viable Product)


Gaana and Spotify


Gaana and Spotify are two of the leading music streaming apps in the market. Both are available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. These apps are quite popular since they offer so many features for music lovers. Everything is available with just a few clicks. 


Spotify has 109 million premium subscribers and 232 million monthly active users. It provides numerous features to its users including Facebook integration. So the Spotify users can share their music easily when compared to other streaming apps.


Gaana is another audio streaming app where users can download unlimited songs for free. It has over 45 million mp3 songs, HD music, and thousands of playlists created by experts. The lyrics of the songs are also available in Gaana. It supports over 16 languages and also it supports Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Features Of A Music Streaming Apps 


So as to develop a mobile application like the other music streaming apps, one should have a well-defined idea about the complete structure of a music app. After referring to the features of other apps, one should identify their requirements and formulate the list of essential features for the app they wish to build. 

These are some of the must-have features for a high-quality audio streaming app,


  • Login Authentication

To provide a personalized experience, the app should provide a login portal where the users can log in by entering some of their personal details.


  • Audio quality

The audio quality is a major factor. Because, if the audio has any unwanted noise in it, they won’t prefer the app.


  •  Advanced search

A well-organized search feature will always provide a great user experience. Always make sure that the search bar enables suggestions, recommendations and it lets the users choose their desired track from a wide range of music.


  • Playing Songs from Folders

One of the most important that the music streaming app should possess is, the functionality to play music from any folder in the device. It should not restrict to the available list in the UI of the application. So that the users can import and play any audio files that have been downloaded externally.


  • Music Store

Every streaming app must have a carefully curated list of songs that the users can download audio from.


  • Music Equalizer

So as to customize the sound output according to the user’s desire, there should be a built-in equalizer for the application. Classic, pop, rock, etc are some of the available presets. But if one wishes to change the sound in their own way,  It is always advisable to set a virtual multiband equalizer in the app.


  • Music Arrangement

To provide a user-friendly experience, the app should provide some organizational tools such as creating playlists, queue songs, Sort favorite songs, and much more.


  • Social Services Alliance

Music streaming apps should provide an option to interact with social media platforms. So that they can share with their friends what they are listening to.


  • User Interface

Taking an app to the next level relies on the user interface and user experience. A good streaming app should be intuitive to use, have a seamless flow, and be informative when browsing through it.


  • Customized Music Player

When people get a chance to customize their application according to their personal interests, they get more connected to the app. Personalization includes font, font color, dark mode or light mode, theme, and a lot more features.


  • Push Notification.

A feature that increases the engagement of any application is the push notification. It provides all the updates, new releases of the user’s favorite artists, social updates,  etc. 


  • Enable lyrics

Most music enthusiasts are attracted to a platform where they can get the lyrics of their favorite songs. So this is a feature that the users wish to have.




The future of music streaming apps is promising their growth in the industry. Hence developing a mobile application for streaming music would be a great idea. At the same time, always remember that this field is filled with complexities and challenges. So as to stand out from the crowd and make a difference in the market, the app should be unique and should possess an eye-catching appearance. Along with this, an expert team is quite an important factor. Keeping all the ideas in mind, choose an ideal companion to execute the project successfully.