There will always be a need for mobile app developers since the market is growing at a breakneck rate. Any business, regardless of industry, needs a mobile application to stay alive in this digitally driven age. A smartphone is essential for success in the digital media space, with the mobile app business predicted to generate $693 billion in sales by 2024. These days, the market is buzzing with hundreds of popular apps that are available.

A Quick Look At The Market for Popular Mobile Apps

According to statistics, almost 60% of American people browse various mobile applications for half of their time, which has created a plethora of prospects for various entrepreneurs.

Businesses of all sizes and sectors may now quickly increase their profits by using mobile applications to build a strong brand presence. While lounging around the house, what greater opportunity could there be than more company sales? Nothing, we suppose!

Consequently, companies are making plans to create popular mobile applications and researching the price of developing a mobile app. Are you preparing for the same thing? You should gain knowledge about the most widely used mobile applications across various industries before moving on.

It will help you create a successful mobile app development plan and provide you an understanding of the applications that are now dominating the mobile app industry.

Currently Trending Mobile App Development Market Statistics

Mobile applications have created such a stir in the last several years that nobody could have predicted. Even still, a lot of entrepreneurs are unaware of how much demand there is for mobile apps. In order to inform them, a Dubai-based application development business has put up a list of facts that illustrate the market statistics for mobile apps as of right now (2020–2025).

Spending on mobile app development increased to $111 billion in 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of 19.5%. This indicates that by 2025, revenue from the App Store and Google Play will total over $270 billion.

  • In 2024, it is anticipated that 228,983.0 million mobile apps will be downloaded.
  • It is anticipated that total revenue will increase by 6.5% a year between 2020 and 2025, reaching a predicted volume of $542.80 billion by 2026.
  • By 2024, paid revenue from mobile apps is projected to reach $5.23 billion.
  • The average daily time spent by US consumers on mobile devices is 4.2 hours.
  • Approximately 230 million mobile apps have been downloaded worldwide.
  • According to these figures, the need for mobile app development has been rising over the previous five years and is not expected to decline anytime soon. Examine the country-by-country mobile app spending prediction for 2025 as well.
Mobile App Spending Forecast 2025 [Country-wise]
App Store Revenue Google Play Revenue Average Revenue
Global $185 Billion $85 Billion $270 Billion
US $51 Billion $23 Billion $74 Billion
Asia $96 Billion $34 Billion $130 Billion
Europe $24 Billion $18 Billion $42 Billion

Top Mobile Apps of 2023 Sorted by Category

Mobile applications are ubiquitous across all industries and business domains. So, regardless of whether you are a restaurant owner or a healthcare provider, a mobile app may grow your company to new heights. But hold on! Consider the following well-liked and trending mobile applications for 2024 as your finest source of inspiration before you start developing your own business app.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 mobile apps that are trending right now, as reported by the specialists in mobile app development services, before talking about the well-known mobile applications in the business.

Sr. No Top Mobile Apps Industry
1 TikTok Entertainment
2 Instagram Social Media
3 Facebook Social Networking
4 WhatsApp Messaging
5 Shopee Shopping
6 Telegram Messaging
7 Snapchat Photo & video
8 Messenger Messaging
9 Netflix Video Streaming
10 Spotify Music

This is merely a sample of the most popular apps that people in the US, UAE, and other countries are now using. There is an endless list. Now let’s examine each of the widely used applications for the various sectors separately.

Social media apps that are popular in 2024

Having a mobile application is essential, regardless of whether you are an experienced marketer trying to expand into social media marketing or not. It quickly increases your profit while assisting you in maximising the reach of your brand.

Most people utilise popular mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for social networking and pleasure in today’s digitally advanced society. It has raised the likelihood that social media app development will succeed in the future. Thus, you need to speak with a mobile app development business in Dubai if you want to create a social networking app.

The top 5 social media apps for 2024

are shown below, along with their current market share.

Top Social Media Apps Launched In Downloads Features
Tik Tok 2016 1 Billion + Video uploading Editing ,Social sharing
Instagram 2010 1 Billion + Share photos, videos, reels, Make networks
Snapchat 2011 1 Billion + Click photos and videos, Make streaks with friends
Facebook 2004 5 Billion + Share photos & videos, Make connections
Twitter 2006 1 Billion + Get real-time updates, Share thoughts, photos, & videos

Trending Dating Apps in 2024

It used to be frowned upon for people to date. However, the advent of dating applications such as Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and others has changed people’s perceptions all over the world. It has fundamentally altered how individuals date and enter into partnerships.

Because of this, companies are choosing to invest in dating app development in order to produce distinctive dating apps and increase revenue.

Creating popular smartphone applications like Miumeet or Happn could help you into the dating scene.

Are you curious about the best dating apps of 2024? This is the list that the committed creators of dating apps have recommended.  

Top Dating Apps Launched In Downloads Features
Tinder 2012 100 Million + Message before the match, Super like
Bumble 2014 100 Million + The feminist-oriented app, SuperSwipes
OkCupid 2004 100 Million + Boost, SuperLike, Live
Hinge 2013 100 Million + Unlimited likes, Customized location
Happn 2014 50 Million + List of users’ profile likes, Invisible mode

Top Apps for Food Delivery in 2024

The days of strolling to local eateries to pick up some delectable meals are long gone. The situation has altered with the emergence of food delivery apps. Apps that transport food, such as Doordash, Postmates, Zomato, and Shipt, are assisting thousands of food enthusiasts in having their favourite meals delivered right to their door. As a result, even small business owners intend to expand their brands and boost their online visibility by developing mobile apps for food delivery services in Dubai.

The top 5 apps for food delivery in 2024 are shown below.

Top Food Delivery Apps Launched In Downloads Features
Postmates 2011 10M+ Order from anywhere, Special featured stores
Shipt 2014 1M + Real-time updates & tracking, Quick food delivery dispatch
Zomato 2008 100M+ Fast & secure delivery, Real-time tracking & notification
Grubhub 2010 10M+ Exclusive offers & discounts, Activity & delivery tracking
DoorDash 2013 10M+ Hassle-free ordering, Accurate tracking

Entertainment Apps That Are Trending in 2024

In the modern world, mobile applications have emerged as a vital source of entertainment. The emergence of entertainment mobile applications has not only helped people access fantastic material, but it has also presented businesses with enormous opportunities.

Nowadays, every company owner is preparing to enter the market and grow their company by developing an entertainment app. Prior doing that, though, you need to be familiar with the popular mobile apps in the entertainment sector.

The top 5 entertainment applications of 2024 are mentioned below.

Top Entertainment Apps Launched In Downloads Features
Netflix 2007 100 Cr+ Stream on multiple devices at once, Multiple profiles login
YouTube 2005 1 TCr+ Search & watch videos, and movies, Create a personal YouTube channel
Amazon Prime Video 2006 10 Cr+ Wide variety of movies & shows, Offline downloads and user profiles
TikTok 2016 100 Cr+ Video Upload & editing, Video Content Sharing
Clubhouse 2020 1 Cr+ Personalized rooms for chatting, Schedule chat via email & social media

Trending healthcare apps in 2024

The healthcare sector has benefited from digital transformation, which has led to more targeted and efficient treatments. Furthermore, the creation of healthcare applications enables improvements in patient care through the use of cutting-edge devices like ingestible sensors, robotic carers, and other technology.

Healthcare providers can create healthcare applications to expand their patient base and run their businesses online thanks to the increasing demand.

Healthcare app development services experts have highlighted the popular apps that are now succeeding to give organisations more insight. 

Top Healthcare Apps Launched In Downloads Features
Teladoc 2002 1M+ Secured video calls with patients, Filter to prioritize appointments
Zocdoc 2007 1M+ Hassle-free appointment booking, Secured record maintenance
Practo 2008 10M+ Secure in-app chat & call, Online medicine delivery doctor
Doctor On Demand 2012 1M+ Quick appointment scheduling, Advance filter to find a suitable doctor
Epocrates 1998 1M+ Quick clinical decision support, Meet experts behind Epocrates


Top Video Streaming Apps in 2024

Television has been around for a very long time. Everything is streamed online these days. Many thanks to the development of popular video streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. There are a tonne of ways to appreciate internet stuff these days.

Businesses are anticipating the growth of video streaming apps in 2024 as a result. Are you preparing for the same thing? You need to be aware of the top-trending streaming apps for 2024.

The top 5 mobile streaming applications for 2024 are shown below.

Top Streaming Apps Launched In Downloads Features
Netflix 2007 100 Cr+ Stream on multiple devices at once, Multiple profile login
Hulu 2007 50M+ Access to Unlimited DVR at no cost, The record shows and watches them later
YouTube TV 2017 10M+ Get apps on demand shows and movies, Enjoy access to 80+ live channels
Amazon Prime TV 2006 100M+ Enjoy thousands of shows & movies, 4K quality content Disney
Disney Plus 2019 100M+ Watch movies in 4k HDR & Dolby audio, Get unlimited entertainment videos

Travel & Touring App Trends for 2024

In the past, managing everything manually made travel somewhat of a nuisance. However, travel is now hassle-free thanks to the development of tours and travel applications like and Airbnb. Travellers may complete everything in one location, from purchasing tickets to wrapping up their stays.

All of this would not have been feasible without the travel apps created by app development companies. Additionally, it has increased the need for the development of online travel apps and created a fantastic opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs.

The best 5 travel and tour apps for 2024 are listed here.

Top Tours & Travel Apps Launched In Downloads Features 1996 100M+ Variety of travel choices, Instant reservation confirmation
Airbnb 2008 50M+ Last-minute accommodation, Invite friends to plan together American
American Airlines 1926 10M+ Secure flight booking & check-in, Track flight status
Expedia 1996 10M+ Plan and book the entire trip with exclusive deals and packages
Skyscanner 2001 50M+ Best deals on flights, hotels, apartments, & resorts

Popular Apps for Education in 2024

The epidemic provided a significant impetus for the extraordinary expansion in the use of mobile e-learning applications that has occurred in recent years. E-learning has become more popular than merely taking academic courses; it can now be used to study coding and photography.

Thus, companies had a fantastic chance to use e-learning app development and create programmes similar to Duolingo. Many popular mobile apps in the education space are available right now and are moving quickly.

These are the top 5 educational apps that are now gaining popularity and dominating the e-learning market.

Top Education Apps Launched In Downloads Features
Duolingo 2011 100M+ Offers skill-testing assessments, Dedicated vocab lessons
Google Classroom 2014 50M+ Organized lessons, and assignments, Ad-free e-learning environment
EdApp 1926 10M+ Advanced LMS for flexible learning, Offers gamification to make learning fun
WizIQ 1996 10M+ Customized e-learning portal, Multiple faculty accounts
EduBrite 2001 50M+ Cocreationsation & training for employees, Professional onboarding solution

Top Apps for E-Commerce in 2023

The modern customer makes purchases while on the run. The incredible shopping experience can be attributed to e-commerce software. The development of store eCommerce apps such as Klarna and Etsy has greatly benefited customers and businesses alike. As a result, more companies are spending money developing eCommerce apps in order to boost sales and brand awareness.

Are you curious about the hottest mobile applications in the e-commerce sector? You may now proceed!

Top Ecommerce Apps Launched In Downloads Features
Etsy 2005 10M+ Offers global shopping, Lists unique products in the art & craft
Klarna 2005 10M+ Manage purchases & report returns, Offers a secure experience amazon
Amazon Shopping 1995 500M+ Easy-to-use interface, Shoppable collection images
Walmart 1962 50M+ Get fresh groceries and household essentials all in one place
eBay 1995 10M+ Create, edit, & monitor listings, Get tracking information on the go

Trending gaming application in 2024

The days of kids purchasing CDs to play video games on their televisions are long gone. The emergence of mobile gaming apps has drastically altered the situation. Through gaming applications, gamers can now play games and earn money.

Additionally, it has created a fantastic chance for businesses of all sizes to make money while creating popular game apps. Therefore, you need to have knowledge of games if you want to create a gaming app similar to Candy Crush Saga or any other. Correct? You should also be aware of how much money gaming apps make.

These are the top 5 gaming applications that are currently trending and will be even more popular in 2024.

Top Gaming Apps Launched In Downloads Features
Minecraft 2009 100M+ A 3D game where users discover & extract raw materials to build structure candy
Candy Crush Saga 2005 1B+ A puzzle game where players have to match the same products
Roblox 1995 100M+ Allows users to program games & play games created by other users.
NFL Clash 1962 1M+ Build NFL team to dominate opponents atrophies allophies
Call of Duty 1995 100M+ Offer users offer a multiplayer FPS experience for Android

This is just the beginning of the list of popular mobile apps for 2024. While working on your business mobile app development process and performing market study, there is a lot more out there than you will eventually discover.


Fintech App Trends for 2024


Financial transaction concerns were allayed by fintech applications, which also offered improved tracking and increased security. Furthermore, the fintech app helped businesses tremendously and opened doors for other companies looking to enter the fintech app development market.

They thus begin looking for ways to develop Zest-like applications and other popular financial apps. If you want to develop a blockchain app for your company, you can also get expert assistance.

So, if you are also planning on how to create a crypto wallet app, you must refer to the list of the top 5 fintech apps in 2024 before you begin finance app development.

Top Fintech Apps Launched In Downloads Features
MoneyLion 2013 10L+ Free-to-use with no account minimums; Customizable investment portfolios
Robinhood 2015 1 Cr+ No investing minimums, Free ATM withdrawals
Chime 2010 1 Cr+ Multi-factor authentication to ensure a secure banking experience
Coinbase 2012 1 Cr+ Multi-coin support, Transparent transaction history
Mint 2007 1 Cr+ Better data visualization & tracking, Financial analysis and reporting

Final Words of Wisdom!

The digital market has been dominated by mobile applications. The list of the most popular mobile apps across several industries already demonstrates how popular mobile applications are becoming in today’s market. Every popular app on the aforementioned list is generating enormous revenues for the sector and greatly assisting enterprises.

The typical cost to develop a mobile app is between $8,000 and $25,000 or more, however the revenue is higher than anticipated. So consider it! Speak with the best mobile app development business about your idea, and get a revenue-generating app straight away. Now hire committed developers of mobile apps.