Most controversial mobile appsMillions of mobile apps are popping up in the industry every day. We may download them from the app store or play store without even knowing the consequences or how they are going to affect our privacy. Today, it’s more critical than ever to make sure that the apps you download do not pose a risk to you or your device. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 most controversial and dangerous mobile apps that you should avoid at all costs. 


1. Bully Bhai

There are still many places in the country where women are not respected. There are many communities that intimidate women because they are only perceived as commodities. The Bulli Bhai App is one of them. Muslim women were humiliated and intimidated by this app. Apps such as Bulli Bai were being used across the country to intimidate people in order to earn money. Through this app, the women of the country, especially Muslim women, were made to earn money by auctioning them. Cybercriminals in this app make money by taking pictures of famous women, celebrities, and people on social media and the internet. 


Scammers take over profiles of women and girls from social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc., using the Bully app and upload the fake profiles to social media. You will find photos and other details about many victims on this app. The photos are stolen without the consent of women and are shared with other people. Following the appearance of a number of such abusive photos and videos posted on Twitter using the Bully app, the government ordered it to immediately remove all these posts.


2. Sully deals

This is a mobile application that resembles Bully Bhai. The one which is designed to slander women by posting their pictures without their consent. Especially to defame Muslim women. The creators of this app illegally fetch pictures of women from various social media platforms and intimidate them by writing objectionable captions on them. These images were used inappropriately on this app and are presented on the app, on which it is written with a picture of a woman, “sully deals”. People were sharing and auctioning these images as well.


3. Hotshots App

Hotshots app has been suspended from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for its offensive content. Though the application is no longer available for download, copies of the Android Application Package (APK) available on various platforms indicate that the app’s services were not limited to streaming on-demand movies.


The app describes its latest version as having private content from hot photoshoots, short movies, and more. Additionally, the app featured live communication with “some of the hottest models around the world”. A subscription is needed to access the original content. When these kinds of inappropriate content are available, teenagers will get attracted to this and get addicted to these apps. We can undoubtedly say that this will ruin their bright future itself. In order to save the young generation, it is important to wipe off mobile apps that promote illegal activities.


4. Youtube Vanced

Although YouTube ads are annoying, you don’t have to subscribe to YouTube Vanced. However irritating these ads are, it’s better to use YouTube rather than the shortcuts we found to skip them. Although it may seem useful and interesting at first, it will eventually result in the destruction of the entire YouTube industry. The use of advanced YouTube poses a threat not only to us but also to content creators. Let us explore how!


Youtube relies heavily on advertising to generate revenue. These funds are used to pay the content creators. Once no one uses Youtube, online advertising revenue will decline, and YouTube’s revenue will fall as well. This will have repercussions for the content creators. Gradually they will walk out from this platform when they are not getting paid for their genuine efforts. Thus the quality videos will disappear from youtube. Then, at the end of the day who will be affected? Of course, us.



5. Telegram

This is one of the applications which is gaining popularity these days, especially among youngsters. Because almost all the newly released movies are available in it. You can watch the movie without even spending a single penny and without waiting in the long queues to get a movie ticket. But gradually this is going to be a great threat to the movie industry itself. Telegram is arguably the most dangerous social media platform due to its anonymity. Any individual can send messages to anyone on Telegram.


It is possible to do anything behind the screen without revealing the sender’s identity. Consequently, cybercriminals have created a safe environment in which they can engage in illegal activities without being caught. It is also critical to consider how it will impact us. It’s not end-to-end encrypted even though Telegram claims to be completely safe and secure except the secret chats. You have to manually set them up. By not doing so, you forfeit your right to privacy. There have been reports that Telegram groups share illegal content and promote the same. Such groups are creating a potential pitfall for the normal users of this application. Tor networks, onion networks, etc. are such dangerous traps existing safely inside this app by misusing the Telegram features. 


6. Snapchat

Just like Telegram, Snapchat is another app that is getting popular among the youth. It is a mobile application that lets the users send pictures and videos to anyone whom they meet at Snapchat. The apparently useful feature of this app is that the snaps we send to others will disappear once they view them.  This feature may create a thought among the people that it is quite useful but this is actually a loophole for cybercriminals.


Apart from being a fun platform to share snaps and send messages, this creates a platform for the people who are in search of a room to do their illegal activities. The teenagers and the youngsters who are not aware of the crimes existing on these platforms are more likely to be attacked and they are vulnerable to these threats. They may get in a connection with some strangers and send snaps to their anonymous friends believing that the snaps they send will disappear in minutes. But they are not bothered that it can be stored somewhere else if they want to. Sugar daddy is one kind of illegal activity that is prevailing behind the mask of Snapchat. 


7. UC Browser

When hearing about UC browsers, the very first thing that comes to our minds is the safest and fastest browser. Also, it comes as a pre-installed mobile application with certain mobile devices. Many of us have switched to the UC browser since this application was released. In comparison with others, they claim it has the fastest downloading and browsing speeds. This has forced people to use this application to download songs and videos as well. 


However, once we begin using this, we start getting annoying advertisements from their side. This is one of the notable disadvantages of the UC browser. This is quite an irritating issue. This may even make us embarrassed in public when someone else gets to see their ad on our device. The privacy and security of the users are compromised here. Apart from that, the users can access the blocked sites without any issues. This is one of the major reasons why this application has been blocked in India.


8. PubG

PubG was actually a sensational game among the young generation. At first, it was a game that let you find a break from the hectic work life. Gradually adults have also started using this gaming application. In just a matter of weeks, many users became addicted to this game without even realizing that they are getting addicted to this. This addiction itself has led to numerous other complications, such as lack of concentration, insomnia, and many others. It has even affected their professional lives as well. 


In the long run, continuous screen time starts to ruin time, causing people to lose their productivity. When talking about health, continuous screen time deteriorates eyesight. Another surprising consequence of this app is that, even in their subconscious minds, players are thinking about this game constantly, which results in disturbed sleep due to nightmares like fights and firing.


9. Rummy Circle

People always welcome online games to beat boredom. Rummy circle is one such online gaming app. During the lockdown season, all of us were stuck at home and we were in search of something to kill the time. This has accelerated the success of most online games and Rummy circle is one among them. As per the gaming act of 1960, gambling and money-betting apps are prohibited in our country. But even then the app that requires the skill of a person is always legal. This has led to the existence of the Rummy circle.


Most of the people started playing this just to kill the time but eventually, they fell into the hidden trap of this gaming application. Online gambling was actually a death trap for the ones who used it to play for earning profits. During the lockdown, a number of suicidal cases were reported due to their money loss by playing Rummy circle. People of all age groups and various societal statuses were in the group of players who lost their money and finally their lives through this game.


10. BitFund

BitFund is a cryptocurrency fraud app that is banned by Google. Even if cryptocurrency is legal in India, what made Google ban this app is the security issues it raises.  After blocking this app, the users who were already installed BitFund has asked to uninstall this mobile application from their devices.


We become vulnerable as soon as we download this application. Our personal data will be exposed to hackers. They used advertisements to infect the users’ devices with malicious codes and viruses.  The moment we start using the app, our account details and other important information will be shared with the scammers. 


These are the only dangerous apps in the mobile app industry?

No. There are millions of mobile apps on the market right now. A mobile app can be developed by anyone with some technical expertise. There are some people who take advantage of the skills so as to earn money in a short span of time. Such people are more likely to come up with these kinds of fraud mobile apps. As mobile apps are very common, they have a strong chance of finding success this way. Mobile apps are more likely to be downloaded, which provides scammers with a way to connect with us and breach our security boundaries. We can find hundreds of fraud apps if we conduct thorough research on this topic. People also misuse some legitimate mobile applications for their own gain. Behind the features offered by such apps, these cyber attackers will discover a way to carry out their illegal activities.


Keep an eye out for scams

Avoid becoming a victim of scams by being vigilant.  All you can do is, please don’t go for unknown mobile apps.  Apps like Telegram and Snapchat should always be used with caution. In fact, this is a mobile app where you can download movies and connect with friends. But don’t be fooled by the hidden scams in it. Our privacy is our responsibility. 


Do not let cyber attackers violate your security boundaries under any circumstances. Be concerned about whom we are making connections with and what their true intentions are. Do not rely on apps that provide anonymity or secret chats. This is only an offer, and nothing is guaranteed. If one wants to store the data you send, they can do it. There are multiple ways available before them to do the same. Our security is in our hands!


Final words,

The privacy of each of us is of utmost importance. We would never sacrifice that for anything in this world. But at times, we may fall victim to some traps. some crooks have created these traps to trick us & earn money.  We may fall onto it unknowingly. These people have found a niche in the mobile app industry since apps are an easy way to reach a large community. Therefore, we should be aware of the traps inherent in these mobile apps and utilize them appropriately.


Here I have listed the most dangerous mobile applications, to the best of my knowledge. However, you can use some of them consciously by becoming aware of the traps you may fall into. You can create your own safe area once you know where the dangers lie. Some of them, however, are designed with the sole purpose of humiliating people. You should avoid these apps at any cost in order to save yourself from the pitfall.


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