Inshorts is one of the more popular news apps on the market. This mobile application provides a daily news roundup that gathers the latest national and international stories. The mobile app presents information (news, blogs, and infographics) in a concise and clear 60-word format. The content is available in two languages, Hindi and English. Also, you can add your location to receive more personalized content. Summarized stories consist solely of facts and headlines presented in a readable format. The app offers all kinds of updates, from the latest Bollywood gossip to information about government policies


What is there inside the Inshorts app?

inshort app


Features to be integrated into your Inshorts like app

Admin panel

  • Login

Logging into the application is the first thing you need to do as the administrator or publisher. You can access the different aspects of the solution using the credentials provided by developers to provide users with updated news. 


  • Push notifications

News app development relies heavily on push notifications, whether as a feature or a marketing tool. You can increase user retention by sending them important updates about exciting news, entertainment, or some other offer.


  • Add content

The heart of a news app is quality content. Facts should support the information and spark the interest of users. Diversify the app content by providing information in different formats like infographics, audio, video news, etc. Keep your users updated on current events by regularly updating your content.


  • Offline services

You can provide Offline services in areas where there is little or no internet access to ensure that users can access news. 


  • Manage categories

A great news app needs to have diversified categories. Provide the user with access to different categories, such as Tech, Sports, World, Lifestyle, Planet, Weather, Movies, and more. Manage the categories so the user can get the most out of the app.


Reader panel

  • Register

A news app requires you to sign up as well, similar to major on-demand apps. You can register into the app with many options such as your email address, social network, mobile number, etc.


  • Search news

By inputting simple keywords into the portal, users can search for news easily.


  • Use filters

Smart Filtering options would allow the user to segregate different news types like political, international, business, entertainment, local events, lifestyle, etc. The users can avail themselves of this feature and read about their favorite category.


  • My feeds 

The app’s core component is the news feed. In it, you’ll find the newest headlines and personalized news. The first thing users will see when logging into the app is in this section.


  • Mark favorites

Users should have the option of saving exclusive articles. Save your favorites and read them whenever you want.


  • Go social

In the digital age, sharing news with a tap has become essential. Users are able to share news content over various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • Polls

You can indicate your opinion by responding to the poll under the news listed in the poll section. 


  • Filter topics

One can easily filter the news topics just by clicking on the categories shown in the application.

Yellow indicates the Major news

Green indicates All news

Red indicates no news


  • Personalized feed

You can make your personalized feed just by enabling some features such as HD images, night mode – for better readability at night, autoplay, and more.


  • Puzzle of the day & quote of the day

In addition, you can find the daily puzzle and quote to make your brain work and think more.


Our recommended tools and technologies to build an app like Inshorts

  1. Web Admin: Laravel, Vue.JS, MySQL, RestFul API’s
  2. Mobile App: Flutter with Dart for Smartphones and Tablets
  3. UI/UX: Designing in Figma for both Smartphones and Tablets
  4. Testing: Manual and automated testing.
  5. Google services for Push notifications, OTP
  6. SendGrid as the Email client
  7. Server: Preferably AWS or Google cloud


Cost to develop an app like Inshorts


  • Feature set

A news application integrated with the advanced features and latest technologies will cost more than a new application developed with the basic functionalities.


  • Development platform

The development platform is a factor that decides the development cost of your application. If you are developing separately for android and iOS platforms, it costs you higher than developing a hybrid mobile application.


  • Technology and resources

An app designed to attract a large community will also incur a higher cost due to the use of advanced technology and resources. Also, a project’s development cost depends on the expertise of developers. A development team consists of the following: 

  1. Project manager 
  2. UI/UX designer 
  3. Backend developer 
  4. Android developer 
  5. iOS developer
  6. QA Team


  • Area of development

The location is also a factor in determining the development cost because, in some areas, the development resources are available at a low cost but at some places, even the basic development costs are high.


  • Application design

The design of a mobile application is a crucial factor in deciding the success of the application. To get a better reach, your app must possess an eye-catchy UI. also. UX is another important factor. Hence to develop an intuitive UI/UX you have to spend more.


The above given are the primary attributes that affect the development cost of a news application like Inshorts. The average cost to develop an app like Inshorts is $15000 to $20000. If you want to know more and would like to get an estimate of the approximate development cost, feel free to contact us. We will share a precise figure!


How can Sigosoft help you?

There is something about news that appeals to every audience, regardless of their age. Hence it is quite important to keep your news-sharing app different and unique from others. Think differently, bring out creative ideas and make your mobile app feature-rich. Sigosoft will help you to convert your ideas into a working model. You can learn more about us by visiting our website and can check our portfolio and demo for our products, which illustrate how we’ve handled a variety of mobile app development projects.

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