Are you considering enhancing the security at your gated community of apartments? Consider a visitor management system to increase the security of your property. You may monitor and keep track of any visits to your flat with the help of the incredibly user-friendly visitor management software. It records everyone who enters your flat, from visitors and family members to maids and hired employees.


At times, we believe, our home is not at risk and do not pay a lot of attention to security systems. But security threats can arise at any time, and the visitor management app can help keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.


What are the advantages of a visitor management system for apartments?

A gated community with many visitors during the day is an apartment complex. For the security, manually verifying each visitor’s entry and exit might be challenging.

To check the visitor before allowing them inside, the security must phone the unit. It is not only additional work, but it also leaves room for deception. Therefore, having a security app that can accurately track visitors to the gated apartment is crucial.


User-Friendly Features of Visitor Management Software

The visitor management app is extremely efficient. The records of the visitors can prove to be very useful for identifying any visitor at a later date. It is particularly useful for catching culprits after a mishap.


The visitor management app is easy to use and can be used by any security personnel. Every apartment owner is tracked, and when a visitor arrives, specific messages are sent. The device also aids in keeping strangers out. A pop-up alert or a warning message will be issued to the on-site security personnel in the event of a threat. You can use the app to generate daily in-out passes for regular visitors or workers. The system also generates bulk passes during any occasion organized within the compound.


The visitor Management app is designed to enhance the security of apartment complexes, corporate organizations, and offices. It makes visitor management efficient and professional. The advanced app can be easily customized according to your requirements.


Keep the records of  Visitors

  • The visitor management app provides the newest technology in security measures to stay track of all of your visitors.
  • It keeps a record of the details of the visitors, in case of an emergency, it’s easy to trace down the list of individuals who visited you.
  • The Visitor Management app keeps track of visitors with the digital signing-in procedure, you don’t need to worry about receiving them within the lobby.
  • The visitor management app allows your guests to check-in themselves by using QR codes, thus preventing any disease.


Only Authorized access

  • The visitor management solution is to deny the entry of unwanted guests.
  • The smart visitor management app allows our frequent guests to bypass the whole process of verification by allowing them to check in using their previously used badges or IDs.
  • This system provides the QR code and signing in the process entirely, making them feel reception as soon as they arrive.


Easy deployment

  • The visitor management app is meant to ease deployment.
  • The visitor management system provides the dashboard that comprises all the information of the visitors that the app collects and displays for everybody to access.
  • The dashboard displayed the information in a graphical way for a straightforward understanding of the info.


Visitor registration

  • The apartment gets visitors every day that many essential details and security may be missing in your visitor registry.
  • The visitor management app comes with security features OTP verified contact number, form customization, NDA agreement, and many more.



  • In case of an emergency, you’ll need help from your apartment staff and management officials with the digital visitor management app.
  • The visitor management app allows you to record your grievances and therefore the management officials and staff get notified immediately in real-time.



Many modern apartments are saying good riddance to traditional and outdated ways of tracking visitors with the use of mobile apps. The cost for a visitor management Apps starts at 5,000 USD including Android, iOS and Web Apps. As per the features it can go upto 15,000 USD. The time required will be between 2 weeks to 2 months.

It’s always better to choose a good yet safe living place and we at Sigosoft, help you make the right choice for your apartment security.