Are you planning to develop an app for on-demand water delivery? Then the first step you should take is to have a detailed study of the subject. Here are step-by-step instructions that give you an idea about how to develop and use a water delivery application efficiently. Dive in and learn more about them.


Do We Really Need An App For Water Delivery?

Suppose you’re at the office and you’re having a problem with water? What will you do? Your first instinct will be to seek it out from somewhere in minutes. Here’s where water delivery apps come in handy.

In the era of smartphones, mobile apps became the go-to solution for anything and everything. Even basic needs are not exempt. In turn, this paved the way for the development of an on-demand water delivery app. 


How Can You Order Water through An App?

A mobile app that lets you order water may seem interesting to you at first. But technology made it possible for us. With a few taps, you can order water and it will be at your doorsteps. But how?

The very first thing you must do is to download a water delivery app either from Google Play or Apple App Store. Then, proceed to the next part of the ordering process.

Here are the steps;

  • Registration/ sign up using a valid mobile number or email id
  • Choose the brand you wish, the size of the can, and the quantity you need
  • Choose the delivery date
  • Choose the mode of payment
  • Update delivery address
  • Confirm Order for delivery
  • The order request will be sent to every delivery executive near your location
  • The one who is close to you will accept the request
  • Order delivery


How Does Water Delivery App Works?

Basically, A water delivery mobile application is an integration of 3 modules.


      1. Customer app

The customer app lets you perform all those functionalities required by the customer while ordering the product. The customer can easily signup and search for the water can with the needed quantity and place an order. In addition to this, it provides other features such as push notifications, order history, reviews and ratings, order tracking, proof of delivery, and much more. One of the attractive features of the customer app is coupon sales. Using the coupons, customers can make a one-time payment and receive some discounts. Retailers might also benefit from these promotions.


     2. Van sales app

As soon as the customer confirms the order, the order request will be sent to every delivery executive in the nearby locations. Anyone among them can accept the order using the Van sales app. The one who accepts the order will deliver it to your location. Using this, the drivers can add new customers, view the payment history, expense adding, order management, push notifications, and a lot more. The van sales app enables the drivers to view their reports either on a daily basis or monthly basis.


     3. Supervisor app

This enables the supervisors to manage the accounts on the go. Supervisors can easily signup for the application using a mobile number or an email id and can access the information about the number of refills, empty, unused, used, broken, and defective water cans.  It has a dashboard that lets the supervisor manage and monitor the order requests and view the reports.


Why We Should Use A Water Delivery Mobile App?

A mobile application for on-demand water delivery is always the best option whenever we are in urgent need of water. If we use it once, we are never disappointed as it benefits us in several ways. From the perspective of a business owner, the development of a mobile application for water delivery simplifies a business owner’s task and makes their business more profitable.

  • Timely delivery of water cans
  • Order tracking 
  • Coupon sale
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Efficient order and product management
  • Accurate inventory information
  • A paperless workplace
  • Electronic proof of delivery


Cost For Developing A Water Delivery App

The development cost of a mobile application for on-demand water delivery depends upon the features we assemble in it. Other than this, a major factor that affects the development cost is the technology we use to build the app. Creating a separate Android and iOS application with all the advanced features would increase the cost accordingly.


Before You Leave,

Mobile application demand impacts all types of businesses, both domestically and internationally. With the advent of technology, all of us are depending on mobile apps even to fulfill our daily needs. Both the industrial sector as well as private households are in need of water cans. The best way to address the issue is by developing an app that delivers water cans.  Launching a mobile app for this purpose will be advantageous to both the business owners as well as the customers. Water cans will be at our doorsteps with no delay in service. Sigosoft develops such mobile applications assembling all the advanced features and technologies at the best cost.