Our daily life is filled with so many emotions and relationship challenges. Some emotions flourish happiness in our life, and others may give some trauma. Everyone knows how to enjoy their happy moments, but most people don’t know how to behave in downhearted moments. A supportive talk, some relieving words, or some motivational speech may give them a hand to get out of the situation. But the tragic side of this is that nobody is ready to open their minds to no one but like to keep it personal. Here is the need for an Online Counseling / Psychotherapy website


What is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is also called Counseling and best online therapy site are offering virtual counseling. A trained person can establish a relationship with one or several patients to treat psychological, emotional, or behavior disorders and help them for the wellness of mental health.

The healing power of psychotherapy primarily depends on the actions and words of the Psychologist and the patient’s responses to it. Psychologists have a challenging part in creating a safe and confidential relationship for the open discussion with a patient’s concerns.

Some forms of behavioral disorders are common nowadays. These forms include :

  • Behavior disorders in adults and children
  • Ordinary stress leads to emotional reactions 
  • Hardships or crises of life cause a lack of positivity
  • Psychotic disorders due to overthinking
  • Unwanted anxiety and depression about the future

Psychotropic medications are the secondary part of psychotherapy.


Why Online Psychological Counseling?


Internet access is cheap and accessible for everyone; moreover, most of them can’t live without the internet. Online communication gives that much comfort to adults and those who use technology often. 

Nowadays, people are using WhatsApp and other instant message apps for communication. When revealing personal or private information, they are more comfortable talking to someone virtually. Let’s have a look at other reasons

  • It is more convenient
  • Sometimes, It can appear less expensive 
  • No need to travel. We don’t want to spend more time accessing it.


How Does Online Counseling Website Work?


Most people like to keep their secrets private. They are comfortable talking freely to an unknown person virtually. Here is the broad scope of Online Counseling Websites occurs.


Online Counseling


What Services are offered by Online Counseling websites?


  • Individual Counseling
  • Psychotherapy
  • The couple and family therapy
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Parental Counseling
  • Learning Disability management
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Corporate Mental Health
  • Stress Management


How much does it cost for online therapy ?

For an average patient, Psychologist experts charged from Rs. 600 to Rs. 5000. But it may vary from country to country according to the session. Online counseling sessions offer discounts  and other strategies for follow-up patients and those who can’t afford the fee. This is one of the convenient consulting methodology for both patients and users


Is online Counseling effective?


As Everyone is comfortable with Videoconferencing, Online counsellors are giving their services virtually, so It is much more relevant and comfortable than before. Most of the studies show that online Counseling works the same as in-person Counseling.

Online Counseling uses computer-aided technologies to help Psychologists and patients communicate. Let’s have a look

  • Therapy sessions through phone calls.
  • Having a group chat for Counseling peer group
  • Therapy through videoconference 
  • using apps that connect clients to therapists and offer therapy within the app.


What is the ethical issue in psychotherapy?


Since the Counseling is virtual. We have to be careful with some aspects. Here are some points to consider before signing up:

  • Is the Psychologist licensed?
  • Does the licensed therapist have relevant experience? 
  • Is the Website or app secure? Will they keep the information confidential?
  • How can I pay for the service?


Cost For Developing Online Counseling Website


The cost to build an online Counseling website may change depending upon the features. It also depends on the services that the Website offers. Depending on time and budget limits, the costs may vary between $20,000 and $40,000. The team who work behind the Website always demand hourly charges.. $130-$200 per hour in America or Europe. The development cost for Online Counseling websites in India is affordable anywhere between $40-$80.


How To Evaluate The Cost for Online Counseling Websites?


  • App platform: The developing cost for an online Counseling website varies depending upon the platform. The developing cost for android apps is higher than iOS. Hybrid Apps can be created with Flutter, React native and other upgraded technologies. Thus we can reduce time and development costs.
  • UI/UX Design: Our signature feature uses customized themes according to customer needs. The exact UI enables the compatibility of the app with different devices.
  • App Developers: The cost for the development team depends on the time taken to complete the projects and technologies to be used 
  • Advanced and External Features: online Counseling website features consist of data encryption, hosting, push notifications and message generation, follow up notification and so on.




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Since digital transformation has been happening everywhere, the Online Counseling website paves the way for effective and comfortable Counseling.

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