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Hyperlocal delivery apps have changed the game and opened the door for a new kind of Quick commerce in the eCommerce Industry. Pandemic and lockdown stop customers from seeing shops for once-a-week grocery stores. The neighborhood shops offer necessary items such as groceries, food, medication, medical devices, and hygiene items.


The functionality of hyperlocal distribution guarantees that essential products are delivered directly to customers’ doors. This has become the fast and comfortable method for getting high-priority items that also boost the market in surviving pandemic.


What is Hyperlocal Delivery?


Hyperlocal delivery is an on-demand delivery of products within a particular geographical area and provide the direct connection of the local retailers and merchants to the customers. If it fulfils the needs of the customer within the particular area, then quick commerce with hyperlocal happens.

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The market for hyperlocal services has been expanding due to several factors, such as massive internet usage and a better quality of life.

The rise of e-commerce business funding and trends toward business digitization are the main causes of this. To reduce transportation costs and speed up delivery times, many e-commerce behemoths are already embracing and acquiring hyperlocal businesses. Consumer expectations are increasing as a result of e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces, and delivery-based firms.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the hyperlocal delivery model because companies that deliver faster than their competitors typically attract more customers.


Hyperlocal eCommerce has grown in popularity thanks to well-funded start-ups, selected goods and services, and on-demand delivery. So, some of the most prominent commercial organizations and web behemoths have become interested in and involved.


 How does Hyperlocal Delivery System Work In Quick Commerce Strategy?


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The hyperlocal delivery service promises customers a quick commerce strategy “delivery at an unbelievable speed.” Hyperlocal shipping applications are evolving into one-stop shops for customers’ fixed needs for food, medicine, groceries, and other items. It weakens the trend of one-week delivery margins in eCommerce applications.


Particularly for small-size sellers and merchants, the on-demand hyperlocal shipment concept appears more robust & extensive. The hyperlocal application adapts to a specific geographic area to provide services as needed.


How is the hyperlocal delivery model different from the eCommerce model?

Hyperlocal delivery connects customers directly to nearby retailers. The design of the hyperlocal distribution app prevents any function for a middleman of any kind.


However, this eCommerce business model cannot meet the consumers’ immediate needs. There are numerous challenges it can encounter, which could delay the product’s dissemination.


An overview of Ekada24, A Hyperlocal App Developed By Sigosoft


Sigosoft is also the hyperlocal app builder that developed Ekada24 with full capabilities.


Ekada24 is an on-demand delivery app that follows a quick commerce strategy, a new gen ecommerce. This mobile app on Android and iOS offers 10 minutes delivery of products to the customer. The mobile app provides a simple and reliable online store for customers. It is possible by assigning auto rickshaws as the nearest delivery partners. 



This can make their catalog visible to a geo-restricted customer base on Ekada24’s consumer web and mobile apps. The consumer app allows users to access all nearby stores, merchants, and the inventory available in those stores. So, he can browse any store and add products to his cart using the app.


The packer role

This has its app for it. All the store’s packers are notified when a customer puts an order, asking them if they want to pack it. A packer can view the things a customer has ordered once he accepts an order. Based on this list, he fills the order and marks it as completed. This order was packed later by the packer, and He can update the order as completed once he has delivered it.


The delivery app

This app for the delivery function comes next. All delivery personnel at that store are notified when a packer packs an order, asking them if they wish to deliver it. When a delivery person accepts an order, the map’s optimal route to the customer’s address is displayed, allowing him to deliver the package. He can designate the order as completed once he has given it.


All these operations are updated in real-time on the admin dashboard, which can be accessed by the shop manager or supply chain management. From the Ekada24 admin interface, you can manage every piece of marketing and website material. 


 The main feature of the app is quick delivery by an auto partner. Two or more orders can be delivered in a single trip.


Essential Features for a Hyperlocal Delivery App



1. Inventory and Order

Order placement, proper assignment to an offline store, and tracking of the order until its completion is all made possible by seamless order management. Efficient Product Management: You can start selling to nearby clients immediately after promptly registering your in-store inventory online.


Product List for Every Store: A comprehensive product catalog can be managed and displayed by online grocery businesses.


Automated Order Processing: Automate the ordering, packing, and delivery processes. Streamline delivery processes to reduce delivery times. 


2. Marketing Strategy


Automatic SMS notifications for marketing purposes are delivered to keep your consumers informed.


Send push alerts to improve the accessibility and personalization of your customers’ purchasing experiences.


Coupons and Promotional Banners: You can modify banner pictures for the web and mobile apps to meet the needs of your retail store. You may also create new coupons or edit existing ones using the admin interface.


3. Delivery Process

delivery process

Online grocery stores offer clients the option of picking up or delivering their items to their doorsteps.


Route optimization delivery aids riders in determining the cheapest and shortest route.


Proof of Delivery: Eliminates the need for human data entry and lowers total liability.


Business Intelligence Reporting and Dashboard KPI: It’s easy to examine e-commerce, marketing, and payment data, including total orders and GMV over a specified period, returned and canceled orders, average basket value, return customers, average packaging time, and average transit time.


Obtain real-time access to business performance reports.


Online Payments & Data Security: Access various payment-related APIs and accept payments using Stripe, MasterCard, and Visa, among other alternatives.


Cost For Developing An App For Hyperlocal Deliveries


The cost of designing a hyperlocal delivery app is reasonable. If we had to guess, the app development would cost between $15K and $30K. However, the hired mobile app developers or the company with which you intend to collaborate can provide you with a more accurate calculation.


Because several additional factors, such as the platform chosen, the location of your development partner, the number of hours, the selected technological stack, the desired features, UI/UX design, and more, have a significant impact on the overall cost of developing an app.


Therefore, talk to your partner about your financial limitations and determine what items they can fit into your application.


Future Of Hyperlocal Delivery Market 


The future increase anticipated in hyperlocal retail is as follows:

  • Hyperlocal distribution of optional goods

After the COVID-19 epidemic phase is over, several retailers will increase their hyperlocal delivery to include apparel, cosmetics, and other categories.


  • Delivery of hyperlocal goods will go to remote areas.

Underutilized two-and three-tier cities and rural areas will gain as hyperlocal eCommerce develops.


  • Retail establishments will increase their storage space.

Retail establishments will increase their storage space close to their physical site to meet omnichannel customer expectations.


If you are in a plan to build Hyperlocal Delivery app and implement Quick commerce business strategies, then an experienced and user-friendly mobile app development company in India there to fulfil your dream.


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