Ecommerce Mobile apps are everywhere today, and these apps are so entangled in our lives that eCommerce apps are our second favorite after social media apps. From ordering your favorite dress to pizza, we now order it from eCommerce, m-commerce, or q-commerce mobile apps.

Consumers require the freedom to purchase goods and services anytime and from anywhere. So online shoppers prefer mobile e-Commerce applications to websites, as Mobile Apps offer advanced speed, convenience, and adaptability. And new and new eCommerce Apps are introduced to the market every day. Every eCommerce entrepreneur must implement something versatile to attract new customers. And the concept of idealz is something every E-commerce entrepreneur should know.


 Benefits of adding Idealz concept to E-Commerce Mobile Apps


We have picked out the four most important benefits if you add the idealz concept to your e-Commerce apps.


New Customer Signups

Customer sign up

If you introduce idealz like a lucky draw to your E-commerce will significantly improve the customer experience and helps in the acquisition as well as retention of new clients. Customers will always check for new campaigns and campaign results, and this will help to increase traffic to your website and Mobile Apps.


Brand Recognition

Brand awarenss

Mobile apps support strong connections between brands and customers. For example, users willingly share links to their favorite sites, ask for feedback and describe their customer experience on social networks. You can integrate popular social media platforms into your application to let customers discuss your products and services.

These are powerful tools for building your brand’s reputation, advertising your service, and drawing the attention of potential clients.

Moreover, mobile users have unique opportunities to get push notifications with special offerings, discounts, and giveaways. This means they can save money, so from a psychological perspective, they will likely interact with such shops regularly.


Better Efficiency and Increased Revenues

Better Efficiency and Increased Revenues

As a rule, mobile applications are more flexible and user-friendly. Although their implementation is expensive, they will likely quickly pay off and increase sales. The correlation is simple: a good app with the right concept and functionality brings more clients; more clients result in more orders, and your earnings increase.

In addition, push notifications are a cheap and effective channel for increasing sales and maintaining the brand. You can instantly deliver essential information to your customers via push notifications and inspire them to make immediate orders.


Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

Data is easy to gather and track in the application. Mobile functionality allows you to monitor users’ interactions and gives you helpful information about them, such as responsiveness to certain content and features, feedback, session length, and audience composition. This may help deliver improvements and updates, create personalized content, and develop an advanced marketing strategy and efficient promotional campaigns. Do make use of mobile analytics.


Contactless Payments

Contactless Payments

Individual smartphones can now replace cash and credit cards due to the invention of mobile contactless payments technology. Payment apps provide ease, speed, and security. You don’t need to get a wallet from your bag to take out coins, banknotes, or credit cards at the checkout. Put the phone to the payment terminal, and that’s it!

It has become especially urgent during the COVID-19 pandemic when people must avoid touching things and reduce the time spent in shops.

For reference, here are some of the websites like idealz we have developed,

1. Boostx

2. Luxury Souq

3. Winner Cobone

 If you need to see the Admin backend demo, please contact us.


How to Develop an E-Commerce Mobile App With Lucky Draw


How to Develop an E-Commerce Mobile App With Lucky Draw


Custom development of a native mobile solution for an e-commerce business is quite challenging. You should follow some definite steps and attention to lots of details to get the process right. Here is the guide with the main building blocks needed to plan and create your mobile solution for online trading.




First of all, you need a strategy. Define your goals, the market you want to cover, and the target audience you need to reach. This will help you imagine your future app, determine the functions the app should perform, and describe your ideas to the development team.




How to create a mobile app that will generate profits and make your users happy? You need a thought-out design that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

Most people rely on their first impression when evaluating something. It takes a person around 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about an object and decide whether they like it or not. So, the appealing layout design of a mobile app ensures a positive user experience, which significantly increases customer loyalty and speeds up the payback.




This is a complex process of turning your ideas into reality and creating source code. Due to modern trends, mobile devices should be compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows, with no limits.

Effective communication is reached mainly by intuitive UI. You can use different design libraries to choose the most suitable icons and graphical features.

After designing the UI, it is necessary to choose a framework to create a mobile e-commerce application. It should allow you to access data from any web server. Read more in this blog about how to build a website and app like idealz.




Once the mobile app for your eCommerce business is ready, you should think about its promotion. There should be a good strategy for how it will be distributed. You can use social networks, newsletters, email blasts, adverts, and other tools for wide app adoption. You may also work with competent marketing specialists who will bring your app to the forefront.




As e-Commerce mobile apps are used for online purchases, security issues are crucial during the development process and afterward. Ensure that your developer provides several levels of security and complete project maintenance and support after the launch. Unless clients trust your system, they will not download your application.




Industry standards and trends primarily drive mobile app development. What’s common now may go obsolete in the future. And what you think of as futile now might be the next industry standard.

Sigosoft, with its years of experience in software development, can be the perfect partner for eCommerce mobile app development. We can help you create an app from scratch and expand your current eCommerce business with a mobile application.