What is Goibibo?


Goibibo is India’s largest hotel aggregator and one of the leading air aggregators. It was launched in the year of 2009. It is India’s leading online travel aggregator, providing travelers with a wide variety of hotel, flight, train, bus, and car options. The most trusted user experience is the key feature of Goibibo.


Need of an app like Goibibo


Organizing a trip used to be difficult, but things have changed. Now that everything is just a tap away, technology has made everything easier to access. Hence organizing trips the way people want is no longer a hassle. Travel apps will let the users choose everything according to their desire till the end of their journey.

There are numerous apps to perform various services such as accommodation booking, transportation booking, restaurant booking, travel guide, and so on. But the best travel application is the one that comprises all these functionalities. In essence, this makes it possible for travelers to find everything they need while planning a trip in a nutshell. 


Benefits of a travel app


The mobile applications assure a convenient and quick booking when compared to the offline mode. Hence the conventional mode of approaching travel agencies has become obsolete. The demand for apps is rapidly increasing in the market. Reports show that a large number of people prefer apps for travel assistance. This is the major reason why travel agencies are planning to switch their business to online mode so as to multiply their earnings. Creating an app is always the best choice to propel a travel business forward.


  • On-demand travel bookings with one click
  • Tour planning assistance from travel experts
  • Budget-friendly custom holiday packages
  • Airline and hotel bookings with attractive tour packages
  • Seasonal discounts and offers
  • Payment gateways that are safe and secure
  • Real-time booking, cancellation, and refund notifications



Steps to create a travel application


  • Determine the app type

As mentioned, there are various types of travel apps such as, Trip planner, ticket booking, accommodation booking, transportation booking, travel guide, weather forecast, navigation, etc. So as to choose a specific service, the first step is to choose one among them. If one wishes to set up an application with multiple features, they can combine and do it accordingly.


  • Carry out a competitor research

For a successful travel booking app development, one should have a clear-cut idea about the structure of the same. So analyzing the competitors is an inevitable step. Conducting research on the competitors will help to identify their potential growth factors as well as the downside.


  • Formulate the key features for the travel app

After analyzing the competitors and conducting a detailed study about travel apps, formulate the must-have features for the application. Integrate the best features to offer a great user experience to the customers. Some of the basic features are as follows;


  1. User account registration
  2. Search filters such as location, time, budget, more
  3. Tour packages with details of destinations
  4. Hotel booking
  5. Complete travel guide
  6. Geolocation travel services
  7. Chatbots for assistance
  8. Secure multiple payment channels for cashless transactions
  9. Booking history
  10. Location-specific emergency services
  11. Review & feedback section


  • Choose the platform

Before developing the app, the platform on which it should be launched must be decided. It can be iOS, Android, or a hybrid one.


  • Hire the app development team

Choosing the best team for app development is a crucial step. Always hire mobile app development experts who have proven skills.


  • Discovery phase

To create a clear picture of the app, develop a discovery phase after hiring the development team. During this phase, the client and developers discuss the scope of the project, current market trends, and all technical details to bring out the best solution.


  • Development of application

This is a key step in the entire process of travel booking app development. A captivating UI/UX is the feature that attracts users. Develop an intuitive user interface and set up the codes for developing the application.


  • Launch the application

After crossing all these phases, the travel app should be tested to assure its quality. If it is up to the expectation, launch the application. Introducing a successful app to the market accelerates the growth of the travel business.




The digital transformation trends are being embraced by the people. Reports indicate that there is a sharp rise in the usage of travel apps. Since the travel apps provide a variety of features to make the journey as comfortable as possible, users always prefer them. This opens up potential revenue streams for travel companies.  As a result, the number of organizations that come up with the idea of developing an application for the travel agency is increasing every day. It’s always a good idea to have a basic understanding of how the development process works before diving into a project.