telemedicine app like teladoc

Imagine it was midnight, You were in a hill station and started feeling feverish or severe headache on a public holiday, nobody was there to take you to a hospital. If a situation arises like the unavailability of a doctor, What will we do then? Here is the time for Telemedicine services like Teladoc health.

In Telehealth app like Teladoc, a patient can schedule an appointment and get the right Telemedicine consultation with a specialist doctor online. The pandemic boosts the scope of telemedicine to some extent and is a revolutionary change in the medical field. Anyone can access a doctor and can get the right treatment from anywhere in the world. 

Why is Telemedicine App in demand?

 As the demand for telemedicine applications is increasing, many doctors and health care professionals are taking a step forward to develop their own apps for tele-health services. Let’s discuss the reason for the demand for a Telemedicine app,

  • Easy Access for medical Consultation
  • Patients are more comfortable 
  • Easy maintenance of Patients health Records 
  • Time Consuming
  • Specialist Doctors are available on a single platform

Thus we will tell you the step-by-step process to create a telemedicine app like Teladoc.

What is Teladoc?


Teladoc Health is a one of the Top telemedicine apps and virtual healthcare services headquarters in the US. The company provides the following virtual healthcare services in

  • Primary Care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Dermatology
  • Virtual Care For clinicians
  • Special care for Lifestyle Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Licensed healthcare professionals like Doctors, Therapists, Nurses, Dieticians, etc. are available for the virtual services. 

Advanced technologies and sincere engagement in customer health care make Teladoc unique in its way.


Primary360 in Teladoc

Primary 360 in Teladoc offers primary health care solutions for people and their families in an organization. Teladoc introduced its pilot program to improve the health care system in society. Based on Survey they came to know that a majority of the people have lacked traditional primary care. Thus the rise of primary 360 happened. Through this program, patients can early detect undiagnosed chronic diseases and thus proper treatment can be done by Tele doctor.

How does Teladoc Works?


Check For the Specialist

The users can check for a particular specialist according to their needs.  

Request for a time slot 

The users can request a time slot with the doctor, therapist, or dietician. After submitting health issues and payment, they will get an appointment

Online Consultation

A certified specialist doctor goes through a patient’s medical history and then contacts them through communication channels like video calls, SMS, or voice call. The key feature of Teladoc is no waiting time and time limit. The patients can interact with the doctor without any timeline


Even Though a prescription is not needed for every case, it is an inevitable history for patients. So prescriptions can download by patients for their treatment

How do Telemedicine apps make money?



Everyone gave importance to their wellness and we know our health is wealth. Telehealth App makes money through registration and subscription fees. Health care professionals can widen their service around the world through registration. So there is no bar to get the users.

Same time users also can get services from the best healthcare specialists without any border limit within a minimum subscription fee. In the app, ads are another way of revenue making. The Franchise model helps to widen the business globally. Thereby increasing the revenue of telemedicine App


MVP Features Of Telemedicine App

A developer always integrates the best features for the excellent outcome of an app. 

Here are some of the MVP features of a Telemedicine services

For Patients Panel

  • Simple Registration and sign in
  • Profile creation and confidential data management 
  • Option to search specialists
  • SMS, Voice calls & Video conferencing facilities
  • Multiple online payment gateways 
  • Push notifications 
  • Follow up options


Telemedicine app For Doctors Panel

  • Doctor panel for registration 
  • Doctors Profile Management
  • Section For Manage Appointments 
  • Doctors can chat with patients through the app
  • Real-time consultation and prescription 
  • Patient Record management 

What The Market Is Missing About Teladoc

The telemedicine services offers virtual health care for everyone with no bars. Almost all telemedicine apps provide the same kind of service. So the society or market needs something apart from this

  • Offline Booking For Consultation

Online consultation is comfortable for the majority of treatments, but still, there will be offline treatment needed for some kinds of diseases. So to develop a telemedicine app, we need to consider offline Consultation too.

Telemedicine App provides prescription and follow-up strategy, but there will be no option for medicine delivery to the patient. Integration of a telehealth app and a medicine delivery app helps to get exact medicine to the patient. Then only the purpose of telemedicine completes.

  • Marketing Strategy

Every product needs a marketing strategy to convert into organic sales. So our top telemedicine App should contain a marketing agent for outbound sales. Targeted marketing helps to reach out exact audience and thereby we can increase the revenue for the app. 


Cost For Developing A Telemedicine App With Advanced Features 

We can’t estimate the exact amount for a telemedicine app. But it depends on the following criteria

  • Customized MVP features for the App  
  • Suitable Platforms like Android, iOS, or Hybrid
  • User-Friendly customized UI/UX design
  • Developers hourly payments
  • Maintenance for App
  • Customized add-on features 

The efficient team behind the developing side plays an important role So that the quality of the app will be excellent 

European Countries are expensive for App development compared to Asian countries.

For an average overall budget that ranges from $10,000 to $30,000, Then hiring an experienced Mobile App Development Company like Sigosoft will be the right choice for a budget-friendly project. Moreover, an estimated amount depends upon the above factors as mentioned .


 The Telemedicine App creates an innovative way for medical treatments. Waiting for long hours to consult certain specific doctors, traveling long distances with sick people for the treatments, dilemma in explaining certain diseases even to the doctor. All these conditions are replaced due to the telemedicine services.

Not only for the patients but also for the health care professionals who can widen their services around the world. By adding more features like medicine delivery, offline booking, etc. the market demands increase the scope of the app. So to develop a Telemedicine app like Teladoc with the market demanding features, then the right time to get in touch with good Mobile App Development Company.

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