Healthcare staffing software solutions have become indispensable in the healthcare industry. They connect professionals to facilities and improve workforce management. According to industry statistics, the global medical scheduling software market is expected to grow from $442.4 million in 2023 to $839.5 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 13.67%. Healthcare staffing platforms are here to stay and play a vital role in the future of healthcare.

ShiftMed is an exemplary platform that has made significant progress in the industry. Why is it a popular app? It’s all about the importance of flexibility and autonomy in modern healthcare staffing. While learning from its advantages, we will discuss the key details to succeed in this dynamic industry.

This blog explores the development stages, key features, and real-world case studies of nurse scheduling platforms. Sigosoft developed ShiftMed clone Apps and our team has vast knowledge about the Nursing job Apps. Want an app like ShiftMed for your new venture? If yes, you can start your journey here

An Overview of ShiftMed

Located in sunny Florida and founded by Todd Walrath in 2015, ShiftMed offers its distinct flavor while maintaining ShiftKey’s core values. Through the use of technology, they have created a digital network that easily links healthcare professionals to part-time positions around the nation.Serving more than 1,000 partner organizations in 25 states, including specialist clinics and hospitals, ShiftMed has become a lifesaver for nurses looking for flexible schedules or organizations experiencing unanticipated staffing shortages.

  1. Salary and Benefits

ShiftMed makes sure that its nurses receive fair compensation in addition to flexible work schedules. Every professional can expect a base hourly rate that is competitive. In addition, there is overtime, differential, holiday, and on-call compensation for individuals who go above and beyond.

Direct deposits make processing payments easy. But keep in mind that flexibility also entails responsibility. Nurses manage their taxes and benefits as independent contractors, while ShiftMed provides supplementary health insurance policies to help with this.

  1. Types of Jobs

With its wide reach, ShiftMed provides:

  • Traditional positions like telemetry and med/surg.
  • Emergency services for high-stress individuals.
  • Specialized positions in NICUs and mother/baby units within labor departments.
  • Positions in psychiatry that deal with mental health.
  • School health duties, preserving the health of our future leaders.
  • Whether you’re an RN, LPN/LVN, CNA, or specialized nurse practitioner, ShiftMed offers a position that’s right for you thanks to their extensive network.
  1. Registration Procedure

Getting started with ShiftMed is a planned process:

  • Start by filling out their extensive online application.
  • Your references and background are carefully checked after this.
  • Finally, all your professional credentials, certifications, and licenses are verified.
  • When these procedures are completed satisfactorily, a plethora of ShiftMed chances present themselves, enabling you to select shifts by hand that correspond with your goals.

ShiftMed – How It Works?

To complete the application procedure, you must first download the app. RNs, LPNs, and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are employed by them. Additionally, they employ community health workers (CHWs) and state-tested nursing assistants (STNAs) in a variety of settings, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living complexes, and hospitals. Following system acceptance, you can work 8–40 hours per week.

They are still adding states, and at the moment they work in 24. Through ShiftMed, nurses are employed as W-2 workers. Every Friday is payday, but if you work, you can choose to get paid the same day. They have employed 100,000 nurses so far and are still expanding.

Nursing Jobs App Advancements

 The goal is to make their nursing app user experience as easy and beneficial as possible for their W-2 healthcare professionals. When they make things better for them, their facility partners experience better shift completion, better show rates, and lower labor costs.

1. New app features

 The most notable nursing app updates include the introduction of two new features: ShiftMed Instant Pay™ and Uber Health rides. Healthcare professionals can request up to 75% of their pre-tax earnings immediately after a shift with their free Instant Pay service. They are the only nursing jobs app that offers this kind of service with ZERO bank transaction fees. With Instant Pay, they are better able to recruit and retain high-quality healthcare professionals to support our facility partners. In an exclusive partnership with Uber Health, their healthcare professionals can request rides to and from their shifts directly in our app. As a result, their nurses never have to worry about how to get to work on time due to car problems or lack of transportation.

2. Improved app functionality

 They’ve made a few small changes to how their app works that significantly improve shift completion and show rates for facility partners. For example, their healthcare professionals can now add multiple licenses to their credentials, allowing them to claim more shifts with facility partners. They lowered their driving distance filter to 30 miles because the closer a facility is to a healthcare professional, the better the on-time arrival.

3. Fast onboarding processes

 They are constantly onboarding new healthcare professionals and are always looking for new ways to streamline the process. Because the faster they can hire healthcare professionals, the better we can keep up with nurse staffing demand. For example, they improved their document review process to onboard healthcare professionals 10 times faster. They have also streamlined our facility agreement form process.

4. Facility Portal Enhancements

Healthcare staffing is complex. That’s why they’re always looking for ways to streamline and simplify the process for our facility partners. Their latest Portal enhancements make it easier to manage and track staffing operations by allowing facilities to:

  • Require workers to obtain a nursing supervisor’s signature at clock-in.
  • Gain better visibility into shift details and charges via a new invoice format.
  • See what shifts have scheduled Uber Health rides, including pick-up times.

On-Demand Healthcare Labour: High-quality, Dependable

ShiftMed is the top nursing jobs mobile application. It facilitates shift scheduling between over 100,000 high-quality healthcare workers (CNAs, LPNs, RNs, PTs, and Community Health Workers) and over 1,500 enterprise healthcare providers in 110 markets nationwide. 

Let’s talk about the main attributes and advantages of the program.

Hire: You may save money on hiring and fill shifts more quickly with our network of over 100,000 W-2 healthcare professionals.

Retain: High-caliber healthcare workers who would rather have a more flexible schedule are difficult to come by with wages alone. We offer incentives and benefits to our employees, including healthcare, education, transportation, Next Day Pay®, and Guaranteed Shifts®.

Rebalance: Using our on-demand workforce is made simpler and faster than ever thanks to our cutting-edge technology, which also removes the uncertainty from staffing. You can rebalance your FTE and outside labor portfolio with the aid of ShiftMed.

Cut Expenses: We are aware of the challenges faced by healthcare executives and can assist you in finding a long-term personnel solution. With the use of ShiftMed’s technology, you may lower your overall costs while still attracting and retaining our on-demand staff.

Top 5 Advantages of Healthcare Facilities Using ShiftMed’s Technology Solutions:

Healthcare facilities have the enormous challenge of guaranteeing smooth service delivery regularly in a field where accurate scheduling and personnel optimization are critical. The complicated problems affecting patient care and operational efficiency are brought about by the demanding and always variable nature of healthcare personnel and scheduling. 

A leading innovator in healthcare workforce solutions, ShiftMed, provides these hospitals with a lifeline. These issues are tackled head-on by our advanced technologically driven platform and on-demand marketplace of highly skilled, accredited healthcare providers. We provide a complete solution that guarantees financial and legal compliance while improving patient care and operational effectiveness. 

  1. Simplified Personnel & Scheduling Procedures:

We are aware of the inherent difficulties in overseeing a workforce in the healthcare industry. We understand that it can be difficult to maintain the ideal staffing level while managing the administrative load in a setting where efficiency is crucial. Our technological solutions are made to simplify your scheduling and staffing procedures by removing these complications. 

  1. Improved Interaction and Cooperation:

Workflow efficiency soars and patient care flourishes when communication and collaboration are optimized. With the help of ShiftMed’s technological solutions, your staff will be able to communicate more effectively and consistently, which will increase coordination and collaboration. Our technology immediately contributes to improving patient care and streamlining workflows in healthcare institutions by removing communication silos and promoting a collaborative environment. 

  1. Availability of Skilled and Trustworthy Employees:

Through its technological solutions, ShiftMed offers access to a wide range of certified, trustworthy, and well-screened healthcare providers. Our streamlined credentialing system, together with features like profile verification, ratings, and reviews, guarantees that healthcare organizations can confidently and effectively staff their shifts with top-tier specialists. 

  1. Streamlined API to Lower Burden:

The ShiftMed API provides a thorough, precise, and effective method for resolving the multi-source labor dilemma that healthcare facilities encounter. To access our marketplace and synchronize data from the internal and external labor pools, our seamless technology interacts with other systems with ease. We are aware of the challenges associated with assigning temporary workers to affiliated facilities. For this reason, we provide scalable solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of workforce management, VMS, and MSP.

  1. All-inclusive Analytics and Reporting:

Using data to its full potential can revolutionize how healthcare institutions operate. ShiftMed’s digital solutions for healthcare institutions empower your facility to make data-driven decisions by providing extensive reporting and analytics capabilities. Better personnel management, increased operational efficiency, and ultimately better patient care result from this. 

Creating a healthcare staffing platform like ShiftMed with Our Experts

 A ShiftMed platform connects hospitals in need of specialists with qualified individuals looking for opportunities. It acts as a direct link between healthcare professionals and facilities, emphasizing flexibility. With ShiftMed, travel nurses and other healthcare professionals can choose their shifts. This feature gives them a flexible work schedule to suit their needs. It also helps healthcare facilities that need staff for irregular or late shifts. Here are the key steps for healthcare mobile app development:

  1. Do the research

 To build a healthcare workforce software platform, start with thorough market research. This will help you understand the target audience and their needs, including healthcare professionals seeking employment and healthcare providers in need of staff.

  1. Find out if healthcare 

 Professionals are struggling to find suitable job opportunities. Learn more about the issues providers face, including high turnover and costly recruitment. Extensive audience research can help build an effective platform to address these issues.

Market analysis is important to assess the demand for a healthcare workforce platform. Study existing platforms and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Are there any market gaps you could fill? Consider the potential for your site in specific locations or healthcare sectors where current solutions may fall short.

  1. Project Development Process

 After completing the research phase, the next phase is defining the scope of the project. This includes identifying desired features, target audience, and platform goals. For example, if research indicates a strong need for flexible scheduling among temporary healthcare workers, this becomes a primary feature.

 The planning phase follows research and requires a clear understanding of the site’s purpose. Requirements gathering includes decisions about functionality, design, and user experience. Collaborating with stakeholders helps develop a detailed project brief or roadmap. This document guides the development process, ensuring clarity and comprehensiveness.

  1. The development process

 After planning, it’s time to move on to development. In this phase, you will translate the identified requirements into functional specifications. This includes creating detailed user stories that outline how different types of users will interact with the site.

At the same time, you need to create wireframes and design mockups. Wireframes provide the basic structure of the site’s layout, and mockups provide a detailed view of the interface. They are necessary to understand the look and function of the site before coding begins.

  1. Testing, Deploying and Launching

 Before deploying and developing workforce software for healthcare, thorough testing is essential. It covers testing methods ranging from unit and integration tests to usability and security.

 Thorough testing ensures that the platform runs smoothly, providing an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Based on the sensitive data involved, robust security testing is critical to prevent breaches.

Key Healthcare Staffing Platform Features

 When creating a healthcare workforce marketplace, include features that address the unique needs of the industry. They are making a difference in how healthcare professionals find jobs and how facilities manage staffing, resulting in improved patient care. Here are the key features a custom healthcare workforce solution should have:

  1. Shift Planning and Management

 Efficient shift planning and management are critical in healthcare facilities. This not only ensures optimal resource allocation but also affects the quality of patient care. An effectively managed schedule can help prevent understaffing or overstaffing. This reduces labor costs and reduces fatigue among healthcare professionals. Therefore, your workforce platform should have an intuitive and robust shift scheduling feature. It should allow for seamless creation, management, and modification.


2. Job posting and search

 Seamless coordination and collaboration between healthcare facilities and professionals involves effective communication. Incorporating messaging functionality into the platform will facilitate real-time communication. In this way, it streamlines the exchange of information and improves the user experience. Does it discuss shift changes, clarify job responsibilities, or address concerns? Unified communications tools facilitate all these interactions.

3. Credential verification and compliance

 Trust and security are essential in healthcare. Ensure that there is a feature that verifies the credentials of healthcare professionals and ensures compliance with industry norms and standards. The platform can increase trust among users and improve patient safety. This eases the burden of credential verification from healthcare facilities. This way, medical staff can free up their time to focus on patient care.

4. Analytics and Reporting

Data-driven decision-making is key to enhancing efficiency during healthcare staffing platform development. An analytics and reporting feature can provide insights into the platform’s performance. You can discover the efficacy of job postings and the success rate of matches. These insights can help healthcare facilities make informed decisions and improve their processes. The platform can help healthcare facilities identify staffing patterns and predict future needs. It can also track costs and enhance the quality of care they provide.

Why Should Invest in Sigosoft?

Healthcare staffing platform development requires careful planning and understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals and facilities. Start by researching the market to identify gaps and opportunities. Plan the project scope and features, keeping in mind essential elements like shift scheduling, job posting, communication tools, credential verification, and analytics.

Collaborating with experienced providers, such as Sigosoft, can benefit your healthcare staffing management software development process. We know how to create an online staffing platform to meet your business requirements. Moreover, we can offer valuable insights and support during your development journey.

If you’re a business trying to build a Nursing Jobs App similar to ShiftMed, Sigosoft is the perfect choice since we already developed ShiftMed clones. Sigosoft has experience in building dependable and strong healthcare staffing marketplace such as scalable design, secure and automated payments for nurses, generating automatic invoices to hospitals, customized hourly payments, customized product catalogs, and multi-vendor capabilities. The major attraction of our application is completely run by an automatic system. So, you can ease your work without any manual hesitation.

Curious about how Sigosoft can help you start an application like the ShiftMed Nursing App? Get in touch with our team of experts and allow them to guide you to the right software for your online marketplace.