A few things need to be taken into account in order to create an effective jackpot platform that is comparable to Emirates Draw. To begin with, it’s critical to carry out in-depth market research in order to comprehend the target market, their requirements and preferences, and the rivals operating within the sector. This will assist in locating chances for distinctiveness and unique selling characteristics.

A website design that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, and that is optimised for search engines and mobile devices, is essential. This will raise conversion rates and enhance the user experience for customers. Building trust with clients also requires developing a dependable and secure payment gateway and providing a variety of payment options.

Are you eager to see if you may win the lotto and become a millionaire? Would you count yourself fortunate? Look it over on Emirates Draw. Do you know, one of the most widely used lottery apps in the United Arab Emirates is the Emirates draw. It offers an easy and entertaining way to enter a lottery draw. Through this blog we’ll introduce you to Emirates draw, go over its features, and how lottery enthusiasts from all over the United Arab Emirates flock here first.

The Emirates draw App: What Is It?

The Emirates draw app is available for both iOS and Android. Also, it features a webpage that changes the lottery experience in the United Arab Emirates. created with an intuitive user interface and excellent ui/ux design to offer an amazing user experience. Because users can win significant cash incentives, the app has swiftly gained popularity among citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates.

10% of participants in Emirates Draw’s weekly draw became instant winners in a first-of-its-kind raffle experience when they matched the first number from the right in the reward category that was just introduced. Every participant got AED 7, which is equal to 14% of the AED 50 pencil purchase that was necessary in order to be eligible for the draw.

Four people matched four of the seven digits to win AED 7,777 apiece, while seven participants won AED 77,777 each in the guaranteed raffle component of the draw. The total sum of AED 7 prizes remained secret. AED 645,750 was won last night alone by 52 players who matched three out of seven digits to win AED 777 each, and 387 players who matched two out of seven to win AED 77 apiece.

The hosts of the live programme reaffirmed Emirates Draw’s dedication to improving participants’ lives and giving back to the community.

The socially conscious organisation, which was founded a few months ago, has given away over AED 25 million in prize money to more than 18,000 participants. Meanwhile, the AED 100 million Grand Prize—the biggest in the region—is still up for grabs and can be taken by an individual or group of individuals who match all seven numbers from right to left.

What Differentiates Emirates Draw From Other Jackpot Apps?

     1. Interface that is easy to use

The intuitive UI of Emirates Draw Results is one of its main advantages. The website is made to be simple to use, with information presented in an understandable and straightforward manner. This makes it easier for users to locate the information they need, whether it’s general lottery information or the outcomes of a single draw.

    2. Current and precise information

The dedication of Emirates Draw results to offering precise and current information is another important aspect of the website. In order to give visitors access to the most current information available, the website is updated on a regular basis with the most recent lottery and draw results. For those taking part in these events, this is especially crucial because it enables them to monitor their entries and find out if they have won a prize.

    3. Provides a variety of resources

Emirates Draw Results offers a variety of tools and services in addition to information on draw results, all of which are intended to assist participants in making well-informed decisions. For instance, the website offers data on the probability of drawing different numbers and the probabilities of winning particular rewards. This can increase a person’s chances of winning a prize by enabling them to select numbers for their lottery entry with greater knowledge.

Journey of Transformation: Pursuing a Better Tomorrow

Emirates Draw has an impact that extends beyond personal goals because it actively supports environmental projects that fit with its CSR-first philosophy. By means of persistent commitment and work, the Emirates Draw Coral Reef Restoration initiative has effectively restored over 12,000 coral fragments, augmenting the coral region of the United Arab Emirates by an impressive 7,614 square metres in both Khorfakkan and Dibba.

“From our humble beginnings, to now offering three distinct games, we’ve realised thousands of dreams in a short span of only two years,” said Paul Chader, Head of Marketing at Emirates Draw. All of our decisions have been motivated by our dedication to our participants. As we mark our second year in business, we’re not only honouring our previous successes but also promising an innovative future where we continuously go above and beyond to create unforgettable experiences. This is the important aspect of their team coordinators.

“Emirates Draw maintains a purposeful commitment on social responsibility while always raising the bar in entertainment. We cordially invite everyone to take part in our festivities and feel the excitement of our double raffle drawings,” he continued.

The forthcoming games, which will be live streamed on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the official Emirates Draw website, will only heighten the excitement.

1. Emirates Pull Away

Emirates Draw is the top gaming operator in the United Arab Emirates, offering cutting-edge gaming platforms, goods, and entertainment with a focus on corporate social responsibility to benefit people and society. An organisation that is pleased to be based on the ideas of social and environmental responsibility, striving towards a sustainable future, and positively touching and changing lives, one lucky winner at a time. With its innovative Coral Reef Restoration Programme, Emirates Draw is dedicated to giving back to the community. MEGA7, EASY6, and FAST5, three rapidly expanding games offered by the organisation, generate millions of dirhams every week

     2. Emirates Draw EASY6

The weekly draw is a straightforward event that takes place every Friday at 9 PM UAE time. It provides participants a competitive entry price, many wins, and an incredible AED 15 million grand prize, along with six guaranteed winners of AED 15,000 each.

      3. UAE Draw FAST5

A fantastic weekly game that takes place every Saturday at 9 PM UAE time gives players the chance to win three guaranteed winners of AED 75,000, AED 50,000, and AED 25,000 each, as well as a life-changing Grand Prize of AED 25,000 every month for 25 years. Due to its distinct structure, players merely have to choose five balls from a pool of 42, greatly improving their chances of winning.

     4. MEGA7

Every Sunday at 9 PM UAE time, the biggest weekly draw in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia offers participants the chance to win a Grand Prize of AED 100 million and 15 Guaranteed Winners, each worth AED 10,000.

How do you play?

AED 50 pencils are available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds going towards supporting the UAE government’s vision and the environment by planting coral polyps along the UAE’s coast. This is part of Emirates Draw’s main corporate social responsibility programme. Participants can choose a seven-digit number after registering online at www.emiratesdraw.com, or the system can choose the number at random.

AED 77,777 is guaranteed to seven lucky participants each week in a raffle draw, which is the first of two drawings into which players are entered with their purchase. A second draw including seven prize categories, starting at AED 7, and a Grand Prize of AED 100 million when all seven numbers match is another option available to all participants.

Facebook and YouTube, two of its digital platforms, will live stream the upcoming draw.

The price to develop a mobile app is contingent upon a number of aspects, including the choice of platform and technology, features and functionality, design, integration, security, and user interface.

Let’s examine each one in turn!

  1. Choosing a Platform

A mobile app development company has the option to create their software for iOS, Android, or both platforms. Nevertheless, creating an application for one platform usually costs less than creating one for two. Before making a choice, companies must take into account the platform’s market share as well as their target demographic.

  1. Complexity and Features of the App

Apps tend to be more expensive the more intriguing features and capabilities they have. Development expenses may increase with the addition of features like third-party integrations, push alerts, and in-app transactions. Additionally, new features not readily available in common app development frameworks may come at an additional cost from app developers.

  1. User Experience and Design

The user experience and design of an app are crucial components of its success. A well-thought-out app with a simple user interface can draw in new users and help keep existing ones. On the other hand, a badly designed app might alienate consumers. Although it can be costly, user experience and design investments have a big influence on how well an app does.

Important elements that influence how much the app’s UI/UX design will cost are as follows:

visual components

Psychology of colour


Writing content


Button locations

UI refinement

Landscape or portrait mode

  1. Size of Development Team

You have three options for hiring mobile app developers: a team working for the app company in-house, a freelancer, or an outside vendor (outsourcing). Every one of them has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s investigate more closely!

  1. Where is the app located

The price to develop a mobile app  is also influenced by the location of the Android app development business. In contrast to the UAE, UK, or US, the hourly pace of development in regions such as Asia is lower.

  1. Upkeep

A mobile app’s success and the target audience’s continuing use depends on its upkeep. To keep users happy and engaged, this procedure entails regular updates to correct bugs, eliminate problems, and enhance overall functionality.

Furthermore, it is very expensive to enhance or add new features to your app. Thus, be sure to maintain your app’s functionality and keep it current with emerging technologies.

  1. Tech Stack

An essential component of a mobile app’s development is its tech stack. It usually consists of the tools, libraries, frameworks, and programming languages needed to build the front and backend architecture of the application.

Sigosoft: Why?

When it comes to creating a website similar to Emirates draw, experience is crucial. A development team that has worked on projects similar to this one before will be more knowledgeable about the complexity involved and more prepared to tackle any obstacles that may come up.

Sigosoft has already created a number of Emirates draw-like  websites and mobile applications. With a thorough understanding of the features and functionality needed to make a website successful.

An additional benefit is Sigosoft’s ability to deliver Emirates draw clones in a matter of days, which can help you swiftly launch your website. Furthermore, Sigosoft can guarantee an affordable pricing for your project. 

Please get in touch with us if you need to view the Admin backend demo. Please feel free to get in touch with us or communicate your requirements via WhatsApp or [email protected] if you’re prepared to compete with Emirates draw.