how to develop e bike sharing app

Apps for renting out electric bikes are becoming more popular every day and assisting people in their daily commutes. E-bikes are a viable option for people who need to commute securely in some of the world’s busiest cities when public transportation cannot meet everyone’s needs.


E-bikes are popular right now, and as we all know, cities are the best places for professional and personal development. However, the main problem that eats up the majority of the time in our lives is traffic. Public transportation, autos, cars, and even taxis are unable to escape this predicament. Therefore, daily commuters are seeking a flexible means of travelling over short to medium distances.


The Idea Behind The E-Bike Sharing App – Yulu 



a method for sharing bikes that improves traffic and significantly reduces fuel costs. But now that everyone likes electric vehicles, there is a demand for an app that lets users rent out electric bikes.

The Bengaluru-based company launched Yulu Miracle, a bike-share programme with an electric mobility scooter. Owners and founders of Yulu are RK Misra, Hemant Gupta, Naveen Dachuri, and Amit Gupta.

Micro Mobility Cars are provided. A dockless bike sharing with a focus on short trips up to 5 km is called Yulu Miracle.


The application displays the battery percentage and the number of motorcycles nearby the user. Applications notify users of the remaining battery life at regular intervals.

How does the Yulu works?


how yulu works


The Yulu bike is outfitted with a secure lock system with MMVs (Micro Flexibility Cars) that were made specifically for motorways. Each vehicle is integrated into a mobile application that provides much easier access and convenience for travel whenever we need it.

The Company creates dedicated Yulu Zones that the populace may easily reach and utilise throughout the city. Houses, parks, and city terminals are included in the list. A Yulu MMV can only be used inside the Yulu territories; it cannot end its journey outside the territory.


1. Look for a bike in the neighbourhood.

Find a bike in the neighbourhood.
This is one of the most important features of your bike-sharing software because it helps users find the bikes that are available nearby for rental.


2. Open and Lock Bike Using Bike Number


To lock and unlock the bike and move to their intended destination, the person should be able to tap and scan. Therefore, if you’re new to this line of work, be sure that your bike-sharing application has a simple process for users to lock and unlock the bike.


3. Travel details


One of the crucial features to be investigated as the on-demand bike rental service app develops is the feature that allows users to check their trip information using the application after they’ve taken it.

Essential Features To Be Included In The Bike-Sharing Application


  • Functions For Customer Panel

Locate a bike nearby
Easy payments for the journey
Check trip details

  • Functions For Admin Panel

Third-party combination


How Does Yulu Make Money?


Yulu provides three types of products in bike-sharing: Miracle, Move and Dex. 


Yulu Miracle 

Yulu Miracle is your perfect companion to explore cities and also discover the undiscovered. Its great style as well as unmatched capability makes it a unique kind of transportation. It is  pollution-free and contributes to a greener environment.



yulu move

Yulu MOVE: Yulu bicycle is a bike safeguarded with a smart lock that resolves minor miles problems. It is helpful for those who love to burn calories somehow, as well as we can say Yulu step can be made use of for bicycle rental with zero air pollution.



Dex is designed for short mile delivery purposes. Its design outbound the usage and can hold up to 12Kgs. With the help of Dex, delivery agents can reduce their operating costs up to 30-45%.


Where may Yulu be parked?


The electric bike must only be parked in designated Yulu Center locations. The business prohibits parking Yulu bikes on any private property, in prohibited places, or on any other side roads. The Yulu bikes must be kept in a location that is simple for clients to access.


Yulu’s Bicycle Sharing Competitors


There are several bike-sharing competitors, some of which are only slightly behind Yulu bike.

  • Drivezy
  • Bounce
  • Vogo
  • Mobike
  • Careem Bikes


What advantages do e-bike sharing apps offer?


  • Ecologically sound and pollution-free
  • simple to use and access
  • A reasonable cost per kilometer
  • overcome a traffic jam
  • No requirement to have a driving permit

Features That A Bicycle Sharing App Must Have

Individuals can build up a bike-sharing app themselves first. then choose a suitable truck for their journey. After payment, use a QR code to unlock the bike, then lock it up or return it to a docking station after use.

Let’s look at the essential features your app will unquestionably need:.

User login.

Making an account with a bike-rental app is the major step. Authentication of individual additionally needs to be done via email or SMS.

QR symbol

Secured Unlock requires scanning a QR code. By swiping QR codes on the specialized app, users unlock bicycles. To ensure that the application’s video camera integration is required

Wrap Up


Traffic jam as well as contamination are the major issues in metro cities that a daily commuter encounters. Just an E-Bike ride application can be a service for this. Yulu bike use a dock less, economical, easily accessible Electric-bike sharing system within the city.

The profits shows E-bike sharing apps have a rewarding market in the future. Thus to develop an affordable application, Sigosoft will be your appropriate partner.