How to create an app like Dunzo

Dunzo’ always focus on customer needs like what they want and so their key concept is based on time. In 2022, everyone is learning to live along with the Pandemic and so the world is in a massive surge of digital transformation. The assurances from infrastructure companies and their internet services mold the daily life of the common People digital. Classified Apps, Grocery delivery Apps, Food delivery Apps etc. pave a way for this and every Mobile app development company India, USA, Dubai develops unique ideas into reality.


Dunzo App


dunzo logo


 ‘Dunzo’ is one of the ‘hyper-convenience delivery services’ in India that has continually upgraded its business strategies to meet the ever-changing market needs. The Bengaluru-based hyperlocal delivery startup connects users to their nearest delivery partners or any store/restaurant and can make purchases, pick items, and deliver them. It acts as an inevitable part of Urban India (across Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.). It also runs a bike taxi service in Gurugram city, Haryana state in India.


Dunzo Delivery

19 mins delivery


Dunzo offer  “19 min delivery” of grocery, fruits and vegetable delivery. Send packages, pick up and drop, online food ordering, online restaurant discovery, bike taxi, laundry delivery, local couriers, medicine delivery, meat and fish delivery, pet supplies are other services. They are not delivering Cigarettes and alcohol now.


Does Dunzo Deliver Alcohol?


Dunzo is a Google-based task management app that has stopped delivering alcoholic beverages in Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Pune.


How does Dunzo work?


‘Dunzo’ supports their customer in everyday tasks like 

  • Delivering groceries, medicines, Veggies and fruits, etc
  • Dropping off forgot things, picking and dropping off laundry, dropping mobile phones to owners, and much more 
  • Local Parcel/ Courier services

That’s why they are unique in their services. 


 Dunzo Customer


dunzo customer



Dunzo Partner 


dunzo partner


Dunzo Merchant 



How does Dunzo for business work?


Dunzo is an on-demand delivery platform that has transformed in a way businesses and customers needed. They follow a two-sided network which will be beneficial for partners as well as customers. They act as a bridge between customer and merchant. Key features in App are

  • Push Notifications on latest updates
  • Offers, Gift Vouchers, Cashbacks, Coupon codes & Loyalty Programmes
  • Real-Time GPS Delivery Tracking on partner
  • Easy Payment Options like

      -> Online Payments

      -> Google Pay

      -> Paytm

      -> Pay later Wallet like Simpl, LazyPay, etc

  • Social Media Integration

Social media played an important role in Marketing over the last few years. By linking social media, Dunzo allowed its users to quickly share updated offers with their friends and family 

  • Rating and Reviews
  • Customer Friendly offers like Free Delivery service


Dunzo Daily – Qcommerce Magic

dunzo daily

Dunzo Daily is the update of Dunzo which offers instant delivery of groceries, fruits, vegetables, etc like other daily needs. They ensure quality products within 19 mins delivery time. Dunzo Daily is available only in Bangalore now.


Dunzo Mo

dunzo mo

Dunzo Mo is another update of Dunzo which offers instant delivery of midnight cravings like Paan, Munchies, snacks, etc. Dunzo Mo is now available only for the android users.


How To Develop An App Like Dunzo ?


  • 1.  Identification of the problem
  • 2.  Analysis of customer needs
  • 3.  Structure The Flow & Features
  • 4.  Remove Non-Core Features
  • 5.  Create a wireframe 
  • 6.  Develop a Stunning Design
  • 7.  Choose Which technologies to be used
  • 8.  Setting a milestones and a timeline
  • 9.  Assign a Development Team
  • 10. Testing process
  • 11. Analytics Integration
  • 12. Get real-time Feedbacks 
  • 13. Competitor Analysis
  • 14. keep updating with new features


Cost For Developing Dunzo like App


The cost to develop an online multi-delivery app like Dunzo can vary depending upon the features. It also depends on the services that the company can offer. Dunzo costs may vary between $25,000 and $50,000 depending on time and budget limits. Developers demand hourly charges worldwide till the end phase. $130-$200 per hour in Europe or America. Creating an app like Dunzo in India is affordable anywhere between $40-$80.



How To Evaluate The Cost for App like Dunzo ?


  • App platform: The developing cost for an on-demand app like Dunzo varies depending upon the platform. The cost for developing app in Android is higher than iOS. Flutter Development, React native and other upgraded technologies are used to create hybrid Apps. There by reduce time and development costs.
  • UI/UX Design: We are using customized themes according to customer needs. The exact UI enables the app compatible with different devices
  • App Developers: The cost for the development team depends on the technology to be used and the time taken to complete the projects
  • Advanced and External Features: Dunzo clone app features are data encryption, hosting, disintegration, push notifications and OTP generation, and so on.


 Frequently Asked Questions for building an app like Dunzo (FAQs)


1. Which apps are Dunzo Competitors?

 Swiggy Genie, Lalamove, Porter, Borzo, Delhivery


2. How much does it cost to create an app like Dunzo?

Dunzo costs may vary between $25,000 and $50,000 depending on time and budget limits. Developers demand hourly charges worldwide till the end phase. $130-$200 per hour in Europe or America. Creating an app like Dunzo in India is affordable anywhere between $40-$80.


3.  How much does Dunzo for Business Cost?

Dunzo charges its business partners a commission-based  between 10% and 12%  of the total delivery cost.



If you’ve been aware of the Dunzo business Strategies, then this is the right time to get in touch and realize your dream today with our Mobile app development company India.

The on-demand market is developing and the current scenario paves the way for absolute growth in the future.

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