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How To Build A Website And App Like Idealz?


Nowadays, digital shopping trends show significant growth in the reshaping business, and this is the right time to start  an e-commerce website with some unique features like Idealz.

Idealz is a top-rated eCommerce company in UAE that offers the most rewarding shopping experience to the customer. Their e-commerce business strategy quickly became an attention seeker of worldwide entrepreneurs. To develop an excellent platform similar to Idealz, we should analyze many factors. Since the prizes are in millions, an atomic bit of negligence can cause a substantial financial loss for the company and its reputation.


 What Makes Idealz Stand Out From Other eCommerce Stores?


idealz Campaign


Idealz runs regular campaigns in five categories. Watches, cars, electronics, cash or gold, and lifestyle. All the purchases will fall under one of these categories. The customers can purchase products from the idealz ecommerce website, and the chances of getting luxury prizes for each purchase are higher, and it occurs when the products are sold out or a particular time has reached. There will be a lucky draw ticket for each purchase. 

If the customer is willing to donate the product, he can get two tickets for the same. A random winner from each Idealz campaign will get an expensive prize such as a Mercedes or Range Rover. The lucky winner of each campaign is broadcasted live through social media on the draw date.


Essential Points To Remember When Developing A Website Like Idealz


The UAE government supervises the Idealz lucky draw process, and the ecommerce website complies with the rules and regulations set by the UAE government. 

  • The primary objective is  to build a website is to ensure that the law in your country allows you to run a business like Idealz.
  •  Before starting software development, you must register the company legally and get a bank account. The bank account and company registration are a must for getting payment gateways.
  •  To run the ecommerce business like idealz internationally, you should choose a payment gateway like Stripe and provide multi language and multi currency features. 
  • Consulting an efficient legal expert is the best step to do terms & conditions and privacy policy. 


Most importantly, you need to engage with software companies who have already developed website and apps like iDealz. We Sigosoft, have already developed three websites and apps like idealz. Only an experienced company can help you do this project not only in development but also in real-life hurdles when going live.


Unique Features Required For An App Like Idealz


Here’s a list of the salient features of idealz clone that help it stand out among other online stores.


  • The App must have an option for multiple currencies so that we can achieve global access.
  • It must offer simplicity in app management.
  • The Mobile Apps must be available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Push notification has to be sent to relevant customers based on their activity.
  • Focus on launching and updating campaigns one after another.
  • The App should offer secure E payments and credit-Debit card options.
  • It must provide i-points to the users so they can use it for purchases.
  • The App must provide membership privileges and offers for active customers.
  • It must offer referral programs and incentivize the referee with i-points.
  • Performance optimization has to be achieved through cache.
  • The App must provide rewards to encourage ticket donation and charity for the customer.
  • We have to focus on Social media activity and promotion for ecommerce business.
  • The App should be available in the Local language also.


Most importantly, you need to take professional help from skilled developers and designers to integrate all these features successfully into a mobile application and ecommerce website. Building a website and mobile app is a challenging task for your business.


What Is the Development Cost to Build a Mobile App like Idealz?


Let’s go through the cost and risks of developing a website like idealz. Sigosoft, a leading mobile app development company in India, is the right choice to build a stunning, user-friendly website and mobile apps for the idealz clone. We will clarify that the cost of developing a software platform like Idealz is only one-third of the price you need to spend, and the remaining is for marketing and operations. 

The development cost of a shopping app like Idealz in Dubai will cost from AED 20000 to AED 45000 on average. The average development cost for an eCommerce mobile app depends on various factors, such as complexity level, the versatility of designs, and the hourly charge of the developers. The following criteria play a vital role in determining the development cost of a mobile app like Idealz.


 Technologies Used To Develop An App Like Idealz


Platforms: Android & IOS for Mobile App. Web Application compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla.

Wireframe: The framed architecture of the mobile app layout.

App Design: User-friendly customized UX/UI design.

Development: Backend development: PHP Laravel framework, MySQL(Database), AWS/Google cloud

Frontend development: React Js, Vue js, Flutter

Email & SMS Integration: We suggest Twilio for SMS and Sendgrid for Email and using Cloudflare for SSL and security. 


 To secure from hacking, we should encrypt the database. The APIs should follow all the rules for getting the highest performance and security.


Why Sigosoft?


Experience makes everything perfect. As Sigosoft has already developed Quick commerce(Qcommerce), ecommerce websites and Mobile Apps like Idealz, We know the complexities of building a website for ecommerce business like Idealz. We can give 100% assurance in delivering Idealz clone within a few days, which is almost impossible for any other vendors. We can also assure implementation and development and a budget-friendly price for your project. Here are some of the website like idealz we have developed,
1. Boostx
2. Luxury Souq
3. Winner Cobone

 If you need to see the Admin backend demo, please contact us.

Sigosoft has been in the business since 2014, and our experienced team members have been developing Web application  as well as mobile app for more than 300 clients worldwide. The completed project works in the Portfolio reveal our company’s excellence in mobile app development. If you are ready for competition with Idealz then feel free to contact us or share your requirements at   [email protected] or Whatsapp


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