To develop a successful e-commerce platform similar to Idealz, several factors should be considered. First, it is important to conduct thorough market research to understand the target audience, their needs and preferences, and the competitors in the industry. This will help to identify unique selling points and opportunities for differentiation.

It is crucial to have a user-friendly and visually appealing website design that is optimized for mobile devices and search engines. This will improve the customer experience and increase the chances of conversions.Additionally, implementing a reliable and secure payment gateway and offering multiple payment options is essential for building trust with customers.


 What Makes Idealz Stand Out From Other eCommerce Stores?


idealz Campaign


Idealz is an ecommerce platform that offers customers a wide range of products in five different categories: watches, cars, electronics, cash or gold, and lifestyle. When customers make purchases on the website, they have the opportunity to win luxury prizes through lucky draw tickets. Each purchase earns customers one ticket, and if they choose to donate the product, they can earn two tickets.

Idealz runs regular campaigns, and the lucky winner of each campaign is announced live on social media on the draw date. The prizes for these campaigns are quite extravagant, with the potential to win a Mercedes or a Range Rover. With Idealz, customers can not only purchase the products they need but also have a chance to win high-end luxury items.


Essential Points To Remember When Developing A Website Like Idealz


When developing a website like Idealz in the UAE, it is crucial to comply with the rules and regulations set by the government. One important step is to register the company legally and obtain a bank account, as these are required for setting up payment gateways.

To operate an ecommerce business like Idealz internationally, it is important to choose a payment gateway that supports multiple languages and currencies, such as Stripe. Consulting with a legal expert is also recommended to ensure that the website’s terms and conditions and privacy policy comply with local laws.

Finally, it’s important to work with an experienced software development company that has a track record of developing similar websites and apps. The company should be able to guide you through the development process and also help you navigate any challenges that may arise when going live.

Must have Features For An App Like Idealz

Here’s a list of  features of idealz clone that help it stand out among other online stores.

    1. Lucky Draw Mechanism: This is one of the key features of Idealz, which differentiates it from other online stores. Customers can earn lucky draw tickets with each purchase and stand a chance to win high-end luxury prizes.
    2. Product Categories: The website is divided into different product categories, making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.
    3. Secure Payment and Shipping: The website offers secure payment and shipping options to ensure a smooth transaction process for customers.
    4. Multi-language and Multi-currency support: The website provides support for multiple languages and currencies to cater to a global audience.
    5. Robust Data Security: The website is equipped with robust data security measures to protect customer information and comply with data protection regulations.
    6. Mobile-Friendly: The website is designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for customers accessing the website on mobile devices.
    7. Social Media Integration: The website is integrated with social media platforms, making it easy for customers to share products and promotions on their social media profiles.
    8. Live Campaign Draws: The website broadcasts live draws for campaigns, making it more interactive and engaging for customers.
    9. Customer Support: The website provides excellent customer support to address any issues or concerns customers may have.
    10. Marketing and Promotion: The website has a well-planned strategy for promoting the website and campaigns, including social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization.


Skilled developers and designers will have the necessary experience and knowledge to handle the technical aspects of building the website and mobile app and ensure that it is user-friendly, secure, and able to handle high traffic. They will also be able to provide guidance and support throughout the development process and help you navigate any challenges that may arise.


What Is the Development Cost to Build a Mobile App like Idealz?


The cost of developing a website like Idealz can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the project, the hourly rate of the developers, and the cost of any additional features or integrations that may be required. On average, the development cost for a shopping app like Idealz in Dubai can range from AED 20,000 to AED 45,000.

It’s important to note that development cost is only one part of the overall cost of creating and launching a website like Idealz. Additional costs may include marketing and advertising expenses, as well as ongoing operating costs for things like server hosting, customer support, and inventory management.

Risks in developing a website like Idealz include the possibility of delays or budget overruns, failure to comply with regulations and standards, lack of user adoption, poor performance or scalability and security issues. Choosing a reputable and experienced development company like Sigosoft can help mitigate these risks by providing a clear project plan, transparent communication, and a team of experienced developers.

In conclusion, developing a website like Idealz can be a complex and costly endeavor, but with the right team, it can be a valuable asset for your business. It’s important to work with a reputable development company that has experience in creating similar projects, and to have a clear understanding of the costs and risks involved.


 Technologies Used To Develop An App Like Idealz


Platforms: Android & IOS for Mobile App. Web Application compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla.

Wireframe: The framed architecture of the mobile app layout.

App Design: User-friendly customized UX/UI design using Figma.

Development: Backend development: PHP Laravel framework, MySQL(Database), AWS/Google cloud

Frontend development: React Js, Vue js, Flutter

Email & SMS Integration: We suggest Twilio for SMS and Sendgrid for Email and using Cloudflare for SSL and security. 


Encrypting the database is an important step in securing a website like Idealz from hacking. Encryption is a process of converting plain text into a coded format that is unreadable to anyone without the proper decryption key. This helps to protect sensitive customer data, such as personal information and payment details, from unauthorized access.

In addition to encrypting the database, it’s also important to follow best practices for API development to ensure the highest performance and security. This includes implementing secure coding practices, testing the APIs for vulnerabilities, and regularly monitoring and updating them to address any security issues that may arise.

Other security measure can include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Regularly testing and monitoring the website for vulnerabilities
  • Use of firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Regularly updating the website with security patches
  • Use of HTTPS protocol
  • Limiting access to the website’s administrative panel

It’s important to work with a development team that has experience in implementing security measures and can provide guidance on best practices for securing the website. This will help to ensure that customer data is protected and that the website is able to withstand any potential security threats.


Why Sigosoft?

Experience is an important factor when it comes to developing a website like Idealz. A development team that has experience with similar projects will have a better understanding of the complexities involved and will be better equipped to handle any challenges that may arise.

Sigosoft has already developed several ecommerce websites and mobile apps similar to Idealz. This experience gives an edge when it comes to developing a website like Idealz, as Sigosoft have a deep understanding of the features and functionality required to make it successful.

Sigosoft’s expertise in delivering Idealz clone within a few days is an added advantage, as it can help to get your website up and running quickly. Additionally, Sigosoft can provide assurance of budget-friendly price for your project.

Here are some of the website like idealz we have developed,

1. Boostx
2. Luxury Souq
3. Winner Cobone

 If you need to see the Admin backend demo, please contact us.

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