Are you exhausted sitting around in a doctor’s waiting room, reluctant to even use the facilities for fear of missing your appointment? Do you feel that the doctors are doing you an injustice by having you wait all day? Well, you are not alone. Thousands of patients everywhere face the same problems. Patients book an appointment, and when they show up on time, the doctor may not be available. So they may have to wait. This situation has rendered patients feeling flustered and exhausted. 


What The Doctor Has To Say


If a person is to look from the eyes of the doctor, he cannot be blamed. The professional life of a doctor revolves around emergencies and unpredictabilities. He may be called off due to some emergency cases, and he may not be available because a surgery ran late, or a patient who was admitted needed immediate care. 

The doctor has a very busy schedule. It is beyond the understanding of an average patient. Patients should empathise with the doctors as much as the doctors empathise with the patients. With the telemedicine app, the doctors can keep track of their schedule and tokens in real time, accept online consultation requests, see booking summaries, decide on visiting hours, and edit their own profile with their latest achievements. 

With the app, a doctor can get accurate medical histories of first-time patients and import any patient’s medical records with ease. Till recently, the doctors had to go through a series of phone calls, connecting previous doctors the patient has been to, trying to get accurate medical histories and deciding on future treatment. All that hassle goes away with the telemedicine app. 


Identifying The Problem

One should understand that the problem here is neither the doctor nor the patient. The roots of the problem may be attributed to a communication gap between the doctor and the patient in the outpatient waiting room. The doctor couldn’t always inform his patients when he was being called off due to an emergency.


The Warranted Solution

This is where a solution is warranted. A telemedicine app which alerts the patients when the doctor is running late so that the patient can reschedule their day to fit the doctor’s appointment into another time slot. This app helps patients to eliminate the tiresome waits outside the doctor’s office.

The app further looks forward to eradicating long lines in front of pharmacies. It is highly exhausting to wait at pharmacies for a refill of one’s prescription, especially after the long wait at the doctor’s office. One of the features of the app lets the patient upload his prescription and get medicine delivered to his doorstep. 


The Challenges In Implementation

While building a telemedicine app, the telemedicine app developers may have to go through many challenges. A series of brainstorming sessions, a market study to understand what exactly is needed, talks with end users, middle users and others- trying to get a clear picture. Once they have a clear picture, they have to find the best way to execute it so that the platform runs smoothly. 

The telemedicine app development team had to overcome a plethora of hurdles to make sure that every feature on the app ran smoothly. 

If a patient is afraid of the hospital environment and does not want to come to the clinic for a consultation, he should be able to do so. The telemedicine app packs a feature which allows online consultation. The app lets the patient book online appointments and consults with a doctor through video chat.


Key Points To Keep In Mind While Developing A telemedicine App

When developing a telemedicine app in India, it is crucial to follow all the rules and regulations set by the government. One of the most important steps towards ensuring this is to register the company legally while obtaining a bank account. These steps are crucial while setting up payment gateways. 

While operating a telemedicine app, it is pivotal to choose a payment gateway that does not crash while handling heavy loads. Consulting with a legal expert is highly recommended to ensure that the terms, conditions, and privacy policy of the app are not violating any local laws. 

Last but not least, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced software development company that has previous experience developing similar websites and apps. The company may be useful in guiding the app owner through the development process while helping to navigate any challenges that may arise when the app goes live. 


Necessary Features For A telemedicine App

Here is a list of features that make our telemedicine app stand out among other telemedicine apps. 


Easy Signup: Users are able to sign up and register to the app effortlessly with just a few clicks. The process of setting up an account is so easy that anyone can do it.

Doctor Categories: Categorised into different sections, the website is organised to give the user what he is looking for without too much trouble. 

Secure Payment and Shipping: The website is integrated with secure payment and shipping methods, which ensure smooth transactions and satisfied users.

Multi-Language Support: The website supports multiple languages to ensure that it is accessible to all users without any language barrier issues. 

Robust Data Security: Equipped with robust data security measures, the website vouches to protect user information and comply with data protection regulations. 

Mobile Friendly: Designed to be mobile friendly, the website provides a seamless experience for users accessing the website on mobile devices. 

High Resolution And Picture Quality: A high resolution and picture quality ensures smooth interaction between patients and doctors. 

Location Assistance: Equipped with advanced location assistance, the website makes it easier for customers to pinpoint the delivery address along with landmarks and zip codes. 

Customer Support: With excellent customer support, the website is equipped to handle any issues or concerns that customers may have. 

Marketing And Promotion: With a well-planned strategy, the website promotes itself and its campaigns, including social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization.


Skilled doctor consultation app development teams and designers have the technical know-how as to what needs to be done and the experience and knowledge to handle the aspects of building the website and mobile app while ensuring that it is user-friendly, secure and able to handle high-traffic. Further, they will be able to provide guidance and support throughout the entire development process and help navigate any challenges that may arise amidst the journey.


The Development  Costs Of Building A telemedicine App

The cost to develop a telemedicine app could vary depending upon a number of factors like the complexity of the project, the hourly rate of the developers, and the cost of any additional features or integrations that may be required. The average cost of developing a telemedicine app in India can vary from USD 10,000 to USD 35,000. 

One should keep in mind that the development cost is only one part of the overall cost of creating and launching a telemedicine app. Additional costs could include marketing and advertising expenses, ongoing operating costs like server hosting, customer support, and other costs. 

There are several risks involved with creating a telemedicine app. These include the possibility of delays, budget overruns, failures to comply with regulations or standards, lack of user adaptations, poor performance, scalability, or security issues etc. Selecting a reputable and experienced telemedicine app development company like Sigosoft can prove to be helpful in dealing with these risks while providing a clear-cut project plan, transparent communication, and a team of experienced developers. 

To conclude, one could say that developing a telemedicine app could become a complex and costly endeavour. With the right team, it will prove to be a valuable asset to one’s business. It is crucial that you find a reputable company with proven experience creating similar projects and telemedicine app development services so that they have a clear understanding of the costs and risks involved. 


Technologies Used In Developing A telemedicine App

Platforms: Mobile App on Android and iOS devices. Web Application compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla.

Wireframe: The framed architecture of the mobile app layout.

App Design: User-friendly customised UX/UI design using Figma.

Development: Backend Development: PHP Laravel framework, MySQL(Database), AWS/Google cloud

Frontend Development: React Js, Vue js, Flutter

Email & SMS Integration: We suggest Twilio for SMS and SendGrid for Email and using Cloudflare for SSL and security. 


Encrypting the database is an important step in securing a telemedicine app from hacking. Encryption is a process of converting plain text into a coded format that is unreadable to anyone without the proper decryption key. This helps to protect sensitive customer data, such as personal information and payment details, from unauthorised access.

In addition to encrypting the database, it’s also important to follow best practices for API development to ensure the highest performance and security. This includes implementing secure coding practices, testing the APIs for vulnerabilities, and regularly monitoring and updating them to address any security issues that may arise.


Other security measures can include:

  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Regularly testing and monitoring the website for vulnerabilities.
  • Use of firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
  • Regularly updating the website with security patches.
  • Use of HTTPS protocol.
  • Limiting access to the website’s administrative panel.

It is crucial to work with an experienced development team that knows how to implement these security measures so that they can provide guidance on the best practices for securing the website. This makes sure that the customer data is protected and that the website has the potential to ward off any security threats. 


Reasons To Choose Sigosoft


An important part of developing a telemedicine app is experience. A development team with proven experience in building similar websites would have a better understanding of the complexities that may present themselves. As such, they will be better equipped to handle any challenges that may arise. 

Having already developed several telemedicine apps in the past, Sigosoft brings the experience to the table, which gives them an edge when developing a telemedicine app. The developers at Sigosoft have a deep understanding of the features and functionality it would take to make the website successful. You can read more about the features of tge telemedicine apps here.

As an added advantage, Sigosot can deliver a telemedicine app in a matter of days. This could help in getting your app and website up and running quickly. Additionally, Sigosoft offers a budget-friendly rate to complete your project. 

In the business since 2014, Sigosoft and our experienced team members have been developing Web applications as well as Mobile applications for more than 300 clients worldwide. The completed project works in our Portfolio showcases our company’s expertise in mobile app development. If you are ready to compete with telemedicine apps, then feel free to contact us or share your requirements at [email protected] or Whatsapp.