While building an app like Sheegr, Sigosoft faced several challenges. One of the commendable aspects of the project was the time frame in which Sigosoft completed the project. Completing and delivering a large-scale project like Sheegr within two months is truly admirable. 


The team faced several challenges while working on the project. The way we banded together to overcome these challenges shows our proficiency and experience on the subject. 

Our Behance page showcases the completed project works for your reference.


Efficiency And Time Management



Although a large project, Sigosoft completed Sheegr within 2-3 months. This speed could only be described as unattainable. Despite the pressure, the Sigosoft team worked day in and day out to make it possible and delivered the completed project to the client without any complaints or suggestions to change something. 





One of the main areas that the developers concentrated our efforts on was to ensure scalability. This meant that new stores, warehouses, employees, and delivery boys could be added to the existing model with ease. Sigosoft made sure that any number of things could be added to the mix without any issues anywhere on the front end or the back end. we made sure that the servers were strong enough to handle the heavy load of customers who may log in simultaneously. 


Delivery Management



When a customer places an order, the store is notified, and the customer receives a notification that the fish will be delivered within one hour if the stores are open or a subsequent time after if the stores are closed. The admin has two categories of delivery notifications- delayed orders, which compose of orders that are delayed in spite of a delivery partner being assigned, and pending orders, where a delivery partner has not yet been assigned. In the case of pending orders, even the customer is shown a timer as to when the order will reach them. The app further offers a way for the admin to deal with each kind of order as he pleases. 


Store Management 



The app was built in such a way as to accommodate in-store billing and the whole store management. The customers who make in-store purchases are issued a bill via the app itself. Other issues like stock management and new stock requests could also be handled through the app. Moreover, the nearest stores are notified when a customer places an order, and one of the stores picks it up. 


Warehouse Management 



The app has special features in place so that the stock that reaches the warehouse can be dealt with efficiently. Any unusable stock could be marked as such through the app. This ensures a level of clarity in the business so that there are no discrepancies later. 


Technical Management



The Sigosoft team worked very hard to secure payment gateways while overcoming the challenges of the RBI rule change. we even managed to secure developmental servers, testing servers, and product servers within a short time frame.  Additionally, we created an excellent backup for all the data using the latest technologies like GitHub, RDS, and S3 Bucket. This ensures that in case of the unfortunate event of a server crash, all the data is backed up, and nothing is lost.


After our hard work, when the Sigosoft team presented the final fish delivery app to the client, we were satisfied. Satisfying a big company like Sheegr which has immense knowledge in the field, and recognizes every nook and cranny where developers could go wrong, is a big deal. Sigosoft rose above this challenge and delivered an excellent fish delivery app due to our years of experience and the fact that we have created similar projects before. 


Waste Management 



The app has been made in such a way that even the waste can be managed efficiently. Each new supply of fish is weighed upon arrival when sold and after it is put in waste. If there are any mismatches in the entries, we are found immediately. The waste management team weighs the net waste daily and records it so that there are no misunderstandings. 


Technologies Used In Developing A Fish Delivery App


Platforms: Mobile App on Android and iOS devices. Web Application compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla.


Wireframe: The framed architecture of the mobile app layout.


App Design: User-friendly customised UX/UI design using Figma.


Development: Backend Development: PHP Laravel framework, MySQL(Database), AWS/Google cloud


Frontend Development: React Js, Vue js, Flutter


Email & SMS Integration: We suggest Twilio for SMS and SendGrid for Email and using Cloudflare for SSL and security. 


Encrypting the database is an important step in securing a fish delivery app from hacking. Encryption is a process of converting plain text into a coded format that is unreadable to anyone without the proper decryption key. This helps to protect sensitive customer data, such as personal information and payment details, from unauthorized access.


In addition to encrypting the database, it’s also important to follow best practices for API development to ensure the highest performance and security. This includes implementing secure coding practices, testing the APIs for vulnerabilities, and regularly monitoring and updating them to address any security issues that may arise.


Other security measures can include:


Two-factor authentication.

Regularly testing and monitoring the website for vulnerabilities.

Use of firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

Regularly updating the website with security patches.

Use of HTTPS protocol.

Limiting access to the website’s administrative panel.

It is crucial to work with an experienced development team that knows how to implement these security measures so that they can provide guidance on the best practices for securing the website. This makes sure that the customer data is protected and that the website has the potential to ward off any security threats. 


Reasons To Choose Sigosoft



An important part of developing a fish delivery app is experience. A development team with proven experience in building similar websites would have a better understanding of the complexities that may present themselves. As such, they will be better equipped to handle any challenges that may arise. 


Having already developed several fish delivery apps in the past, Sigosoft brings the experience to the table, which gives them an edge when developing a fish delivery app The developers at Sigosoft have a deep understanding of the features and functionality it would take to make the website successful. You can read more about the features of the fish delivery apps here.


As an added advantage, Sigosot can deliver a fish delivery app in a matter of days. This could help in getting your app and website up and running quickly. Additionally, Sigosoft offers a budget-friendly rate to complete your project. 


In the business since 2014, Sigosoft and our experienced team members have been developing Web applications as well as Mobile applications for more than 300 clients worldwide. The completed project works in our Portfolio showcases our company’s expertise in mobile app development. If you are ready to compete with fish delivery apps, then feel free to contact us or share your requirements at [email protected] or Whatsapp.