Pay Later Apps plays an important role in Money Management. Electricity bills, water bills, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, Daily groceries, milk charges etc., give a bottleneck situation for the middle-class family every month. Not only for the family but also students, their pocket money for recharge, snacks, and much more. But certain times when you run out of money, It’s hard to meet the end for the last few days of the month. Here is the time to use pay Later Apps


How Do Pay Later Apps work?


Money Management helps us live the life we want without any financial stress. Pay later Apps offer limited credit, it’s not free, but we can pay back later after one week or one month or later according to the plan. Yeah! We can order now, and our credit payer will pay. Some later pay apps offer offline merchant support. The best part of the Pay later App is that it is interest-free. Pay later App can be used for bill payments, rent payments, buying groceries etc.


Why should I Use Pay Later Apps?


Pay later Apps are 

  • Management of Money is the primary goal of Pay later Apps
  • The safest mode for transactions as we don’t want to log into our account every time. 
  • We don’t want to worry about transaction failures and refund process
  • Best for students who can manage their money wisely and parents can analyze the spending behavior of the child also

Many merchant sites have incorporated pay later sites as a part of their payment options. The number of users of these apps is likely to grow with the increased use of smartphones and online markets. With the rise of digital transformation, the use of Buy now pays later apps increased to its peak. 


Which Are The Best Pay Later Apps?


Pay later Apps are similar to credit cards, but the App will not provide any physical card. It is like a wallet. Nowadays, numerous apps provide the Pay later methodology, and these have become a part of our life. Once a person uses him, he can be in a comfort zone to use this. The latest and new pay later app are below

Let’s have a look at the features and benefits of the best Pay later apps:



simple support apps


Simpl is one of the fast-growing Pay later Apps in India. As its name indicates, it is simple to use and has excellent customer support. Simpl offers transactions with many merchants. The spending limit will constantly increase according to the spending habits, customer profile strength, and regular repayment. Regular bill payment is an essential factor for improving credit limits. Simpl offers transactions for so many merchant Apps and service apps.

Simpl offers not only for online grocery App  but also for monthly payments recharge, practo like Telemedicine App etc





LazyPay is one of the top-rated shop now and pays later apps. It comes with three options: pay later, instant personal loan, and EMI. We can create a lazy pay account with our mobile number through an app or website. LazyPay is accepted by more than 100 merchants, including Food Delivery App like Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, Uber etc. They have a 15-day cycle due on the 3rd and 18th of each month. With LazyPay, the main feature is that if we fail to pay back on time, the penalty charge will be less than competitors.


What makes Lazypay unique from others?


  • LazyPay gives assurance about the high security in transactions and data storage.
  •  LazyPay strictly follows all guidelines issued by the RBI. 
  • There will be no transaction failures on the checkout page.
  • Best Pay later app for students.


Paytm Postpaid

paytm post paid


We can say Paytm postpaid is undoubtedly an excellent Pay later App. The key feature is that it offers offline purchases through QR code scanning and online. Also, get instant credit of up to Rs. 60,000 within minutes accordingly. We can change our credit expense into 6 EMIs.It is easy to create a Paytm postpaid account without submitting physical documents. KYC already submitted for the Paytm account is enough for this. Apart from other Use now pay later apps, Paytm postpaid can do much more. 


What are the benefits of Paytm Postpaid compared to competitors?


The key and highlighted benefit of Paytm postpaid is that we can use it as online and offline services. Other Pay later apps only offer their services with selected serviced apps, not offline merchants. That means Paytm postpaid is used in online and offline merchants. Let’s go through other vital features

  • Get instant credit of up to Rs. 60,000 accordingly
  • No need to submit any long list of documents
  • The account has to activate within 2 mins, and some simple steps
  • Transactions supported local merchants
  • We can repay once or through 6 EMI
  • Pay Later is used to pay monthly bills, make online and offline purchases, book tickets and much more
  • We will get 30 days to repay, and it is interest-free also.
  • The credit limit will increase based on the repayment.


Pay Later by ICICI Bank.


So many companies offer pay later service, but this is the first time a bank itself provides this service. ICICI Bank was the first bank to provide pay-later services to buy smaller items for its customers. The customer will get a credit limit from Rs.5,000 to Rs.20,000. The critical feature of ICICI Pay later is its repayment time limit. When other companies offer 15 days repayment time, ICICI offers 30days of bill generation and repayment before the 15th of next month. We can pay the bill using online payment.


What are the benefits of ICICI Pay later compared to competitors?


  • The main feature is the repayment Structure. Pay later bill only generates on the 30th of every month, and we can repay before the 15th of next month.
  • We can perform online and offline transactions and transfer money using UPI.

 Let’s Talk about Some International Pay later Apps Too





Sezzle provides an international pay later system for customers and is now incorporating 40,000 and more eCommerce Merchants worldwide. Among these, more than 700 merchants are in India. Millions of shoppers can use the consumer-friendly Buy Now, Pay Later option through this. They offer interest-free installments, transparency and no-hidden costs and repayment within six weeks in 4 installments.

In 2023, they expect to increase the credit limit even to buy an electronic device. Buy Now Pay Later service widening wings all over the world.



Afterpay is an Australia-based company provides Buy now Pay Later Service. If the user repay the amount on time, then there will be  0% interest .This Pay Later App is best for international Students



BNPL(Buy Now Pay Later) Apps round the world is one of the top-rated mobile apps used in our daily life. Most city life prefers Pay Later apps for money management and safety transactions. Therefore Mobile App Development Companies are in a rush to develop new pay later Apps. Money Management helps us live the life we want without any financial stress. At the end of the month, it is tight to meet the lots. Pay later Apps to offer Worthy credit that had to be repaid within a specific time limit. Rather than a loan, it simply provides financial support with no interest.


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