Online apps can prove promising and profitable, with 92.6% of the 4.66 billion users accessing the internet with them. Over the previous years, the social media startup firms made efforts to form connections between peers, friends, and celebrities. Among the various social platforms that witnessed success, Clubhouse is one of them. The Mobile App Development Company indicates that users prefer more responsive social media. Among the different renowned platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Clubhouse has joined the wagon. This social network functions over a voice chat.


The Clubhouse application is a social networking app that uses audio messages for communication. These audible messages can present a personalized approach to its users. The release of the Clubhouse application around the month of May 2020 caught the interest of several entrepreneurs. As a result, the app has witnessed a download of more than 2.4 million Clubhouse matches the characteristic features of the Discord app. The only difference lies in the navigation of the application and the number of social audiences.


The social audio chat app passed its development phase in March of 2020. In light of the recent statistics placed by Pitchbook, the social audio app chat Clubhouse has a worth of $1billion. The app runs over the iOS platform for the present although its Android version is under development. According to the latest statistics on the 16th of February 2021, Clubhouse witnessed more than 9 million downloads from around the World.


In Clubhouse, the users can join rooms and engage in vocal interactions among themselves over voice chats. Once the user registers with their name and profile image, they can access a room list that other group members developed. Thus, the creator becomes the main focus in the bound community rooms.


An external user can join in these continuing conversations. When a user registers in the app, the system mutes them automatically. However, the users can unmute themselves if they prefer to indulge in the conversation. But the uniqueness of the Clubhouse app, within the social media context, is that the user can participate only via an invitation. But, since Clubhouse uses an invite-only model, it is unavailable over the app stores in the initial situation. The new user obtains a TestFlight link along with a personal greeting from the app developer. In addition, the app maker offers a description of the working procedure of the Clubhouse app.


How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mobile App in 2021 like Clubhouse?


The app earned the potential to earn $ 1 billion worth just through a tap by the well-renowned innovator Elon Musk. Despite the intrusion of Tesla’s father, the Clubhouse app had a high sales potential. The user experience over the app was simple and it grasped the attention of the majority.


The Clubhouse voice chat needs to refer to several factors. Some of them include tech stack, time period, hourly group pace, project size, plan intricacy, the number of task group admins, etc.  Statistics indicate a month-wise download of the Clubhouse Voice Chat App. From a meager 2110 downloads in the September of 2020, the Clubhouse app jumped to a staggering 90,78,317 by February 2021.


The development of a Clubhouse-similar voice chat app requires some effort.


1. Adequate Amounts of Market Research 


The developer needs to initiate research on the competition. They should study the use of means and methods by the rival groups to attract users. Identify their potentials and defects to work on the lacking aspect. Adequate levels of market research can help to identify the success secret of the competition.


2. Researching the Target Audience  


One of the crucial focal points includes the target audience. The developer must possess some knowledge of the app problems, customer preferences, and cultural demographics. The marketer must form an acquaintance with the customers. The seller can initiate an interview with each of their buyers to identify their inclinations. The developer can use the information to design their apps to meet customer demands.


3. Attractive and Convenient Design  


There are vast options available for users to choose their apps. Variety walks hand-in-hand with similarity. The app design should be unique and attractive at the same time. It must catch the attention of its followers. The marketer needs to identify the requirements of their users and design the voice chat in a like manner. Developers need to balance the attractive visual quality of the app with smooth functionality.


4. Choose a Financial Model  


Developers can opt from three financial models on an app that includes freemium, premium, and advertisement. Users can download a freemium app without any cost. Premium is a one-time payment model where users purchase the app.


5. Form an App Development Team 


An app development team can initiate business valuation, design technical aspects, estimate a price and plan the project. The team should stabilize the workflow, select the core app functions and design the app concept.


6. Develop an MVP 

Once the team decides over workflow and confirms the app functions, they move to create the minimum viable product. The  MVP is a prototype of the app. It contains the key functional elements that are in the planning stage to include in the product. The test runs through small audience feedback that helps to improve the product. The MVP consists of important aspects which can improve the user experience and replaces irrelevant features.


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