AJIO, a fashion and lifestyle brand, is a digital commerce initiative by Reliance retail – one of the largest business groups in India. It is the ultimate fashion destination for styles that are handpicked, on-trend, and at the best affordable prices. The AJIO app is available for download on either google play store or the Apple store


Reliance initiated a fashion-focused e-commerce platform on 1st April 2016 and soon it has proven to be a successful venture which generates significant revenue. The success of an online fashion retailer like AJIO has persuaded many budding entrepreneurs to this industry. A common doubt that puzzles these budding entrepreneurs are, how much would it cost to build an app like AJIO?


In this digital era, almost everyone relies on online shopping platforms to purchase any commodities at any time. The hassle of going out and waiting can be avoided and they can buy anything without even getting out from their couch. Other than the end-users, on the other side of this thread, the entrepreneurs are constantly trying to boost their operational efficiency in all the ways they could.


Here is when mobile apps play a crucial role. The interactive experience offered by them regardless of the industry attracts a large number of users. It supports both the business and the end-users to maintain a smooth business channel and generate potential leads as well. This enables the entrepreneurs to scale their business exponentially.


Need For  A Shopping App Like Ajio

The reason behind why shopping apps like Ajio are becoming a huge success is, In this fast-moving world people always try to do everything as fast as possible with minimum effort. Online shopping apps deliver a unique experience to their users with a wide range of products listed in them. One can easily search the desired product by using specific features such as sort and filter.


Everything and anything is available under one umbrella. Additional to this, most of the shopping app provides a lot of offers and discounts. It enables people to reach out to any kind of products they need. The users are getting a world-class shopping experience. The conventional shoppings methods are getting outdated right after the arrival of shopping apps like Ajio.  


The services provided by Ajio are,

  • Multiple fashion options
  • Account registration and My account
  • Ajio wallet
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Notification bar
  • Store
  • Search bar
  • Wishlist and My bag
  • Search history
  • Product classification
  • Home delivery
  • Cash on delivery
  • Return guarantee
  • Easy cancellation
  • Secure payment


AJIO provides fashion enthusiasts with a wide range of collections of unique styles and brands. The users can register their accounts and can have a wide range of personalized options using the My Account feature. Users can keep their money safe and secure in the Ajio wallet and this application has a very pleasing dashboard. Every update regarding the products is popped up in the notification bar.


The users can explore a wide range of brands from the various stores or else they can search for a specific product in the search bar. The favorite products can be added to the wishlist and at the time of purchase, add it into the bag. The app saves the previous search history and displays it at the bottom to make the searching process much easier. Products can be classified based on the categories such as clothing, footwear, and so on.


The logistic partners of Ajio make sure that the buyers get their order at home, at the right time with no delay. Multiple payment options are one of the main features of the Ajio app. The customers who are not enough confident about online shopping can go for cash on delivery option. If the customer has changed his plans and wishes to cancel the order, they can do the same effortlessly.


Also, if the customer is not satisfied with the received product, they can return the products and the paid amount will be refunded to the buyer’s bank account within a few business days. Another feature ensured by Ajio is – the secure payment channel, making sure that the customer has a safe and secure transaction experience during the payment.


The cost of developing a shopping app like Ajio depends upon various factors such as :

  • Size of the business
  • Platform 
  • Region


Size of the business

The size of the business is classified into three levels.

  • Small
  • Midsize business 
  • Enterprise-level business


The size of the business is determined by the number of products it sells and the range of customer engagement.


Small e-commerce has a limited customer base and a small number of products. Hence it needs fewer features as compared to the other two. According to the reports, it costs between 300 USD to 16000 USD.


Midsize e-commerce business has an average number of products and customer range. So it might need some complex features that the small e-commerce. It can cost between 16000 USD and 35000 USD.


A business that has a wide range of products and customer base requires a strong solution. It might need advanced features that increase the scalability of the business. Hence it is more expensive. Its price range starts from 40000 USD.


App Development Platform

The platform in which the application is developed has a huge impact on the cost. The platform must be chosen according to the targeted user base. While iOS is more popular in North America, android has a large user base across the world. The cost-efficient way is to go for platforms such as react-native or Flutter. Developing a hybrid app is better since the client does not have to develop separate apps for android and iOS.



the region is a major factor that affects the cost of developing an app. Developing an app in a foreign country can cost around 6 to 7 times more than developing it in a country like India. 


Apart from all the factors mentioned above, there are certain other constraints that affect the cost of developing a shopping app like Ajio. Some advanced features such as AI Chatbots, Voice search function, Recommendation engine, etc has a great impact on its cost of development.



When it comes to developing a high-end online shopping app like Ajio, one must carry out thorough research so as to analyze the steps, cost of development and then to choose the right partner to develop the same. Sigosoft has developed multiple fashion and lifestyle ecommerce websites and Apps. Also, there are unexplored e-commerces making millions with small budget and limited products such as iDealz. Please read our blog how to build a website and app like idealz to know more.