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OLX is the most prominent classified company that allows selling and buying second-hand or used goods locally. OLX Classified offers services in popular categories like Vehicles, Properties, and Electronics. People can access OLX classified through the Website, iOS, and Android mobile applications.

As a Mobile App development company, we get inquiries about developing clones for OLX Mobile App, and we give the following information to our customers before engaging in the work. Also, many customers are looking for dedicated classifieds for a particular service. Recently we have developed a mobile classifieds application dedicated to Commercial vehicles. You can read more about Auticto, a Commercial Vehicle Classifieds App, here.


Classified ads revenue from 2015-2021


When considering classifieds mobile app development, we need to decide what features should be included in the mobile app and how much we can invest. Please keep in mind that the development cost is only one-third of the price, the rest you should invest in marketing and other administrative purposes to succeed in your classifieds Mobile Application.

Whatever mobile classifieds app you are going to develop, you cannot skip the following features,

  1. Easy registration & login.
  2. One can post free ads after confirming a mobile number.
  3. One can buy or sell products in a different category. The users can only view and post that particular category item if it is dedicated.
  4. Users can easily choose their current location or select a location they like.
  5. Users need to view details of the posts, they can add to favorites.
  6. Chatting options with sellers help safe negotiation about the price.
  7. Real-time alerts and notifications about other buyers & sellers for chats get closed.
  8. Sellers need an option to feature their ads, which will be the most effective revenue for your classified app.


What is the real cost of OLX-like app development?


App Design, Do we need a wireframe or not?

UI and UX are essential elements for the overall success of the project. But before directly going into UI, you should first work with a wireframe. Only after several brainstorming you should proceed with UI/UX designing. The colors are also important factors, so if possible, get proper guidance from a branding company and follow their guidelines when designing UI/UX for your classifieds Application.


App Platforms, Should we go for Hybrid or Native Apps?

The cost of Android Apps is generally lesser than for iOS. So if cost is a factor, you should first go with Android-only classifieds Apps. But, as a Mobile App company, we recommend going with a Hybrid platform like Flutter or React Native. Also, the backend should be robust and scalable, and here we recommend Php Framework like Laravel.



Infrastructure, Do we need a dedicated server at the beginning?

Selecting a server is a crucial part of your classifieds Apps. What we are suggesting is that you should start with a VPS server from a provider like Digital ocean. A server with a cost of between $10 to $20 will be able to meet your needs in the beginning. As your classified App is growing, you can migrate to dedicated servers. But do not go with a high-performance server at the beginning stage. Still, it would be best if you were careful about the security and performance factors of the server.



App development team, In-house team, or hire a Mobile App company?

This is an obvious question in the entrepreneur’s mind when starting a classifieds App company. Going straight to our opinion, as a company with experience and expertise in classifieds App development, you should hire or give the contract to a trustworthy Mobile App Development company. In the agreement, you need to mention that the work has to be handled by your in-house team after completion, or if you are planning to go with this company for the maintenance, get in terms with the Annual Maintenance cost and other support costs at the initial time itself. The top 10 things to consider when buying a source code will help you avoid headaches in the future.



Payment Gateway, Which one we should select?

The payment gateway is essential if you provide an option for featuring ads in your classified Mobile App. Today there are many options for Mobile App Payment gateways. You should select your payment gateway based on the locations you will serve. If you provide international service for your classifieds Mobile App, you should go with Stripe. Also, integrating a third-party payment gateway to Mobile Apps is not recommended nowadays. The most risk-free method is going with in-App payments offered by Google and Apple. Even though they cut a significant margin, this will be easier and more reliable in the long run.


What is the cost of developing an OLX-like classifieds app at Sigosoft?





Sigosoft has already developed multiple classified Mobile Apps. We have developed an exact clone for OLX classified, and you can download the Android App here. Also, we have developed dedicated classifieds App such as Auticto – Buy and Sell commercial Vehicles. The cost for an OLX clone or OLX-like classifieds App will range from USD 20,000 to USD 30,000. The price of a dedicated classified App will be USD 10,000 to USD 20,000. You can view more details on our classified product page and look at the demo of our classified mobile App developed for the Android platform.