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Learning Apps and traditional learning are in extreme ends now. Learning about the Solar System from the textbook is quite boring. Byhearting the number of planets, their features, rotation, revolution, etc. makes a small child exhausted. Not an exception for grown-ups too. Sitting in a boring theory class, listening to the technical lecturers, assignments without understanding the contents, etc. is the same scenario in offline and online sections.

So to make our learning class interesting, we need to approach some different concepts together. These are the following concepts

  • Learning Apps
  • Blended learning

Let’s see how the learning apps help in blended learning


Learning Apps 


Learning is a continuous process in everyone’s life. Grasping power is different for every person. So to understand the actual process effectively, learning apps play an inevitable role. It can be effectively useful not only for learners but also for teachers


blended learning and elearning


Free Learning apps are developed according to the needs of the students which helps easy understanding and grasping of information. Micro videos, challenging puzzles, educational games, AR/VR technologies, etc are the key features of learning Apps. Apart from the lecturers, interesting fun activities make the learning app unique in its features. Activities and puzzles make students use their skills.

Learning is a lifetime process, even if you learn a lot of things still things are left to explore. To expand our knowledge we need to catch proper information and have to implement that. The benefits of a best learning Apps are much more than this. 

  • Anytime Access

Learning Apps can be accessed anytime anywhere. The flexibility they offer is whenever a student wants to study, he can. There is no time-bound.

  • Budget-Friendly

Compared to special tuition given subject by subject, learning apps are budget-friendly with creative concepts

  • Clear Concepts within a Short period

Learning App gives much importance to microlearning and thus concepts have excellent clarity within a short period.

  • No need to travel

Why Is Traditional Learning Not Effective now?


hybrid learning


The Pandemic Era made a forceful transition of learners and lecturers to digital transformation. In the beginning, everyone struggled with new norms and finally adapted to technologies and e-learning. Digitalization reveals the infinite scope of technology in the field of education to both learners and lecturers. 

Even Though the Pandemic Era has not ended, everyone learns to live with Covid-19. So education Institutions are now back to normal. Studies show that students like to be in the physical classroom but still they have to enjoy creative concepts. It’s been three years since they are learning concepts that differ from tradition. So now we need a blend of traditional and technology learning. There arise the blended learning concepts.


What Is Blended Learning Model?



Repeated Covid-19 mutation and generation of new waves clearly show that we are still in the Pandemic Era. Only traditional learning can’t offer a perfect education to our younger generation


Nowadays Students, as well as teachers, know the scope of the internet and technologies in education. Students are learning more than from textbooks through learning app


Even though these two concepts are similar, their way of concept explanations is in two extremes. By integrating these two concepts effectively, then we can provide an improved quality of education to our generation.


A traditional face-to-face explanation of concepts is necessary and we need smart classes too.

Management should also incorporate an excellent learning app that provides the explanations, assignments, notes, and chapter related works for students


How Blended Learning Has To Be Implemented?


Along with the traditional classroom, a blend of technology has to cascade. With the help of an best learning app Parents, Teachers and Students can effectively use blended learning Concepts


Teachers web App


All the academic works can be uploaded by teachers at the exact time. Let’s go through the features

  • Teachers can organize and upload chapter wise materials as pdf.
  • Assignments can be given with a time limit.
  • Some puzzles, riddles, and even more fun games related to academics can be given
  • Teachers can conduct online class Tests and valuation can also be done,
  • Teachers can monitor students’ test results.


Student App


  • Students can download chapter wise materials as a pdf 
  • Assignments can be submitted within the time limit
  • Students can attend online class Tests and they can view test results 
  • Comments can raise


Parents App


  • Parents can analyze the performance of their children
  • Payment of fees can be done 
  • Parents can interact with teachers also


Cost For Developing A Learning App


The estimate for developing a free learning App is varies based on the following feature

  • Customized Edu features for the App  
  • Choosing Suitable Platforms like Android, iOS, or Hybrid
  • User-Friendly UI/UX design
  • Developer’s payments in hours
  • Maintenance charge for App


The overall budget for developing a learning App that ranges from $20,000 to $50,000. Then hiring a Mobile App Development Company in India is the actual choice for a budget-friendly project. Asian companies are less expensive than European companies. 




The Pandemic Era boosted the digitalization in education too. Students, as well as teachers, know the scope of the internet and technologies in education. Students are learning more than from academics through learning apps  and they are fond of creative learning now.


By integrating the learning app and the traditional education method effectively, we can provide an improved quality of education through blended learning. An outstanding mobile App development Company like Sigosoft can make efficient learning app and there by improve blended learning.

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