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The pandemic impacted almost every aspect of our life. During the lockdown, gyms and fitness studios had little choice but to enhance their digital presence. Many began to provide virtual lessons, allowing members to enjoy services from the convenience of their own homes.

Lockdown also motivated many to upgrade their gym and purchase exercise equipment. Fitness Apps help people improve their overall health, lower their risk of lifestyle diseases, and live a long, disease-free life.


Cult.Fit -The Fitness App Logo

Cult. Fit (previously cure. fit or Curefit) is a health and fitness brand that provides online and offline exercise, nutrition, and mental well-being experiences.

Cult. Fit redefines workouts with a variety of trainer-led, group workout courses to make fitness fun and easy. It makes working out enjoyable, everyday meals wholesome and appetizing, mental fitness simple with yoga and meditation, and medical and lifestyle care.


What exactly is a cult center?


Mukesh Bansal and Ankit co-founded Nagori in 2016, and the company is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Cult centers are fitness facilities where you may join planned trainer-led group courses in various formats, such as Dance fitness, Yoga, Boxing, S&C, and HRX. Cult group classes emphasize general growth through solely body weight and free weights.


Cult.Fit provides services to meet all of your fitness requirements. Here’s a basic rundown of them.

1. At-center Group lessons – This is a one-of-a-kind service provided by Cult. They are trainer-led classes in various styles, including cardio-based dance fitness, muscle-building HRX, strength and conditioning, and soothing yoga and stretching.

This is a creative approach to working out your entire body while being motivated by others. Your trainer will pay special attention to you during your first few classes to ensure you are comfortable with the exercises.

Whatever stage of fitness one is at, there is something for everyone.

2.  Gyms – Ideal for users with specific fitness goals. Cult provides access to the country’s most diverse range of gyms, including Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, and Volt Gyms, to mention a few.

These gyms are supplied with trainers who will provide general guidance on utilizing the equipment and working out to obtain desired outcomes on the workout floor. On request, they may also be available for personal training.

3. Workouts at home – Why leave the comfort of your own home to exercise? Use the Cult App to access the many cult workouts available online. You can take advantage of a variety of pre-recorded and live sessions.

4. Transform – Many of us begin our fitness journey to lose weight. We frequently lose weight to have it creep back on us (very literally!).


Which Mental Health Treatments Does Cult.Fit Provide?

yoga, all-in-one health platform for fitness, nutrition, mental wellbeing, and primary care. It focuses on building self-confidence and modifying self-defeating ideas. We can get various mental wellness treatments, such as counseling with qualified professionals, marital therapy, support groups, and psychiatry.

In addition to treatment, you can find mental peace by practicing meditation and yoga. 


All In one Mobile App For Cult.Fit mobile app

This type of application can incorporate the capabilities of multiple app types at the same time. For example, that reveals the proper training method, the secrets of a balanced diet, and other things. The more features an app has, the easier it is to monetize, as you may enable each function for a different cost through different membership.


Through Cult.Fit app users can

  • Book sessions with a personalized trainer

A professional personal fitness trainer may design a training plan just for you. He is aware of your objectives and works with you to attain them.

A personal fitness trainer will demonstrate how to complete an exercise correctly. They will look to see if you are using good posture or technique. This will help to reduce the likelihood of harm. You will eventually be able to complete all workouts on your own.


  • Book group sessions

Cult distinguishes itself from other fitness clubs by providing group workouts that emphasize holistic growth. Cult has a simple philosophy – make fitness fun and easy with the help of best-in-class trainers and group workouts.


  • Attendance Tracking & Automated voice call

Attendance tracking can be done by QR code reading. offers a unique feature of automated calls. The user will get an automated call as a reminder for the session time. 


  • Order food from offers a balanced diet with a proper calorie tag for the user. So based on the gadget and trainer support, they can include a nutritious diet in the fitness plan


  • Membership in Cult.Fit

Cult ELITE, Cult PRO, Cult LIVE

We will get unlimited access to cult group courses, gyms, and live workouts with cult pass ELITE. Cult Pass Pro provides unrestricted access to gyms and live workouts and limited access to cult group programmes.

We will get unlimited access to all LIVE classes and DIY (on-demand) sessions with cultpass LIVE. Unlimited access to exercise, dance, meditation, health video content, and podcasts is included. A cult pass LIVE member has complete access to celebrity masterclasses, the option to work out with friends and track their energy scores, and the chance to assess their progress through reports.


  • Buy fitness products

Cultsport from the cult seeks to make health simple for the everyday athlete by delivering innovative fitness solutions. The cultsport product line comprises clothing, at-home fitness equipment, bicycles, and nutraceuticals, all designed to provide you with the finest workout experience possible.


Cultsport introduced the cultROW, an all-in-one cardio and strength training machine that gives a high-intensity workout that targets 85% of your muscle regions. It has a modest impact on the joints and aids in calorie burning.


  • Tracking user steps

Repetitions, sets, calories, hours, kilometers, kilos, miles, and pounds can all be tracked with the help of smart devices. This information is helpful because the user can measure their progress in measurable units, become motivated, and continue to use the programme to achieve more.


  • Get instructions to work out or meditate at home.

Cult .fit provides live support and recorded fitness classes for the members. If the member is unable to join the offline class, then offer them workout options in the home itself


What Makes fitness app Trending?


trending fitness App


While most fitness monitoring apps use standard features such as registration, user profiles, workout statistics, and dashboards, the ones that stand out are always experimenting. The characteristics of an app that define its success include innovative and enhanced design, user-friendly interface, mobile device support, and so on.


  • A Customized Onboarding Experience

Any healthcare app development firm understands that when it comes to health, each of us is unique – from the foods we prefer to the activities we participate in. When a user installs your software, personalization is a subtle method of informing them that you provide customization.


  • Wearable Device Design

People today utilize a variety of gadgets to track their health, the most common of which are wearables such as smartwatches. Designers and developers must ensure that their design and coding skills allow apps to sync with other fitness monitors and mobile phones effortlessly.

For these reasons, apps designed to measure health must have a unified user experience. Customers will not utilize your goods for long if it lacks them.


  • Social Sharing with Your Fellow Fitness Fans 

Cult Community provides many people who enjoy talking about their workout habits, so fitness-tracking apps allow them to express themselves and connect with other fitness lovers. It also offers a challenge for individuals who are too sluggish to exercise. It is a tool to assess your health and compare your results to those of your age and gender.


  • Fitness Tutorials and Videos that are Interactive

Online tutorials are instructional videos demonstrating how to do something or build something. They are ideal for students who prefer visual instructions to text. It is not confined to educational technology; it can be applied to any enterprise. Healthcare apps all across the world are prime examples of this.


  •  Fitness Coaches Live Streaming

Aside from group lessons, you can schedule a personal session with your coach for a cost. You can learn new exercises and discuss your training plan with your instructor throughout the live stream. If you want to stay in shape for longer, investing in a coaching package is the way to go. – Plans for the Future

The company’s recent acquisition of India’s Gold Gym has provided them with a broad range of options for expanding its fitness programs outside India. The organization intends to always adhere to its three key aims of offering best-in-class health and fitness services, including online and offline fitness, diet, and mental wellness worldwide.