We live in an environment that is technologically developing day-by-day and more often than not we are excessively up to speed to the point that we prefer doing everything, even finishing our day-by-day tasks online. Fortunately, with the sensational development of the internet and eCommerce over the most recent couple of years, mobile applications are accessible for every single industry including food, garments, shoes, child products, skincare, beauty care products, and even medications. Indeed, online grocery delivery is not an exceptional one.


Grocery apps are boon for everybody, making their life luxurious and simple in finding and purchasing products online. By using various grocery delivery applications one can undoubtedly have all the things delivered at their home without going through hours at the shopping stores.


While many well-known retail enterprises like Amazon Pantry, BigBasket, Grofers are growing their grocery delivery across cities where local shops and retailers are likewise investigating every possibility to go online and make their own virtual grocery delivery market. There are different features that add to the success of an online grocery application. If you have chosen to have your own grocery delivery application, ensure you have the features mentioned below for the best customer experience. 


Easy registration 

Registration feature is basic since this is whenever the user initially communicates with your brand online. Luckily, we are living in a social media-ruled world so we can simplify the sign-up process, and can include an option for registration by means of social media accounts.  Keep in mind, the speedier and simpler it is for the user to register to your application, the faster they can get to placing the order.


Enhanced search

It turns out to be very hard for the user to pick the right thing the search option gives them as grocery has many items. A fast list of things that are used in the family and generally sold/searched through this feature will assist customers in finding out about their shopping list and further develop it.


Save for later feature

If the users find an item extremely helpful yet they may not require that at the present time, they can save it. Whenever the user goes to the application next time, the application helps them to remember the product if they need to purchase that item. It keeps a record of products and does not let the user forget about them so it is very useful indeed.


Upload Grocery List

In case you are offering your customers the comfort to order and get things delivered at their doorstep, you need to give them the simplicity of everything. By adding a little feature that permits users to upload their own shopping list will not only improve the shopping experience but also recognize your application making it more popular.


Easy To Use Cart

This feature must be added with the goal that the customer doesn’t lose interest in shopping. The add-to-cart feature not just permits customers to add items to their carts right away but also expands the shopping experience and permitting them to add more things to their purchase. 


During the check-out process on the cart screen, your app should also provide all the necessary information needed for the user.


 Push notifications

The user can get constant updates about the app using the push notification feature. The users will be notified about discount offers, festive offers, and if something new and trendy is going to take place in nearby stores. This will entertain the user, and much more information is delivered to the user to keep them updated about the app.


Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is an unquestionable requirement have included in the grocery delivery application. Using this feature, customers can undoubtedly take follow-ups and track their orders from the time it is placed to the right at their door. This also builds the trust of customers in your brand and ensures the return of regular customers.


Safe and convenient payment procedure

 The users come lastly to the payment process after completing the selection process where they make the payment and completes their order. One of the important aspects for the mobile app developer is making easy and safe payment gateways.


Various payment options like Cards, e-wallets, UPI, net banking, and cash on delivery are available with this feature. This makes it convenient for the customers to pay through the method of their choice and complete the payment.



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