A multi service business is a fantastic way to start everything! A well-developed app like Gojek is very useful in this tech-savvy world. Choosing and purchasing different kinds of products from various places can be quite challenging. But now, users can order groceries, food products, and anything else they need at home with the help of an app or a mobile phone. People who cannot search and use multiple apps for their various needs will greatly benefit from a multi service app. Thus, a super multi service app would be more relevant and can save users time. In my opinion, this type of business will be the future of apps and online sales.


What is Gojek?

Gojek is a multi-delivery app, simply a super app that serves people in multiple ways. This was first introduced in Indonesia. It is a killer app that offers you a hassle-free life! Let me tell you why Gojek is the super app!


Do you want to go somewhere? Then book a ride with Gojek. You want your food, medicines, groceries at your doorstep, order them through Gojek. Do you want to pay your utility bills? Open Gojek, and do it right at the moment you think about it.  Do you want to transfer money? Do it through Gojek. It is even possible to consult your doctor and buy medicine from home.  What’s more… You can even play games, stream your favourite shows, and everything is possible with a single mobile application. The service list would go on. 


Gojek is getting 100 million orders every month. You know what is more interesting, 1 out of 4 Indonesians has Gojek on their mobile.  Over 2.5 million people rely on Gojek for their daily income. Gojek is nothing but a super app that serves not only its customers but also opens a great opportunity for ordinary people who are looking out for a job. 


Since it is a multi-delivery mobile app, the requirement for delivery partners is high. The good news is, Gojek is not limiting its services to Indonesia, it is planning to expand its business to other countries too. It includes Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and more. It is available in 4 different languages and English is the most chosen language.


Benefits of developing a multi service app like Gojek

  • There is an increase in clients for you
  • More opportunities for sales
  • To generate more revenue
  • Increase the value of your businesses


Why Gojek app is growing? 

The app’s multiple services are the key reason for its exponential growth. This alone makes it more appealing to people and enables them to make more money.  Delivery partners are the other element. They take their tasks more seriously since they are fairly compensated for their work and complete the deliveries on time. Therefore, the customer base will increase.


Do you wish to develop a multi service app like Gojek?

The development of a multi-delivery mobile app such as Gojek is not an easy undertaking. All parties involved need to invest more effort in the development process, particularly from the technical end. With the increased number of services, app development becomes more complex. It requires more effort and time to develop separate modules for different functions. It is therefore both a complex and time-consuming process, and the development cost increases exponentially.


Besides all these things, maintenance plays a vital role in this process as well.  The smooth and efficient running of the system requires regular maintenance. If you plan to create a multi-delivery app, be aware of the challenges you may encounter along the way.


It is not only important to develop the app but to manage it as well. A good administrator is crucial to making that happen. As it is designed to serve multiple functions at once, many orders can be placed at one time. To handle and manage all these efficiently, it must be equipped with an efficient team.


How to develop a multi-delivery mobile app?

The very first thing is a clearly defined plan. Since you are developing a multi-delivery app, sort out the services you are planning to incorporate in your mobile app.


Next is deciding the development platform. I recommend developing a mobile app that is accessible to both android and iOS users. This will help you reach out to more people. You can either develop your app in a hybrid platform, or you can develop it separately for both platforms. Developing a hybrid app sounds better. Because you can reduce the development cost, and you can finish this process with the help of a single team.

Another important factor is the features and technologies.  Apps that have advanced features, the latest technology, and are less complex always draw the most attention. Design it that way.


How can Sigosoft help you?

Gojek is the most popular on-demand app today because it lets you do everything in one app. Profitability and strong connections can be achieved through this kind of business. If you are looking for a professional team to help you build an app like this, feel free to contact us. We can ensure you great success if you develop a super app like Gojek. It will take you to the next level if you take care of things in the right way!

Image Credits: www.freepik.com