classified AppThroughout working on classified app development, our team has experienced many highs and lows. I hope this will inspire other developers to understand market needs, identify them, and then build wonderful products that solve those needs with their technical skills.


How To Develop A Classified App

Our first step was to conduct a thorough market analysis to find out what our target audience wants – the features, the design, and practically everything we would build in the app. Following this, we had a conversation with our clients to learn more about their needs and to incorporate their ideas.

Designing and developing the app was the next step. We began by sketching out user-flow diagrams and then moved on to the next steps. When we are working on classified apps, there are several factors to take into account. Listed below are eight major factors to take into consideration when developing a classified app like olx. Dive in & explore more.


Important Points To Remember During The Development Of A Classified App

1. Keep the App specific

When developing a classified mobile app, always try to keep it specific. It will be better off concentrating on a few categories. This will help you to focus on a particular category and help to get better reach in a specific domain. And, set regions for more effective selling. 


2. Dedicated customer support

24/7 customer support is one of the key concerns for the growth of any business. Qcommerce support mainly focus on customer service. During the course of using the application, users may encounter many difficulties and raise support queries. Therefore, it is crucial to provide all-time customer support.


3. Dynamic Attributes

It is easier for the users to sort out the desired products or services if there are more attributes. Hence it is advisable to add more attributes to the products. When you add the newly updated features of a product to a product’s attribute list, you make it easier for users to locate products that possess this particular feature.


4. Featured Ads

In apps like Olx, the users can give featured ads to display their products/ services on the top list. This will help you get more reach for a particular time period. The buyers can spot your ads easily as they appear on the top.


5. Develop a mobile app that is compatible with every platform

Release an application that is compatible with Android as well as with iOS devices. This will contribute to strengthening your brand as well. Anyone who needs the app can download it irrespective of the device they own.  Using hybrid technologies like Flutter, React Native will be cost-effective as well as more profitable as you can develop a single app that fits into both platforms.


6. Proper branding through digital marketing

Digital marketing is the channel that lets you reach your potential customers. It is important to find your own space in the digital world. Online marketing is the best solution to brand your application to get more leads out of it.


7. Beta release before the final launch

An app launch process without beta testing would not be complete. Release the app to a smaller community to know the acceptance of the developed application in the market by their target audience. Reporting bugs and giving feedback about the app are the two things they do. If it is not appealing to them, the developers will get time to make improvements before it hits the app stores.


8. Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode is enabled to ensure the optimal performance of the app during the maintenance sessions. At this time, the users cannot use the application. It shut down the application for a while.


9. Support and Maintenance

Developing an application is only half the battle. It must be maintained on a long-term basis. Issues can happen with new OS versions, devices, so the App needs to be maintained. Find them out and do maintenance to ensure the smooth functioning of the application.


10. Force update

Make sure that the app updates automatically by enabling force update. It may be necessary to make some crucial improvements to the app in the long run. At this critical point, the only way to continue using the app is to force update it from the app store or play store.


Closing Words,

A development team might encounter a number of difficulties when developing an application. Sharing our experiences may help others gain a better understanding of what factors to consider when developing an application. The above given are some of the most significant points to be aware of during classified app development. You will be better able to build a classified app if you know about these.