Want to start a car wash booking app? But don’t know where and how to start?


Read this blog from start to end. This can give you a complete idea of building a car wash booking application in 2021. 


The increase of smartphone usage in the world makes the life of every people easier and simple in almost every field. With a single tap on mobile, people can book any services they need. It is completely happened due to On-demand applications. 


You need to go to that place, where cars are washed, waiting for a long time, stand in line, and waiting for your turn, which may frustrate you if you want to think about washing your car.


How does the car wash app work?


  • The user can log in with the social media or email id.
  • The type of car wash can be selected by the user at the time and place the order.
  • Based on the user’s location, a request was sent to nearby car wash service providers.
  • Then, the request will be accepted by the car wash providers.
  • The user will get a notification of their accepted request when the service provider accepts the request.
  • As per schedule, the car wash service providers arrive at the user’s location.
  • The picture of the car will be taken by the service provider before the wash.
  • Then as per requirement, the car washer washes the car.
  • A post-wash car picture will take.
  • The progress of the car wash can be tracked by the user.
  • The user can give ratings to the car washer at the end.


Which technologies were used to build car wash apps?

To develop a car wash app, there are many technologies that are flexible and scalable. 


  • Cloud: MySQL or amazon aurora
  • Location: Google place API and CLGeocoder
  • Front end: Flutter
  • Payment gateway: Stripe, PayPal, etc.
  • 2-factor authentication: Firebase
  • SMS and Email: Twilio and AWS SES
  • Real-time analytics: Google analytics
  • Push notifications: Firebase
  • Backend: Laravel


Which team is required for your car wash app development?

A team is needed for the workflow of your car wash app. Here is a list of teams you need to run your car wash app smoothly.


  • Android app developers
  • IOS app developers
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end developers
  • Quality Assurance checker


Benefits of car wash app

For customers


  • Instance and easy to access

The customer will be enabled by an app owner to get access online as well as offline without any technical problem by offering a smooth flow of experience. The car can also be booked offline when the customer enables the offline feature. When they are connected to the internet, they can see the transactions.


  • A catchy content that matches with customer need

Based on their need and the budget, the app will provide data to the customer. According to availability and geographical location, the app directly takes them on the page of service providers that fit their needs.


  • Response rate

A quick response rate is needed for your car wash app. Car washers and the customers can be connected quickly who are looking for the service. It may take time to respond for many car washers who have their own website. But this gives a quick solution.


  • Send request for multiple car service

A request for more than one car at a time can be sent by the customers. All the bookings in the app can be managed by the customers for any number of cars.


  • Offers and discounts

The customers can get information about offers and discounts on the app. The best decision can be made by the user about buying the package they want to purchase through these offers.


  • Information

Clear information about the services will be provided by service providers to the customers.  The customers can select the best services from the list.


For service provider


  • Enable to eliminate the inconvenience

Service providers can build a good reputation in the market through car wash apps. A good relationship can be built by the service providers in a particular location. The review and feedback by customers will help them to grow online.


  • Maximizing their efficiency

The need of the customers can be understood by the service providers. The customer’s likes about their services are noted by them.


Cost of developing a car wash app

The exact cost to develop a car wash app is difficult to figure out. It depends on the platform you select, the location of app developers, features you want to add.


Development cost in a different location(Hourly rate)

  • US-based developers: $50-$250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe based developers: $30-$150 per hour
  • Indian based developers: $10-$80 per hour


Technical cost of car wash app

  • Technical documentation: $1000-$2000
  • UX/UI design: $1500-$3000
  • The back-end and front-end development: $6000-$10000
  • QA and testing: $2000-$4000


The approximate cost of developing a car wash app is around $15000 to $20000 according to the above information.



The car wash app is becoming an on-demand and most beneficial business for entrepreneurs. The best way to increase your revenue through a mobile app is to hire a Professional App Development Company that can turn your idea into reality. Sigosoft can help you build a car wash app for your business. For more information, contact us!