Have you ever thought about using auto-rickshaws as your local delivery partner? It might sound interesting at first, but yes, that is possible. Some local business owners have even tried to implement this. We cannot apply this concept at a commercial level, but if we take a look at small e-commerce businesses, it can be applied. 


Let us see how!

Small-scale businesses might find this useful if they cannot afford to hire a delivery boy or purchase a delivery vehicle. The need to partner up with auto-rickshaw drivers was felt since deliveries were not taking place at the required time and pace. A few hours is all it takes to perform this delivery process with the help of a few auto drivers.


All we have to do is create an application that is accessible to business owners, customers, and local auto drivers. Just like how Zomato, Swiggy, and similar other online delivery app works. The nearby auto drivers can pick up the order when a customer places the same. This will help you, your customers as well as auto drivers in all senses. Once you are ready to accept and implement this idea in your business, I promise, this is going to be a significant challenge in the local e-commerce business.


Benefits Of Autorickshaws As Delivery Partner

If you are a person who runs a local e-commerce business, then you are going to benefit from  this technique in the following ways;

  • You dont have to spend a considerable amount of money to purchase a vehicle for online 
  • No need to hire a delivery boy and pay him
  • When the number of orders increases, there is no point to worry about its management
  • No need to bother whether you can handle these and deliver these orders on time.
  • Since autorickshaws are readily available, the delivery process is going to be fast.
  • As long as you are prepared to manage the orders in an efficient manner, you can serve the orders of multiple customers at a particular location with a single autorickshaw partner.
  • On-time delivery will attract more customers to you.
  • Simply, you are going to save more on the way!



If you are an auto driver, you are going to earn more. See how;

  • You will get multiple orders on the same day without any minimum order count.
  • Fast and on-time deliveries will help you get more orders on a single day.
  • No long rides, only short ones and you can save fuel as well.
  • Extra earnings over your usual trips.
  • Generate more profit with minimum effort.



From the perspective of a customer,

  • A readily available service would be offered to you
  • you will be able to get your orders delivered on time to your doorstep. 
  • Don’t have to wait for a long time for someone to pick your order and deliver it.



Is this the right time to step on to this new process?

Of course, it is! In this period of escalating pandemics, this is the best possible way to stay alive in the e-commerce business sector. Always you need to ensure that your business remains solid during these critical times. When Omicron is sweeping throughout the country, you need to find a way to run your business despite these difficult circumstances. 


You can have a contactless delivery system in place and this is the most effective way to keep it running. We are aware of this fact since the pandemic has begun. But your ability to find a new concept in this is what makes you stand out and survive. Moreover, this brand-new concept can be easily implemented into your business without investing much money. It is more likely that the customers will choose you since you provide safe contactless delivery. Even our Kerala government is now promoting e-commerce stores in response to Covid-19.



Can I implement this technique in my business?

This is a doubt which is more likely to arise in most of your minds while reading this. You can implement this in your business only if you are running a local e-commerce business. Let us see why!


If you are having a large-scale e-commerce business, it is not possible for you to depend on autorickshaw drivers to deliver your orders. This is applicable only for local delivery. The rides are limited to shorter distances. So if you are a local e-commerce business owner, this is for you! 

For example, if you are running a grocery business or something like that, you can make use of this technique and you can rely on autorickshaw drivers to serve you as your local delivery partners.



What can Sigosoft do for you?

Our company has a long history of developing mobile apps for different kinds of businesses that fit the budget of our clients, and we do not make an exception when it comes to developing mobile apps for e-commerce companies


Sigosoft can develop a mobile application for autorickshaw drivers that is globally accessible and you can integrate your e-commerce mobile app with our application so as to connect with the local autorickshaw drivers and can implement this brand new idea in your business.


The idea of partnering with autorickshaw drivers to deliver locally might seem strange to at least some people. But one of our clients named E-Kada has already implemented this in their business.



Final words,

The new concept of choosing autorickshaw drivers as your delivery partner in your local e-commerce business is actually a savior to all the parties involved in this business. During this pandemic season, there is a chance for your business to go down. To survive in this hard situation, you need to find a way and this is the one.


During lockdown days, homebuyers are allowed to purchase the basic necessities. If you can offer contactless online delivery, people are more likely to shop with you. This will give you a chance to meet the urgent needs of the people during these days.


When it comes to the case of autorickshaw drivers, this is an earning opportunity for them and is financially beneficial for them. There are no passengers to transport in the midst of a lockdown. So implementing this concept to the local business will open up a door of hope for the auto drivers.


Also, you can reach out to your customers on time with the products they ordered. This will create a sense of trust in your brand and this is an opportunity for you to grow. For the customers, it is really useful in all the ways. Just download the app and you are good to go!


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