What Are Turf Booking Apps?

A turf booking application is a Mobile App – Web App package for easily booking and managing turf playgrounds. Turf playgrounds are getting more popular because of the facilities, safety, as well as the vibrant environment it offers. Hence it is a bit hard to get a slot easily because of the high demand. Due to this, turf booking online apps are gaining more attention. Since it is easily accessible and easy to use, the number of users is rapidly increasing.


The online Turf booking will help the sports enthusiastic users to book their choice of available slots online. Other than booking their favorite sports they can view their booking history, payment history etc. The arrival of this advanced system has replaced the manual process of going to the location to book and pay the bill with a completely automated process on a digital platform.


This application enables both the users as well the admins to manage the booking process more conveniently and efficiently. Since it is a mobile application, anybody who has a mobile phone can use it just by creating a user login in the application.  The Mobile Apps can be downloaded from either the play store or the app store. The notable advantages of this system are, It saves time. The booking can be done just by sitting at home and we can effortlessly access it from anywhere at any time. The only factor to consider while doing an online booking is, the user must have an active internet connection.


Features Of The Turf Booking Application

A turf booking mobile application has 3 modules – The User, the Admin and the Turf Manager. The admin has the control over entire activities running over the app and he can add Turfs to the system. There will be logins for the turf managers for managing and coordinating the bookings from the users. The administrator can update, delete, add and view the turf list and update or delete the turf timing and price details and view the registered users. The user can view the turf list, booking history, price details, and turf availability and update their personal details and passwords. The application ensures a safe payment gateway for the users to carry out the transactions with no worries.



The features possessed by the admin module are as follows;

  • Informative Dashboard
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Turfs
  • Manage Amenities
  • Manage Games
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Payments
  • Reports


This module enables the admin to manage the overall processing of the application. The admin can log in and fix the rates for turf playgrounds, view the bookings, and assign managers by creating login credentials for them to access the manager module.


The admin can create a login for managers and assign them to respective turf locations. The rate fixing is completely under the control of the admin. This module lets the admin add the price list of each turf. The bookings done by the users through the user module can be viewed by the admin and can allocate the turf to the user.


Turf Manager

The features offered by the Manager module are;

  • Informative Dashboard
  • Manage Turfs
  • Manage Availability
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Turf rates
  • Manage Payments

The managers will be different for different Turfs. This module lets the managers assigned by the admin manage the activities under his control.  They can check the rates, availability of the turfs and manage the bookings done by the users and allocate them to the available slots. 


The manager can log in with the credentials provided by the admin to manage the turf assigned to them and can check the rates added by the admin. The booking requests from the user can be viewed, confirmed, and allocated to the available slots. As per the rates added by the admin, managers can generate bills for the users and can check the booking history.



The features belonging to this module are;

  • Search Turfs
  • Check Availability
  • Book Turf
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Bookings


This module is where the users can log in and enter the details like the date and time they want to book to check the availability, rates and confirm the booking by carrying out the payment through a secure channel.


Users can check for turf nearer to them and check the rates and can choose any turf and check its availability. Also, they can log in to the app, provide the details and confirm the booking. The payment option is also available.


Technologies Used In Turf Booking App

We use the following technologies for developing the turf booking system 

  • Php Laravel for Web App
  • Flutter for Android and iOS Apps
  • Vue.JS for the Frontend
  • my SQL for the Database


Along with this, we need Google location services, secured API’s, Firebase, and a good Hosting.  The Web App is platform independent and can be accessed in any Web browsers. Since it will be responsive, it can be accessed in Mobile browsers too.



Sports Turf Booking online app notifies managers and users whenever slots are booked, canceled, or rescheduled. And the users can easily and securely authenticate themselves by linking their existing phone number. If you have an idea of developing a turf booking app for your sports business, we are here to help! The budget for the complete package including Web and Mobile Applications will be 10,000 USD. Without much customizations, you can release your own Turf booking Apps in 2 weeks time.